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Posted in: Gusto family restaurant chain reveals mystery girl See in context

This girl has nice legs and a great smile.

This "girl" is a 13 year-old child, for heaven's sake!

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Posted in: Sex robot focuses on appealing to the mind See in context

there’s a laptop connected to cables coming out of its back

A very brief selection of about a million Windows jokes that crossed my mind in an instant:

"Your free trial-version of (insert sexual practice) has expired." "Do you want to send an error report now?" "Look's like you're trying to hump a lump of latex. Do you want some help?"

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Posted in: Nice putt See in context

The bra set comes with a skirt with the words “Be Quiet” printed on the rear, which doubles up as a flag for use on the course.

"Honey, hand me your skirt. I can't concentrate..."

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Posted in: Ringaround See in context

That's kind of a creepy photo of the day, isn't it. What's next? "A young woman is picking out underwear at a department store"?

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Posted in: Big Buddha See in context

The statue is actually a Buddhist temple, accessible through an elevator in on of the heels. (No joke!)

Also, there is a zoo at the foot (feet?) of the statue that is home to exotic animals like squirrels, rabbits, and goats.

But I agree, it's a nice place to visit.

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Posted in: Phone sale See in context

I hope she gets compensated for having to listen to that insipid "Bic Camera" song all day.

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Posted in: Anyone for vodka cola? See in context

Kirin said its data research showed that among sodas, Coca-Cola beverages are the most popular, and that among adults, Coke is often consumed along with an alcoholic beverage at night.

Further research showed that it gets dark at night and that water is wet.

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Posted in: No-bra gear may gain ground this summer See in context


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Posted in: Emiri and Aso See in context

"Now dance, my pretty!"

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Posted in: Aso calls for world effort to abolish nukes See in context

"Let's see, I could talk about my economic policy and maybe draw criticism. Well, let's just damn nukes..."

That upcomming election must really bother him.

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Indiana Jones movie trivializes nuke threat See in context

Quick, call last year and tell them!

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Posted in: Felix Sturm stops Sato to retain WBA middleweight title See in context

Go, Felix!

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Posted in: 93-year-old man 1st person to be certified as survivor of both A-bombings See in context

Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on a business trip on Aug 6, 1945, when a U.S. B-29 dropped an atomic bomb on the city. He suffered serious burns to his upper body and spent the night in the city. He then returned to his hometown of Nagasaki just in time for the second attack, city officials said.

Okay, someone has to say it, so it might be just as well me: He must be the most unlucky man in the world. Ever.

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Posted in: Hello! Kitty to collaborate with X Japan See in context

Nothing says "Rock 'n' Roll" like a kitten dressed in pink.

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Posted in: Golden Tokyo Tower See in context

The Japanese economy can't be that bad if somebody actually buys a paperweight like this.

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Posted in: Sapporo Beer's 'Image Girl' for 2009 chosen See in context

I’m studying to get my qualification as a beer adviser. How well does that job pay? I have conducted some research in this field myself...

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Posted in: Japanese cooking shows and the loss of sanity See in context

The proliferation of cooking shows on TV is a phenomenon that appears to be global. At least it's spreading across Europe, as well. It's a fad that started with Jamie Oliver and, enhanced by a trend called "cocooning" which basically means the focusing on your home in the face of an ever more complex and insecure world, was picked up by others. Also, such shows are cheap to produce, since you don't need writers or talented actors. And you can even let manufacturers of kitchen appliances sponsor your program.

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Posted in: Cosmetic surgery for children becoming commonplace See in context

“Then the boy went berserk: ‘It hurts! Stop!’ Two of the office staffers had to hold him down.”

One would assume that this was the point where the ridiculous treatment had stopped. Poor boy.

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Posted in: Miki Mizuno and Masato win 'Fur of the Year' Contest See in context

While I generally think that wearing fur is gross, I think that men look particulary stupid doing so. Just look at the picture: He is supposed to be a tough figher, but he looks like my granny.

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Posted in: Shatner upset Takei didn't invite him to wedding See in context

The “Boston Legal” co-star also attacked Takei’s decision to come out of the closet later in life, saying “Who cares? Be gay. Don’t be gay. That’s up to you, George.”

Maybe it's me, but I fail to see an attack here. Isn't that a very reasonable thing to say? It was Takei's decision and it shouldn't matter, whether or not he is gay.

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Posted in: Cosplay festival See in context

Escapism at its best. And I'm not judging. Just noticing.

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Posted in: RISCON See in context

Those rubber weapons are probably to be used for training to disarm an opponent. Well, that's the one probable use I can see there.

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Posted in: Naked Briton detained after swimming in Imperial Palace moat See in context

So, did he get the bag out?

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Posted in: Japanese girls go sexier in their fashion styles See in context

Interesting headline. Doesn't calling Japanese women "girls" add to potential objectification?

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Posted in: 22 female freelance TV presenters to hold poetry reading on stage See in context

What's a "freelance TV presenter"?

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Posted in: First scandal hits actor Eita See in context

What a scandal! Fukuda should move the next extraordinary Diet session foreward to discuss this critical issue. ("sarcasm off")

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Posted in: Cabinet See in context

@outofmydepth There are two women: Nakayama Kyoko (Population and Gender Equality) and Noda Seiko (Consumer Affairs).


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Posted in: Lunch See in context

Chancellor Merkel's husband, Joachim Sauer, is a professor for physical and theoretical chemistry at Humbold-University, Berlin. He rarely takes part in such events. He was even absent from his wife's inauguration ceremony, if I'm not mistaken. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Sauer

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Posted in: Should John McCain's age (he'll be 72 on election day) be a factor in the U.S. presidential election campaign? See in context

I think it is not just to tie the Senators qualification exclusively to his age. For example the first German post-war Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, was also 72 at the time of his inauguration and he stayed in office for twelve years. He was an experienced politician and, even though not very keen on opposition and a bit excentric in the end, he managed the gigantic tasks of the time with bravour.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

I liked the old design better, too. The overview over todays news was much better. It seemed more organized. The new site, at least with an ad-block on, looks like one big cluster of randomly arranged news. Also, I miss the print view button that was very useful for people like me, who wanted to save certain news articles for further quotation use. On the positive side, I finally go my old username back, after my previous account vanished again.

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