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I'm looking forward to Inoki laying the smack-down on Kim Jong-un.

Enzuigiri, diving knee drop, and finish with a bridging fallaway slam for the count.

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Good show, Japan!

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Good. Japan is perfectly within its rights to shadow the PLA Navy in international waters.

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@Dog - every nation has its quotient of right-wing nutters, and the free speech afforded to citizens of democratic nations extends even to its most odious members. To portray this miniscule vocal minority as the 'voice of Japan' or the Japanese government is just plain silly.

No protests in CCP China? Why am I not surprised?

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@Dog, @hsien90210 - The legal status quo favours the Japanese so of course they see no dispute, and have no reason to take it to the ICJ. It's not rocket science.

It's up to CCP China as the 'aggrieved' party to present its case to the ICJ, and the CCP won't do this because it does not wish to become subject to international rulings (which is why the CCP thinks it can ignore Japan's existing internationally recognized 'ownership' of the islands in the first place).

The CCPs desire to operate outside of international law is a troubling aspect of this entire situation, and bodes ill for the future.

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@Dog -

The Japanese have not been running ships, aircraft, or drones into the area of the disputed islands on a daily basis, nor have they been ramping up anti-Russia rhetoric at home or constantly whining like the CCP does over the Senkakus: And the Russians haven't resoredt to whining about their defeats at Port Arthur or the Battle of Tsushima as political leverage or to stir up anti-Japanese sentiment at home.

The Japanese have adopted a purely diplomatic approach to the issue, and haven't threatened to use it as a trading chip to force economic concessions from the Russians, nor have they refused to talk to the Russians until the islands are handed back like the CCP crybabies have or threatened to drag the region into war over it.

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Now awaiting the inevitable CCP backlash of whining, tantrums, and red faced party stooges bellowing 'provocation!". Good to see Russia and Japan sitting down together to resolve their differences like mature nations do, without resorting to nationalist memes and military bluster.

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Last I heard, any nation is free to sail ships about in the Western Pacific Ocean. If the CCP/PLA Navy don't want vessels from other nations to get in the way of their war exercises, they should conduct them in their own territorial waters. The constant referencing of events that occurred 70+ years ago to justify their 'outrage' and overt military provocations is ludicrous.

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My sympathies for the citizens of China who have had to endure this kind of tortured logic and insane double speak from the CCP on a daily basis for the past 64 years - and confronted by death, imprisonment, or 're-education' if they question it.

The CCP statements are worded like it thinks it's still preaching to illiterate ignorant peasants, and would be squealing like stuck pigs if Japan was running ships into their waters and aircraft and drones into their air-space.

These kinds of statements show that it's obviously impossible to negotiate in good faith with the CCP over anything, when they resort to bellicose gibberish and thuggery when their position can't be sustained logically.

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@Asian2013 - it's delusional and dangerous to believe that 'overseas Chinese' are sympathetic to the CCP cause and their belligerent behaviour towards the nations many call home (and have done for many generations).

Unlike CCP China, modern SE Asian nations prefer to live in the present and look to the future, rather than hold perpetual grudges over events that occurred 70+ years ago and use them to justify aggressive acts in the present.

Japan has worked peacefully with all nations (especially those in the Asian region) since 1945 including China.

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The CCP/PLA leadership has become unhinged, and it's impossible to negotiate with crazy people who are clearly trying to provoke a fight - or think if they act crazy enough the sane people will back down to avoid a fight. The CCP demand international respect, but do nothing to earn it.

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Don't be greedy Jackie. You've already been embraced by the CCP.

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"China said on Monday the United States, Australia and Japan should not use their alliance as an excuse to intervene in territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea, and urged them to refrain from inflaming regional tensions."

Or else, what exactly?

Hollow threats and projecting their own behaviour onto others betrays the CCPs insecurity, and its inability to reasonably justify its attempted land grabs in the region.

A message from democratic Australia to the CCP: Sod off, you can't tell us what to do or who to be friends with.

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@karjai - You're 30-40 years behind the times. Ever since the end of the Vietnam war and the end of the toxic Marcos regime in the Philippines, the US hasn't interfered in the local politics of the region other than honoring defense agreements with willing nations.

I can't think of a single nation in Asia apart from the leaderships of the DPRK and China who view the US as a threat to the region. And I can't think of a single nation who'd prefer having CCP China dominating the region and stealing their resources at gunpoint.

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@chucky3176 - re-read the article.

47000 US military personnel in Japan, with about half (23,500) located in Okinawa. 9000 Marines will be pulled out, leaving 14500 US personnel on the islands, and 23500 in other parts of Japan.

This is not a complete military withdrawal from Okinawa, and even after these Marines are gone the US will still have more personnel stationed in Japan than the ROK.

FYI: on Honshu, the Marines have an Airbase at Iwakuni (Yamaguchi Pref), and Camp Fuji (Shizuoka Pref), named after the famous mountain it is located near.

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The CCP have a strange concept of 'diplomacy'. Do what we want or we''ll stick a gun in your face; I guess it comes from 60 years of isolation, and intimidating, imprisoning, or killing anyone who questions your myopic world-view. The sooner China unburdens itself of these clowns, the better off it will be.

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@Flowers: Imagine you have a nice car, and have all the necessary legal documents as proof of ownership. Then a local thug turns up and says I want your car, give it to me. Of course you might have a 'dispute' with the thug over his bogus claims, but none-the-less that does not bring the legality of your ownership of the car into dispute.

For Japan, there is no legal dispute over who owns the islands. THE CCP are attempting to fool the Japanese into accepting their position might have validity which would turn it into a legal dispute. A dispute or argument requires 2 parties, and at the moment only 1 party is blowing hot air over this issue, and squealing because no-one else is buying into their unsupportable claims.

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Well, to clear up any misunderstandings, Dear Leader Kim should ask the members of the Unhasu Orchestra (with which Kim's wife was a singer) and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe to speak to the media and rebut these libelous claims against him and his wife. No? They can't because they've all been executed?

There's only one bunch of 'reptiles' in this story, and they're running the DPRK.

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Good grief. The CCP thinks it has a 'cunning plan'; a CCP diplomatic masterstroke that is so clever that those pesky Japanese and Americans are sure to fall for it. Trick the Japanese into 'admitting' there's a dispute, to 'open dialogue'; then the only dialogue will be, 'you admitted we have a claim, so hand over the islands'.

It's also clear that the CCP is attempting to drive a wedge between the US and Japan: Where Wang says, "that China and the United States “should genuinely respect and accommodate each other’s concerns and interests” in the Asia-Pacific," its simply code for 'let the CCP and PLA do whatever it wants.' By continually pushing the Senkakus issue, its clear that they don't respect the US position on the islands and their support for Japan.

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"Air raid sirens sounded across the country at 9:18 a.m. to mark the anniversary and “remind people of the national humiliation”, the official Xinhua news agency reported."

The 'national humiliation' of China has nothing to do with an incident that occurred 82 years ago; it has everything to do with a morally bankrupt political organization's tawdry exploitation of the past to whip up hatred for political gain in the present, and fostering a sense of eternal national victimhood and self-pity.

10-20 million civilian head at the hands of Imperial Japan 1931-45 = national humiliation; 40-70 million civilian dead at the hands of the CCP1949-75 = national amnesia.

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I'm putting this one in my 'only in Japan' scrapbook. Cuddly prisons, lol.

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Pity the poor citizens of China who have had listen to the tortured rhetoric and hypocritical ramblings of the CCP and PLA for the last 64 years.

“The United States should maintain a consistent stance and policy, not send wrong signals nor support and connive with the relevant country to do as they please,” Wang added.

Really? The USA's 'consistent stance and policy' IS to 'support...the relevant country (Japan)'. Japan is acting in accordance with international law, if it was 'doing as it pleased' I imagine a lot of CCG boats would be at the bottom of the ocean. 'Connive'? Everything the USa and Japan is above board and clearly expressed unlike the CCP who sneak about saying one thing while doing the opposite.

I'm glad I wasn't born in China. Having to listen to these clowns on a daily basis would give me brain damage.

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CCP China: a beacon of hope and inspiration for mankind, spreading the light of civilization across a troubled world, and saving us from evil college professors.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.

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@Disillusioned - Take a deep breath, and get a grip mate. This is not a Japanese 'right-wing loony' issue; in case you haven't noticed, every nation in the region is spending extra on defense because of China's hairy-chested behaviour.

Australia recently got a brand new US Marines base in northern Australia and a B-52 base is on the cards courtesy of the CCP-PLA: We are not doing this because we fear a resurgence of Japanese militarism, we are doing it because we are concerned about China under the CCP and its regional belligerence.

A loony PLA General recently 'warned' us not to support the US in the region 'if' any conflicts arose - no diplomacy, just intimidation and military bluster. Australia isn't going to kowtow to these childish bullies, and neither should Japan or any other nation in the region.

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@Asian2013 - the CCP has killed more of its own citizens than Imperial Japan ever did by a factor of 4. When is the CCP going to apologize for (let alone acknowledge) the misery and death it's inflicted on its own people?

In all the time I've been visiting this forum, I have rarely seen anyone expressing hatred toward the Chinese people. Most people can draw the distinction between the Chinese people, and the CCP overlords who govern them by virtue of intimidation, censorship, corruption, and the PLA guns.

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The bellicose Spokesman Hong is back again bellowing more high sounding but ultimately meaningless rhetoric like an unhinged lunatic.

“The Chinese government has an unshakeable resolve and determination to protect the country’s territorial sovereignty and will not tolerate any provocative acts of escalation over China’s sovereignty,” he told a daily news briefing.

No one is threatening Chinese territorial sovereignty, Mr Hong, and the only nation committing provocative acts is yours. Nobody other than your captive audience at home is buying into your belligerent and hysterical whining.

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That the CCP think they can lecture anyone about misdeeds of the past is laughable, when they can't be honest about their own misdeeds and the suffering and death they have inflicted upon untold millions of their own citizens since 1949 with their corrupted ideology and ill conceived policies.

They are moral pygmies, unethical posers,hypocritical sophists, and petty thugs who think wealth can buy them respectability and influence. Most Chinese citizens only listen to them because of the malevolence and violence they are willing to inflict upon those who don't. No-one will mourn the CCPs passing, apart from those on their payroll.

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@Tiger_In_The_Heritage - As a regular CCP booster, you'd be apoplectic if Japan was sailing ships into Chinese waters every other day. Your faux indignation at the presence of US ships in Japanese ports is laughable.

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Inane. Pointless. Unproductive. Childish. Small-minded. Unimaginative. Impotent. The CCP controllers sending off these ships with fantasies of regional domination and sticking it to the Japanese, are like teenage boys with a porn magazine. Get your hands out of you pants, guys, you're only kidding yourselves. Your empty displays of power are just making you look idiotic.

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@OzKen - and all your posts have been based on Murdoch and Liberal Party talking points, and not facts. Being able to flap your lips and parrot shock-jocks isn't a sign of intelligence - its just a sad form of sycophancy.

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