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I wanted to be in an organization that was global and would give me an opportunity to travel, meet people, learn different languages and cultures. Hotels seemed a natural way to do that.

You must be one lucky guy who got everything you want in life. Congrats!

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In short, Ikemen equals Airheads. Lol

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I always think that the Japanese are so busy body people. They really like to ask personal questions, everywhere you meet them, at the Cafe, Restaurant, Hairdresser, Gym...and even at the interviews!! I sometime wonder if it's because they're nervous meeting a gaijin or they simply have no professional minds or social manners.

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No wonder those J women past 30 years old can't get married! Too many conditions. Some of those I know of in their late 30s and 40s always come around asking me to take them to those parties I hang out, They really sound desperate.

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Well done Andy!!

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He is 73, wife probably 73. Mistress..? hmmm 43? Wife weeps, Mistress? hmm, at long last , freedom to date younger

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It’s like a full-time job to be someone’s wife: hosting luncheons, getting involved with charities, going on a campaign tour, etc

So, what's wrong with that? If you're married to some high profile men you'll be enjoying that lifestyle too.


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Yes, it is expensive being a woman. Despite some 'bills' are taken care of by the man. I don't want to tell him that I've spent a huge amount of money for cosmetics, hair salon, nail salon, massages etc. Of course apart from wanting to look great to him, I also have a job that requires me to look good. So there's really nothing wrong in spending lots of money on myself. .

So it's not just about image it's also about keeping my rice bowl and my lifestyle. I work very hard to maintain my expensive taste and good lifestyle. And I am sure many J women do the same. And I don't believe that's an image of materialistic airheads...!

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And Thank You!

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You sacrifice yourself to send news our way. RIP Ms Yamamoto.

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I'll never understand why women stay on with this sort of man.

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On Monday, the imperial couple are scheduled to attend an international music festival Fuji Rock? I can just picture old Aki in the moshpit now...

Wonder how wide your knowledge and social circle is.... Kusatsu Music Festival is a grand affair with The Emperor and Empress being the guests of honour.

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woman with no brain let alone a heart..:(

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During her time playing in the U.S. league, she was said to be deeply involved with an American boyfriend. When asked by a reporter, “What would you do if you knew the world was going to blow up tomorrow?” Sawa replied “I would go to meet him [in America].”

That's quick...deeply involved during the US League...Sounds to me like she's just a typical J woman.....

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I'm not interested in Women's Football at all, but those women and men at work talk about them endlessless. I have to read this article to join the gossips....

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Ms. Sawa is great, and if she does not stop while she is still young, she is giving up her chances for more gold, like a gold wedding ring


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Posted in: Female teacher arrested for photographing 11-year-old school girls naked See in context

This is a very disturbing story.

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LOL. So it looks like they won't be studying English to date Aussie men anymore...?

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Gibson Guitars for a couple of years 2 1/2 years


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Why can't some of you guys be happy for him? Strange . Just the other day someone said gaijin women are bitter. Sounds like gaijin men are bitter too...

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His texts always start with ‘To the most beautiful girl in the world’. I think being able to use a phrase like that naturally is something only foreigners can do.”

That's what it's called flirting language. When another J woman comes along, he'll just drop you off like a piece of rag. On the other hand J guy texts with only 2 or 3 words when you expect more, but the love is consistent.

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Actually, I'm seeing more white girls married to Japanese guys these days.

@Yasukuni. You are right! my friend is married to J men. She told me that her husband had enough of those 'fake' J

According to her, this is what her husband said: J women do all the nice things (with smiles) in front of him, but the minute they turned away, the smiles are gone and they go date another man...

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top 10 things that all guys can do to make their j-girl happy:

1.give her all your money

2.don't answer back

3.give her some more money

4.let her sleep around her bling with even more money

6.don't get too close except when she's in a narcissistic feed heat-frenzy

7.enable her manga world fantasy life

8.sell your parents to the knackery to buy more bling

9.don't enjoy yourself

10.find some more money and give it to her

hope this helps.


But I totally agree with you!! That's what J women are all about. And yet, most guys here are so head over heels about those superficiality in those women.

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I like liver but the cooked one. So the ban doesn't matter to me.

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Jealousy? But of course. When it comes to things like this, I don't pretend......not when that kawaii J woman is trying to befriend my way!

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40 is not "young."

Enough of young or old. The issue is those 40s Obas prefer young men. Period. In 5-10 years those young men are going to move on to younger Obas..anyway...:)

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Gosh...all the energies spent, money and time wasted. The rule of Japan Inc is, no whistle blowers are welcome. Even if you win and got that 'shut your mouth up' can be sure you'll never find another job in Japan. That's why I'm just enjoying myself being a 'guest'. Do my job, kiss some asses and get my salary and perks.

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Um, Suzuki Kyoka? Pretty when she was younger, stunning in her 40s.

ReformedBasher,, Suzuki Kyoka is a goes without saying. I'm talking about ordinary obasans in their 40s...

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Probably things like where to go, what to do, how the food tasted, where to travel on vacation, how the movie was, what their friends are doing, whether to buy a TV or a game system, you know, the stuff two people in a relationship usually talk about....something other than rocket science and macro politics.

GrandJury: I see...I hope the younger one really understood what the older one is talking about..LOL. Or at least pretend to be, if the older one has a lot of money .....

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I haven't seen any J women in their 40s with nice skin, but fashionable clothings and branded items, yes. Also J women in 40s date younger men despite being already married to some rich men.

So I doubt many J women want to marry the less money young men. Probably it's just for now, to pass the time, until the rich and suitable ones come along. Remember, J women are so practical!

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