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can you name another country where money is not god? until then, u better sharpen ur J-bashing skills before taking cheap pot shots like that.

I meant Japanese says it openly that Money is their GOD. It wasn't meant to be some cheap pot shots..excuse me!

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Sterling Pounds while it's cheaper against Yen.

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As whiskeysour said, it's all about health, love and thankfulness."

Yea. Unfortunately Japan is a different World. Money is God!

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Common sense.

LOL. But it's true. The Japanese need it so badly....otherwise some industry still need to hire foreign expertise to survive...

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Wow. That's so many of them. There were only 6 of them when I went there last year...

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Wow, so many people here rushing to celebrate the Western New Year.

It's also the Japanese New Year..:)

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The busy time of the year again...!

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I don't know why people make such big fuss over food/drinks to avoid before going to bed. I could eat and drink anything and yet still have a good night sleep. Exercise is the key word to it!

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Are you sure the Venezualan was not paid off to lose to this shortie..:)

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The 20-year old deserves a life sentence and rot in prison. No fast cars, no beating traffic lights anymore. And no pardon too.

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I guess next year, the J women's pet would be rabbits, rabbits, rabbits. I dread to even think that rabbits will being taken for a walk in Harajuku.

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These women should protest about age discrimination in japan instead a stupid island that will never be visited or inhabited

LOL. You are so right!..:)

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