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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting mentally disabled boy in park toilet See in context


Jail for life so it'll be a lesson for the rest.

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Posted in: New Zealand leader Ardern offers virus know-how to Joe Biden See in context

Thats very kind of her. American needs all advice and support from other world leaders.

America is back, right?

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Posted in: G-20 summit ends with support for COVID-19 vaccines for all See in context

Robert Maes,

I bet you'd do the same if you're in their shoes. Its only natural to care about your nieces nephews when that power is in your hands.

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Posted in: idol Moga Mogami deflects criticism of decision to have child out of wedlock See in context

Upbringing, faith play important part in this sort of lifestyle. People may think I'm old fashioned but i wouldn't choose to have an out-of-wedlock child.

I know it's a trend these days to raise children regardless of marriage, but if the man loves you he will marry you and provide the necessary support within law and religous rules.

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Posted in: Woman gets 9 years over starvation death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

She should be put away for life. In 9 years she's 31 and may have children again. She doesn't deserved to be a Mother ever again.

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Posted in: Japanese firms to promote common infrastructure for cashless payments See in context

Its time to go cashless! Its very irritating at Cashier points when someone takes much time to pay the exact amount. note, coins including 1 Yen.

Especially obachan, ojichan!! Also young women and men.

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Posted in: Tokyo German Village See in context

Taking a bus ride to that German Village was quite scary. it was pitch black outside.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to eat and drink in small groups See in context

Yestersay I walked all the way to OS Anniversaire Cafe to enjoy tea at their terrace seats. Everyone was wearing masks while not eating/drinking except this pretty fat woman fully made up chatting bragging in loud voice. Though there's a vacant seat next to hers, i decided not to go in.

I think this Rule of 4 and mask adjust is not working unless the restaurant/bars tell off those customers who are not following rules.

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Posted in: Obama, in memoir, recalls Japan's revolving-door leadership era, bowing to emperor See in context

Obama, at any level better than that orange cry baby.

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Posted in: A guide to onsen in Japan: Recommended hot spring destinations See in context

Aly Rustom

Thanks a lot for that info! I am planning to go there this weekend. you saved my trip. Thanks!

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Posted in: No Olympics See in context

Tourism related companies had fired many employees. Reviving business is positive due to Olympic but i doubt business will be back to normal.

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Posted in: Budget carrier AirAsia Japan unable to refund 23,000 air tickets See in context

I never used low budget airline. even if i have to pay more I'll use ANA or JAL. and BA on international .

Budget carriers are cheap but security, safety, food are things i pay attention to.

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Posted in: Singer 'Matchy' Kondo suspended from work after admitting to affair See in context

Hmm. common story everywhere. in Japan wife forgives husband and stay married. mainly for economic reason.

I always wonder why many young single wonen choose to be in relationships with married men. There are so many single men around.

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Posted in: Donnie Wahlberg again leaves $2,020 tip to inspire giving See in context

I wish more rich people would do this.

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Posted in: Woman dies from head injuries after being found on Tokyo street See in context

Poor woman. Shes probably on way to work. Elderly women mostly work on early shifts cleaning jobs etc. RIP

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old boys killed after motorbike crashes into brick wall See in context

Tragic. RIP.

No parents deseve this heartache

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Posted in: China congratulates Biden on U.S. election win See in context

At long last..

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Posted in: Gillian Anderson brings uncanny 'Iron Lady' to 'The Crown' See in context

Thank God it's not Merryl Streep !

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Posted in: Nissan's damages case against absent Ghosn opens in Japan See in context

The scapegoat Ghosn news is back. I hope Nissan never found him.

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Posted in: Princess Mako expresses strong resolve to get married See in context

Men living in Japan must have been Japanised. Old thinking

Shes only 29. In these modern world women can still give birth even in.their 40s with healthy babies.

Empress Masako had Princess Aiko at 36?

Princess Mako has enough time.

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Posted in: Princess Mako expresses strong resolve to get married See in context

Go go Princess Mako! Follow your heart!

At the end of the day, it's all about your own happiness

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Posted in: Hoping for economic boost, most Japanese firms want Tokyo Olympics to go ahead See in context

wow! too long comments ! this sounds Ojisan Not Suga or Biden. LOL

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Posted in: In court moves, Britney Spears seeks freedom from her father See in context

At the end of the day she's going to be grateful to her father. Shes incapable to handleon her own. Even the court says so.

I believe her father meant well, and wants to ensure not only Britney but her children too will have a good life later. Thats what parent do.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at highest level since June 1991 on hopes of economic recovery See in context

great news.

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Posted in: 64 Vietnamese trainee nurses arrive in Japan after coronavirus delay See in context


Except she only came here to work in a hostess bar and stuck with legitimate job for the visa about as long as average.


this doesn't happen to Filipino only. my Italian, Spanish, colleagues working in Roppongi bars as well with company sponsored visas.

Its unkind of you to suddenly come up with this idea.

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Posted in: 64 Vietnamese trainee nurses arrive in Japan after coronavirus delay See in context


True. But if you had the chance to flee a Communist nation to eventually earn ¥800-1000/hr (5 times the Vietnam salary) for up to 5 years, Im sure youd take it too.

yes, just like yourself. you probably didn't get to be a women' King back home. over here J women would kill each other to marry you.

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Posted in: Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine over 90% effective See in context

They waited until after the election to annouce this.

Leo San.

I think they want to get rid of that orange bump first.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at highest level in 29 years on solid earnings See in context


i have no money so I don’t understand what this article means?

I like humble man like you. ☺

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Posted in: Man stabbed, robbed of ¥70,000 in Tokyo park See in context

Japanese husbands get pocket money from wives. at 50s perhaps 100,000円 per month.

So 70,000円 is about right amount left after lunch, izakaya trip. I hopehis wife would be kind enough to offer a 'loan'

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Posted in: Lebanon decides not to charge Ghosn over Israel trip See in context

nice to hear. the scape goat finally got his freedom!

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