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Posted in: Comedian Masako Ohara goes nude for book on love See in context

I can only hope that other young girls who read this book will learn how stupid it is to date a man who is already taken.

Dolphingirl: I don't mean to be bitchy but in reality most J women don't give a damn if the man is someone's husband or bf or whatever...they'll grab him if they want to..just look around and watch ....:)

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Posted in: Takahashi's bond with wife 24 years younger is stronger than ever See in context

I wonder what topic could they share together apart from childraising and his money....:)

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Posted in: Ready for Takarazuka See in context

Surprised not all of them are beautiful...I thought Takarazuka emphasizes on beauty..

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Posted in: Man saved by fellow passengers after falling onto Ginza subway line See in context

the 71-year-old man fell from the platform. His 79-year-old friend jumped down onto the tracks to try and lift him up but failed.

True friendship...something I miss here in Japan!

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Posted in: Hughman touch See in context

Miyuki is beautiful ! THIS is a woman Japan can be proud is the PM wife !!! OK, agreed she has weird ideas . . but who cares . . she is unique and gracious and gorgeous ! .

LOL. and she seems to like younger men too you know! I watched her on BISTRO SMAP...there you go, if you are a younger man!

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

Comment to Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead

Selfish human beings! They already spent their husbands' money to have a good life, gym, social club, golf, afternoon tea + bitchings with friends. Now they want their husbands to hurry up and drop dead...?

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Posted in: Death toll in Chile earthquake tops 300 See in context

I'm worried about the tsunami warning ....which CNN said will hit Japan too...

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Posted in: Well done ladies See in context

Kim Yu-na..yay! she's got class! Regret Mao looks so sour-grape..but that's normal for J women. I was in the final for Kimono contest some years ago, and had witnessed how the J women behave at competition...they just cant be happy for others. I wish Mao had shown a better sporting spirits,... like Mirai Nagasu!

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Posted in: Figure skating gets more attention than Toyota's problems in Japan See in context

Figure skating gets more attention than Toyota's problems in Japan

LOL. I was at Haneda Airport and saw some passengers had to be 'pulled' into the aircraft since they couldn't their eyes off the TV screen....:)

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Posted in: Ice dance See in context

They are brother and sister

I thought she's his Mom....

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Posted in: What do you think about the custom in Japan of women giving chocolates to their male co-workers on Valentine’s Day as a form of “obligation,” and then receive chocolates back from the men on White Day See in context

For me I'm doing it as part of my PR with my male colleagues. But what I dont like is receiving their return chocos on White Day, the stock which lasted me for a year.....:) but at least it's better than getting nothing in return...

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

Silly woman.

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Posted in: SMAP singer Masahiro Nakai to be TBS' main commentator for Winter Olympics See in context

SMAP member Masahiro Nakai, 37, will serve as the main commentator on TBS during coverage of the upcoming Vancouver Olympics, the network announced this week.

Wow. Impressive. The part about Japan I'm still amazed at. You can do any job functions without any proper qualifications for the particular job...:)

He must have kissed all the right arses...!

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Posted in: What sort of a future do you think Asashoryu has in sumo after the latest allegations of bad behavior? See in context

He'll probably be the next Stable Master of some Sumo Beya...and life goes on..:)

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Posted in: Anna Umemiya declares love for footballer See in context

The age difference stands out more when you realize that Anna Umemiya did a special photo book with then-boyfriend Kenji Haga when Yu Nakajima was in junior high school.

Time passes fast. Just think that if they get married, Anna will hit the big 50 before Nakajima-san hits middle age.

How shallow some comments could be...:)

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Posted in: Congratulations See in context

Congratulations! And I'm sure they'll be having a 'happy marriage' J style. Husband could have affairs with other women and wife stays at home and raise babies. And of course, she manages his fat pay cheques...:)

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Posted in: Take a break See in context

Scary looking a horror pic..

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Posted in: Shampoodle See in context

The poor dog must be so bored that it yawned...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss ways to resolve custody disputes See in context

The United States urged Japan on Friday to resolve a growing number of child custody disputes between citizens of the two countries,

I hope more countries in the World would follow step...

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Posted in: Asashoryu to be warned for drunken incident See in context

Life as Sumo Grand Champion must be so lonely ...and drinking is his solution..? Silly man!

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Posted in: Fox TV reporter Ako Koizumi shines on See in context

She sure does sound more brilliant than the 'talento' I've read on JT so far...nice change JT!

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Posted in: Okayama boy dead after shooting himself with police pistol See in context

Seems life has no value here in Japan. Be it for the adults or the children...sad!

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Posted in: Would you be willing to pay for access to newspapers' online content? See in context

NO. Why should I? I paid JCOM for the internet service and cancelled my HT subscription to cut spending.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for staying in hotel 36 nights with parents and not paying See in context

It's the hotel's fault. They should have taken an advance payment from the family.

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Posted in: Gilliam See in context

Looks like Terry Gilliam's holding a mannequin!

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Posted in: Baby girl taken from car while mother shops in Nagoya See in context

a 38 year old woman left her 1 month old baby alone in the car and went shopping? Doesn't she have more mature brains? She's 38 not 18!

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Posted in: Haneda glitch See in context

wow! 5 staff in one tiny counter!..

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Posted in: Guard of honor See in context

Yes, looks perfect, only if the photographer could have submitted the one with his jacket looking more intact, not as above....

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Posted in: Why is groping so prevalent on trains in Japan? Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the psychological reasons on why men grope? See in context

Because at home those men sleep in separate beds with their wives.

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