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Posted in: Cafe manager who dated one of his maids kidnapped and beaten by yakuza See in context

No Business:

I once went to a maid cafe to see what all the fuss was about, and it was one of the weirdest, creepiest 30mins of my life. Utter weirdos everywhere.

How much of a possibility that the other weirdos were thinking the same?

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Posted in: Usain Bolt brings his e-scooter to Japan despite regulatory road bumps See in context

Anyone knows the laws about E-bicycles in Tokyo or Saitama? Can you buy and use full electric ones? Not the assist ones currently sell in the stores.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context


Gosh, I would have loved to be in that room during the briefing to see everyone's face after Moron in Chief made those statements. How does one not burst out in laughter?

Maybe because he actually as the power to do it. I dont are american so i dont know your laws but if he actually order a nuclear strike in a hurricane can anyone stop him?

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Posted in: Officer apparently kills himself at Harajuku police station See in context

We should wait for the investigation before jumping to conclusions.

then what's the point of the comment section ?


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Posted in: Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat See in context

Well, i really hope someone takes care of the cat. I hate to think of the cat abandoned alone in a house somewhere, unable to leave and diying of hunger.

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Posted in: Food seller Kefir goes bust after attracting thousands of investors See in context

Do the hustleToday  04:24 pm JST

This was a scam from the beginning. The money is in a bank account in the Canary Islands. “A fool and his money are easily parted!”

Maybe you are confusing Canary Island with a tax haven like Caiman island? Because Canary island is a part of Spain who is part of the EU who can, by law, close or freeze any account suspected of criminal involvement. If Japan find that account from Kefir, they can file a freeze account to Spain and at some point get the money back.

They already done it with some money from the Yakuza in other countries in the EU.

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Posted in: Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses See in context

Is only a small force but a step in the right direction. Not need to change the costitution, being a pacifist country does not mean letting China (or any other country) do what it wants in the waters of other countries.

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Posted in: Japan needs the overwhelming capacity to retaliate against a possible North Korean attack as a way to deter the isolated nation from using nuclear weapons. See in context

"BintaroToday  08:24 am JST

I'm pretty sure Japan arming itself this way will only push North Korea to arm itself more.

It sure never worked during the cold war."

Well, USA managed to bankrupt the soviets in the 90s in a arms race. Maybe thats is the way with NK too.

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Posted in: Spain heatwave breaks records and kills one See in context

Yesterday was even more hot, Villanueva del Arzobispo reached 51º and in other cities 48º.

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Posted in: Making a Spanish tortilla without all the calories See in context

FizzBit you are right, is this person actually a qualified chef or something? May i can write for next article about String Theory or nuclear physics, surely as hell i dont know nothing about that but i can write something who resembles one of those.

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Posted in: Making a Spanish tortilla without all the calories See in context

Why you call this Spanish Tortilla? Spanish Tortilla is made of eggs, potatos and olive oil, period. You change that and is not Spanish Tortilla anymore. You can call this a dish that resemble by far a Spanish Tortilla. Next you can cook a BLC who as no bread, lectuce, bacon or tomato. Or maybe shushi without rice and fish...

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Posted in: More than Y85 mil in cash stolen from police station safe See in context

You have to be pretty stupid to steal from your work place, specially if it is a closed enviroment like a police station, all staff is going to be prime suspects. Of all people cops have to know this more than anyone else. That make the thieft double stupid. 85 millions of yens is not a big sum, not really big to take all the risk to steal. That make the thieft triple stupid.

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Posted in: Japan’s top 10 cat names so far for 2017 See in context

I prefer sophistication, Stranger, our cat's name is "Kitty-Cat."

I prefer smart, our cats name is wathever we call her that moment. Normally, $%$&&$&%%& cat is scratching the courtains again!

Thats a joke, she never do that.

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Posted in: Wave of new Windows 10 devices on show at Berlin tech fair See in context

Windows 10 has already been installed on 75 million devices>

I wonder how much devices were unistalled afterwards.

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Posted in: Netflix starts Japan service See in context

Anyone know a streaming who give english subs for all content?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

I dont know if he copied or not but i pity GD nowadays. Designing something original as to be very very difficult and the idea just you catched maybe is just something you`ve seen some time ago in some place, TV, internet or a magazine.

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Posted in: Sailing for Japan See in context

E..em..or daughter>

I writed "son" thinking in a direct descendant, not gender distintion intended.

Sedagor- I didn't know it exists.. A Japan Today forum poster that actually THINKS and writes sensitive posts...>

My ego thanks you.

He's been shipped to our re-education facility, sir.>

Surely not a second too soon.

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Posted in: Sailing for Japan See in context

no objections to the carrier or the trip, but who exactly would take time out from their lives to go and wave a flag at a ship??>

Maybe the family of the people inside the ship?

Man in green, second from left, no flag, weak posture. Disappointing.>

Maybe is the father of a son who is leaving for a long time and is sad?

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Posted in: Musashi shipwreck salvage unlikely: Filipino official See in context

If you want a chilling reminder of the cost of war better go to Kudanshita Yushukan. The room filled full whit photos of people of all ages who died in Japan in the war (mostly civilians in air raids) is very sobering.

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Posted in: Japan’s most popular kitty names See in context

We call our female cat... cat (gato in spanish). Well, in reality we call her: gato, nyanko, nyankichi, bicho (bug), gatchan and fu.... stupid cat dont scratch the furniture! Thats was a joke is a very gentle and loving cat who never do anything wrong.

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