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Posted in: Google's Chrome web browser challenging Firefox See in context

Chrome opens up the process for every separate tab, for a large number of tabs it hangs the system up. also chrome steals personal information for Brin. therefore, chromium - a clumsing shit. Firefox is famous for its memory leaking and brake with a large number of tabs. so firefox - flooding shit. Explorer has a bunch of security holes, have such a browser - just give viruses a ticket to your computer. therefore, an explorer - a leaking shit. other minor browsers are built on with same engines as the leaders, so they have same problems. on the planet Earth just there isn't a normal browser for stable working in the internet.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

Erika sugoi, but for me, then i eat snikers, always become covered with acne.

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Posted in: 30 arrested for illegally sharing manga, music, movies, TV shows online See in context

The scan showed 76 properties at which P2P software was being used but police don't know bout my i2p.

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Posted in: Man arrested for alleged abduction of 9-year-old girl in Saitama See in context


Teaching young girls not to talk to strangers run to nearest adult and call someone to help you successfully divided by zero.

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Posted in: Sightseeing boat still perched atop Iwate hostel roof See in context

nice look though. Hotel "Under Boat".

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Posted in: Go Maple Leafs! See in context


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Posted in: Ai Kago named KDDI campaign girl for U.S. service See in context

2Yelnats - learn to not say for everyone. after done it, try to learn some foreign langauge. though for you, knowing only stupid plain english, it would be too strong task.

i hope, Kagochan woun't be "singing jazz in clubs of New-York". it will be too downgrade for her.

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Posted in: 'New' voted kanji character of the year See in context

this kanji isn't "shin", its a "sin".

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Posted in: Sakai, Fujiwara to host Japan Record Awards See in context

at first i thought, it was NorikO Sakai.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri loses comeback movie role as contract termination looms See in context

Erika is one of the most talented and beautiful j-actresses i know. Stardust - is just one from the very long talent agencies. Erika's husbund is himself enough powered person in showbiz. so i don't much worry of this accident. maybe, Erika herself wanted to break her contract.

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Posted in: Student hangs himself in Hokkaido; note hints at being bullied See in context

it is sad but maybe he wasn't really bullying? it didn't go further laughing. if people find you jerk, it's sad for you, but they have right for their own point of view. the boy was too cheerful, it wouldn't last long. but he decided to stay as he was, already forever.

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Posted in: YouTube to show clips from Time Warner TV shows, movies See in context

die, youtube! die immediately!

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Posted in: Akina Minami shows her roller blade skills See in context

seen it. was epic.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura See in context

and really smart

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Posted in: Idoling!!! and AKB48 perform together for first time as AKB Idoling!!! See in context

Oshima Mai-san will retire


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Posted in: Discarded bikes get a new life See in context

bicycles are sentenced to death


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Posted in: 'ER' says goodbye after 15 years See in context

why in Japan entertainment section?

Moderator: Why not? The program is aired Saturday nights on Japanese TV and has many fans here.

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Posted in: BeeTV See in context

Yukina-san & Aya-san - nya!!!! others - not well known.

ps big photo - very good.

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Posted in: Pregnant actress Megumi Okina to marry 'ordinary' businessman See in context

Headline should read 'Businessman marries pushy wannabe'.

Headline should read 'It is not your busyness'.

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Posted in: Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE web browser See in context

so if my machine have a valid MS license, then i can install it on linux.

MS never considered wine as geniune os. so you cannot have license from MS for wine.

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Posted in: Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE web browser See in context

why would MS include the cost of developing IE in windows when i can download a standalone IE installer and install it into my ubuntu machine (thru wine)?

MS supposes that you will use it on already buyed Windows, so it is not freeware, but just upgrade. and EULA doesn't allow you install free IE under wine.

so, what you have been smoking lately?

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Posted in: Maki Horikita flying high in animated 3D movie See in context

Maki is great, flies is evil.

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

bullying in school is so obvious thing. then teachers do nothing with it, it means that they took the side of bullies. really, teachers must be punished, not stupid young kids. if every teacher got understood, that in case of bullying he will be punished, he will loose his job immediately, all bullying disappears instantly.

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Posted in: 2,200 attend memorial service for Ai Iijima See in context

rest in peace, Ai-chan.

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Posted in: AKB48 girls dress up as Chun-Li to promote new 'Streetfighter' movie See in context

photo too small. i can't see anything.

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Posted in: Oki joins photovoltaic power conditioner market See in context

A comparable system can be also found in the control of the wind generators. Basically nothing much new here.

Evolution from Edison's lightbulb to computers - basically nothing much new.

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Posted in: Microsoft to open chain of retail stores See in context

if in these Microstores Sony Vaio will be at 50% of price of Macbook Air, then maybe it will have sense.

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Posted in: Man convicted of killing Japanese girlfriend in California See in context

it's so typical for USA - drugs, crime and bad DNA. just yet another day in Pasadena. hope judges send this Pig to electrical chair for BBQ session.

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Posted in: Maki Horikita to play homeless girl in Fuji's new drama See in context

i like her style. wanna the same

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Posted in: 79-year-old woman chokes to death on breakfast at Kanagawa hospital See in context

but had left her cabbage and carrot sauté untouched

she just didn't want to die

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