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Posted in: Naha prosecutors indict civilian employee of U.S. base after SOFA revision See in context

@CrazyJoe, awesome on the stats. Where were you able to dig up the info, if you don't mind my asking?

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Posted in: Naha prosecutors indict civilian employee of U.S. base after SOFA revision See in context

This individual is not a member of the military and is not protected by the Military Code of Justice. Japan needs to stop treating Americans as first class citizens, and the Japanese people need to have their government repeal the country's status as a protectorate of the US, which is what Article 9 made of them. Every American citizen does not deserve diplomatic immunity, which is essentially what they've had since the end of the Second World War. Let's hope that this case is the beginning of a new era where US citizens are held accountable for their actions.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes Fukushima rice ban after high level of cesium detected See in context

What percentage of Japan's rice production has been affected overall?

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Posted in: Japan to return ancient books to S Korea in early Dec See in context

I'm glad to see that the books are being returned to South Korea, but I don't think that the current Japanese administration can be held accountable for the actions of individuals in the past. Horrific and terrible things occur in war, and only the victors are immune from condemnation. Everyone is guilty in war, but only the losers are punished.

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Posted in: Mountains limited spread of fallout from Fukushima See in context

I think that the mountains are simply one way in which Japan protects itself. The land is seeking to take care of the people of Japan. Let us hope that this trend is allowed to continue.

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Posted in: Firm makes iPhone Geiger counter for worried Japanese See in context

@JapanGal, good luck out there. How bad is it in some of the spots? I'm about as far away as one can get: New Hampshire on the Eastern sea board of the USA.

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Posted in: Tough times See in context

@Ultrack, the Japanese are far more determined to support themselves than most of our American brethren. Going to a homeless shelter is a shameful act, and few Japanese will debase themselves by going. I still hope for the best for them, though, and that they are able to support themselves soon.

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Posted in: Hiroshima governor presses global peace plan in U.S. See in context

I don't think that we will ever be able to disarm the nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons were increased in the hopes that the mere existence of the weapons would prevent any further extensive global conflicts, which hasn't worked. The nuclear weapons kept in readiness may well never be deployed, but until all of the nuclear weapons in the world can be accounted for and destroyed, the Governor's hopes will remain unfulfilled.

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Posted in: Taxi company exec arrested over gambling ring See in context

Why is this a news story? What are Tokyo's regulations regarding gambling? Can the man prove that he was putting the winnings towards a company vacation? Definitely need more information to justify this as a story.

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Posted in: Japanese firm unveils robot suit for nuclear workers See in context

Once again Japanese scientists leap forward in the field of robotics. Fantastic.

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Posted in: Emperor kept in hospital due to persistent fever See in context

Good luck, Sir.

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