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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

I was a proctor at this exam and aside from wearing masks (most of them inappropriately and had to tell them several times to wear it properly) there was no social distancing and no ventilation whatsoever, the doors and windows were closed. (This was for kyushu university though, so idk about other places)

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli grants streaming rights to Netflix, but anime fans in 3 key countries left out See in context

I wonder why Grave of the Fireflies was excluded? It's by far one of Studio Ghibli's best films....

Because it belongs to tokuma shoten not studio ghibli (even though it was made by studio ghibli).

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Posted in: Court sentences 2 Filipino women via remote interpreting See in context

Why don't they just deport them and ban them from entering japan again?

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

Brown bags*

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

That's what happens when you solve everything with broken bags instead of listening to experts.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested on drunk driving charge in Okinawa See in context

A breath analysis test, however, registered an alcohol level of roughly seven times Japan's legal limit

I thought you can't drive even if you have a drop of alcohol in your blood. I didn't know there was a legal limit.

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Posted in: 3 junior high school boys to be sent to prosecutors over classmate’s suicide See in context

How about the teachers. I'm sure some of them were aware of the bullying.

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Posted in: Municipalities expect Tokyo Olympics to bring more foreign visitors See in context

Seeing as 80% of the tickets are sold /going to be sold in Japan and only 20% outside of Japan and how most hotels in Tokyo are booked during the Olympics, I wonder if there will be an extraordinary influx of tourists.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic construction worker dies of suspected heatstroke See in context


The first casualty of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and we still got almost 5 more months of 2019 to go

I don't think it's the first. I believe one passed away from overwork. He clocked 190 hours of overtime in the month he died.

However I think this is the first one caused by a heat stroke.

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Posted in: Shootings prompt Venezuela, Uruguay and Japan to warn about travel to U.S. See in context


Norway 1.888

   Serbia 0.381

   France 0.347

   Macedonia 0.337

   Albania 0.206

   Slovakia 0.185

   Switzerland 0.142

   Finland 0.132

   Belgium 0.128

   The Czech Republic 0.123

  USA 0.089

that's per million as you said. Norway's population is 5.26 millions ( so in total ~9 deaths) while the US population is 327.2 (~29), the only country that comes close to the US on this list is France (~22).

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Posted in: ANA's April-June net profit falls on rising costs, tax See in context

Fuel and wages are the cost of doing business. Construction and additions are losses. 

If it's going to bring in more money in the future then it's an investment not a loss.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 85-year-old common-law wife; says he was worn out from looking after her See in context

If nursing homes were more affordable, I'm sure it wouldn't have had to end like this.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide: report See in context

It suffered an 17.8 percent...

"a" not "an"

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥50 million from elderly woman’s home See in context

I wonder if there's any proof that the stolen amount is indeed ¥50 million. I mean do the police just take her word for it? If she tells them he took off with ¥100 million then will they be looking for ¥100 million?

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 3 Japanese cosplayers in festival raid See in context

They weren't arrested for attending a cosplay convention, they were arrested for performing. No country allows that on tourist Visa.

A couple years ago a Japanese band was denied entry to the US because they were going to perform there without the proper paperwork (they tried to go in with a tourist Visa).

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 1-month-old son See in context

Sane mother*

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 1-month-old son See in context

I think a visit to the shrink should be mandatory here before getting pregnant. Too many sick, selfish and irresponsible people become parents without knowing what they are getting themselves into.

I mean you have to be sick to do this kind of thing to your own baby, no same mother would do this.

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Posted in: 759 foreign trainees in Japan disappeared after unjust treatment: survey See in context

The 22-year-old said she was told by the broker she could easily save money in Japan. But she said her monthly after-tax income is less than 100,000 yen.

Les than ¥100,000 is way too little. I can't imagine living here with just that.

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Posted in: Population decline leads village to have smallest assembly in Japan See in context

the smallest assembly in the country, represented by only five members, it said Tuesday, in the latest sign of the nation's declining population

This is mainly caused by rural exodus not the declining population.

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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context

While the Nobel price can be a factor to measure intelligence, I don't believe test scores is, especially since exams in japan are extremely easy.

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Posted in: Kyoto aiming to disperse crowds to ease 'overtourism' See in context

I think the overcrowding is mainly caused by Japanese tourists since they all travel in the same periods (golden week, obon, etc).

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Posted in: Shikoku Electric restarts nuclear reactor See in context

The restart of the No. 3 unit at the plant in the town of Ikata in Ehime Prefecture, announced by the power company after midnight, came after a Japanese high court accepted an appeal by the utility in late September ruling that there are no safety risks associated with potential volcanic activity in the nearby region.

More like has accepted a brown bag.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

I wonder if there is a security footage that showed how it happened.

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Posted in: Death of pig in Gifu Pref due to swine fever virus See in context

This is very sad news for farmers in the area, its hard to make a living, then all of your animals that you have reared have to be culled, does the Japanese government compensate farms in these sort of situations?

I suppose insurance companies will.

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Posted in: Abe calls for better cyber, space defense capabilities See in context

To those of you who think a space force is not necessary, I got one word for you...


A space force is a complete waste of money. If there is any civilization advanced enough to find us before we find them and to be able to travel all the way here, no matter what kind of force we have to defend earth, they would crush us in seconds.

the biggest achievement of humanity in space was to go to the moon. Even traveling to the closest planet to earth would require at least half a year.

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Posted in: 16-year-old student hit, killed by train in Tochigi Pref See in context

why thry don't put sensors on the tracks. that way the driver can be alerted and thus has more time to stop the train. the emergency breaks by themselves are clearly useless n this kind of situation.

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Posted in: Japan's economy minister says Trump misunderstands trade See in context

Imposing tarrifs and making essential products expensive has been perfected in Japan, Trump is merely trying to copy that.

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Posted in: Japanese fleet catches 177 whales in latest hunt See in context

if they really wanted to study them, there was no need to kill them in the first place.

I wouldn't trust any of their findings. I'm sure there will be tampering of data in case said species are still endangered.

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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

yet the gullible Japanese consumer will still say "I buy Japanese products because I can trust that they are following the norms" (安心感).

I do research on consumer behavior in japan and that's the typical answer Japanese consumer will give you when asked about why they buy Japanese brands even if there are cheaper foreign brands.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

They were on their way to the parking lot where their car was when the child ran ahead and out onto the street.

it's the parents' fault, not the biker.

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