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Posted in: Japan's farm, fisheries exports likely hit 1st-half record See in context

I wonder if the fact that Japanese consumers aren't buying these products that are coming from Fukushima and surrounding prefectures is in for a reason.

I remember a few months ago, Taiwan found out that daiso has been importing products from Fukushima but labeled under another prefecture's name.

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Posted in: 34-year-old teacher arrested for raping elementary school girl in Chiba See in context

it took them 2 weeks to gather evidence!

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical Univ discriminated against female applicants: sources See in context

how can they play with students' future. how many girls have seen their dream of becoming a doctor boken!!! I wonder if there were suicides because of this.

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Posted in: Murakumi says he can't publicly oppose death penalty for sarin gas attackers See in context

but at the same time, how many guilty animals, who have committed atrocious and heinous crimes against children and women, been put out of their misery? i'll live with one mistake if it means putting to death hundreds of other animals that deserve it.

i wonder if you'll say the same thing if they mistakenly put you on death row.

actually how can you even say that!! the end doesn't justify the mean.

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Posted in: ¥9 mil awarded to convenience store from man for over 11,000 hours of unauthorized parking See in context

they just tell me*

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Posted in: ¥9 mil awarded to convenience store from man for over 11,000 hours of unauthorized parking See in context

So they, the convenience store, could not have documented the parking infractions and made a call to the Police and had the car towed? This does not make sense. They should have brought the Police into play at the time. That is of course, if there are laws on the books that would let the police tow the vehicle.... which I would think exist. And if they do exist, then the convenience store, in my opinion, will lose this case. Also, if there was no law to allow them to get the vehicle towed, then the should sue the local municipality.

unfortunately the police won't do that. 2 times in my building a car parks in my spot and I call the police and they just all me to park somewhere else. one of those 2 things there was no vacant spot in the parking lot and they just told me to wait until he/she leaves. BTW, both cars were not from people living in my building.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympics consider daylight saving to beat heat See in context

it's pointless to introduce daylight saving time. it's not like the games will only be played in the very early morning. the only solution to avoid the heat is to move the games up September/ October.

I wonder how japan got the Olympics. 2 years to go and problems are popping out one after another. I wonder if there were some brown bags involved.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing ¥1.9 million from convenience store by pretending to be employee See in context

I'd be surprised if the police checked a combini for finger prints. There would be so many prints from people visiting the store, any prints would be pretty useless.

I don't think the customers will leave their fingerprints on the store safe or the cash registers

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing ¥1.9 million from convenience store by pretending to be employee See in context

even without the security cameras, her fingerprints would be everywhere. as for the other employee, shouldn't she be notified in case there's a new part timer coming.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil ticket prices See in context

take into account*

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil ticket prices See in context

you can't use today's exchange rates to compare. also you have to tracks into account the devaluation of the money over time.

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict Kobe Steel for faking product quality data See in context

If found guilty in a court, the company could be fined. It is not clear how much.

What do you mean by "if"? They already admitted to falsifying the data!

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Posted in: Pyramid scheme See in context

actually it's written that it's not for sale

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Posted in: Pyramid scheme See in context

Any Arabic speakers here? Does the sign say something like red watermelon pyramid?

yes. it's written pyramids red melon. it doesn't make any sense in Arabic though. they probably just used google translate.

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Posted in: Nissan says exhaust tests were altered in latest scandal See in context

Japanese scandals are often characterized by employees covering up for dubious performances and relationships to "save face," sometimes out of loyalty to the company, rather than illegal enrichment for personal gain as is more common in some other countries.


they do it because they want to have the best product, to be competitive with other brands (and this is their only way to achieve that, same with Kobe steel) which ultimately means for the money.

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Posted in: 12 Christian sites in Japan added to UNESCO World Heritage list See in context

A group of nervous peasants approached a French priest at Oura Cathedral and one woman whispered "our hearts are the same as yours"

I wonder how they said it, I don't think they spoke French at the time (even university students now can barely speak English).

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Posted in: SoftBank plans $60-100 bil investment in solar power project in India: report See in context

how about investing in renewable energy in Japan instead of India?

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Materials finds fresh cases of misconduct; loses certification See in context

I wonder if all these cases of fraud/ falsification/ misconduct/etc. are coming to light now to divert the attention from Abe and Aso's problem.

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Posted in: Switzerland beats Japan 2-0 pre-World Cup friendly See in context

Not looking such a great idea to fire the coach now is it

Oh they're going to blame him for their defeat. The new coach is good but he didn't have enough time to fix the problems created by the previous coach, is what they're going to say.

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Posted in: Criminal complaint filed against ex-American football coaches over dirty tackle See in context

How about the player? even if it's true it's not like they were controlling his body, he's as guilty as them if not more.

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Posted in: Japanese 100-yen shop slapped with fine, 2-year import ban in Taiwan See in context

Japanese are really on a roll with the fraud and corruption. it looks like the honest hard working Japanese image is just a facade. But then again what would you expect from a society where the mafia has their fingers in so many pies.

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Posted in: Japan, Pacific island nations urge N Korea to denuclearize See in context

the only deterrent against America*

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Posted in: Japan, Pacific island nations urge N Korea to denuclearize See in context

I'm all for the denuclearization of the entire planet not just NK but that's not happening anytime soon. and right now the fact that NK has nuclear weapons is the only deterrent using America from bringing its "democracy" there. So the denuclearization of NK is also not happening.

I think the only thing Kim would agree to, and actually do, is to sign a treaty to not use his nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman last September See in context

Police said there have been a number of similar assaults in the same area since last September and police are questioning Saito about those cases, as well.

I'm sure there are dozens of other creeps who think it's ok to do this.

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Posted in: Tourists deface iconic bamboo trees in Kyoto's Arashiyama See in context

If it's Koreans, say so. If it's Chinese, or Westerners, report that. What I don't want, as an Australian visitor who respects whatever environment I happen to be in, is to be blamed by association for the ignorance and vandalism of others.

I'm sure they would have already made it public had they known. Clearly they don't know who did it (Chinese/ koreans/ others...) and there's no possible way to find out, it could have been anyone (including Japanese).

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Posted in: Cheap shot in college football game stirs national controversy See in context

player on Thursday and could add sanctions after hearing head coach Masato Uchida, who has been reprimanded.

Why was the coach reprimanded? Shouldn't the player be laid off the team instead!

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Posted in: Honda puts boot into fired Japan coach Halilhodzic See in context

"I know I promised the Japanese people we would win the World Cup," he said. "I have not forgotten that. Frankly that's why I want to go to the World Cup and show how much it means to me to fight for the title.

frankly I don't think Japan can win the world cup with or without him.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

I hope they catch the culprit asap before he/she takes another life.

with all the creeps roaming the streets, I'm amazed how parents here leave their kids go to school alone.

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Posted in: Abe tells N Korea: Release Japanese abductees or no aid See in context

North Korea went through decades without any aid from Japan, actually from all of the developed countries. and now that America, China and South Korea are offering their help Abe is coming from behind threatening that he's not joining unless NK releases the abducted Japanese (who from all we know can be deceased).

Seriously even a kid would have understood by now that threats won't work with NK, they haven't worked before so why would they start working now.

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