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The Right to Life


The Privilege to Drive

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Japan scores a hat-trick of deals-with-despots in less than three weeks.

1) According to Human Rights Watch:

"Turkmenistan remains one of the world’s most repressive countries. The country is virtually closed to independent scrutiny, media and religious freedoms are subject to draconian restrictions, and human rights defenders and other activists face the constant threat of government reprisal". President Berdymukhamedov promotes a personality cult in which he, his relatives, and associates enjoy unlimited power and total control over all aspects of public life.


The Japanese Wikipedia page on Turkmenistanトルクメニスタン has no mention of the human rights abuses listed on the English Wikipedia page.

Why is there no mention of Turkmenistan's human rights abuses on the Japanese Wikipedia page? The Japanese people deserve to know that the Japanese government is doing business with the autocratic despot leader of Turkmenistan.

2) On October 8 Waseda University president Kaoru Kamata awarded Turkey's despotic president Erdogan an honourary doctorate in law.


Waseda University's website reported the news with no mention of Erdogan's human rights abuses in Turkey.

News of the award was not reported anywhere in the Japanese media.


3) On October 6 Waseda University president Kaoru Kamata established an agreement with the University of Tehran, which is under the control of the Political Section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Iran is well known for its human abuses.

In Iran the Bahá'í Faith, which is said to be the largest non-Muslim religious minority in Iran,[291] is not officially recognized, and has been persecuted during its existence in Iran since the 19th century. Since the 1979 Revolution, the persecution of Bahais has increased with executions, the denial of civil rights and liberties, and the denial of access to higher education and employment.


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