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Posted in: High school girl arrested for stalking Johnny’s 7 MEN Samurai member See in context

Many of them exist here in Japan, the land of omotenashi!

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Posted in: Japan to start 4th vaccine shots for elderly, at-risk groups from May 25 See in context

And it will come to a point that they will just stop counting... I bet the elderly will eventually just say "I'm on my 17th... or 18th.... or was it 20th shot?"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,573 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 37,438 See in context

Nothing to be alarmed about. Life must go on! If this sounds alarming to you, STAY HOME!!!

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Posted in: 1,600 empty seats at major Japanese gymnastics competition reserved by single unpaying person See in context

Stupid accounting system deserves that outcome!

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Posted in: Candidates criss-cross Australia on eve of election See in context

Isn't there any diversity among Australian leaders? It's always a white person earning the top government position.

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Posted in: When we allow spectators to cheer loudly, some of them may feel an increase in the risk of infection. But the passion of fans through cheering is necessary in soccer games. See in context

Oh gosh. If they don't want to be infected, STAY HOME! Since time immemorial, there has always been a risk of getting infected by whatever! Because we are LIVING HUMAN BEINGS! We carry bacteria, viruses, germs and whatnot! Preventing us from expressing our emotions in a natural way because of infection risk? Yeah, we tried these past two years and no, it's not just the way humans should live!

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Posted in: Osaka returns to French Open with questions over form, fitness See in context


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Posted in: 18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo See in context

Police almost everywhere I go, especially in the subways...

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Posted in: Japan to donate $2.1 mil to IAEA for safety of Ukrainian nuclear facilities See in context

More money for the people working there...

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Posted in: WHO: China's COVID plan is 'unsustainable' due to Omicron See in context

Since when has China listened to WHO?

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Posted in: Japan to double Ukraine aid to $600 million See in context

More money for Zelenskyyyy and his cronies.

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Posted in: Japan records trade deficit as imports surge on energy costs See in context

Economy has to be sacrificed in order to keep the population safe from Covid-19.

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Posted in: New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight 'inflation storm' See in context

Japan can learn a thing or two from New Zealand...

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Posted in: Battle for Mariupol draws toward close after surrender See in context

One sided reporting... NEXT!!!

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Posted in: North Korea's suspected COVID-19 caseload nears 2 million See in context

Wow! "Suspected"... and it's news!

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Posted in: Japan to join U.S.-led economic framework during Biden visit See in context

Like a willing slave to his master.,...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,355 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 42,161 See in context

What's really there to be alarmed about?

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Posted in: Japan's 1st-quarter GDP shrinks, hit by COVID restrictions, higher prices See in context

It will be negative during 2nd and 3rd quarter too! It won't bounce back unless they open the border to tourism. The ripple effect of opening the border for tourists will help Japan's economy bounce back!

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Posted in: Meet the Japanese Colonel Sanders, who’s passionate about fried chicken See in context

Great PR stunt...

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Posted in: S Korea's Blue House opens to public for 1st time in 74 years See in context

A new ray of hope for the Southerners!

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Posted in: N Korea reports 232,880 suspected COVID-19 cases See in context

Someone planted the virus there so that we will continue living in "fear" while the rest of the world is already moving on!

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Posted in: Just how accurate are rapid antigen tests? See in context

The right questions should have been... "why is it even necessary?"

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Posted in: Netflix trims staff to weather slowing growth See in context

Too woke and so full of propaganda films and documentaries...

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Posted in: Zelenskyy opens Cannes Film Festival, links war and cinema See in context

Oh geez... Why is there a need to color another art event with politics and Ukraine?

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Posted in: Wild animals may carry bones and other items, so that it is possible for objects that weren't there at the time of the search to be found in the same place over time. See in context

Just admit that someone murdered that little girl and had put back her bones to that same spot two or three years later!

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Posted in: Do you use toilet slippers at your home? See in context

No. What for?

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Posted in: Japan not considering new nuclear plants despite energy concerns See in context

They should build more solar panels and wind turbines for a better tomorrow.

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