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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers apologize to fans for disruption See in context

Oh gosh... How can they host next year's Olympics?

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Posted in: Exports to China had already been weak and headwinds to inbound tourism are clearly bad for Japan’s economy. See in context

Always China China China! India is just over there but you do not seem to care about its 1.4 billion people!

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Posted in: Johnny's agency sets up panel to compensate sexual assault victims See in context

The mere fact that this company is still existing only signifies that the sufferings of the victims who are now living a sad life enamored by sexual trauma means NOTHING to the Japanese justice system.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

He just said that for the sake of it. If something bad happens, like the one in Seoul, or the tragic hanabi taikai two decades ago in Tokyo, at least he can tell in the next press conference that "We.., I told you so..." and he's safe.

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Posted in: Companies drop Johnny's agency talent after sex abuse scandal See in context

Better late than never.

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Posted in: Accusers in Johnny's sex scandal say they hope for apology, compensation See in context

Sorry for these guys. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

understandable... it's not worth it.

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Posted in: Japan's births fall 3.6% to 370,000 in Jan-June See in context

Having a baby in materialistic Japan is considered a burden, compared to a less popular Christian belief system where babies are considered as blessings. I know, because I have met many Christian Japanese couples who have many kids but are far more sufficient and content with their lives compared with others.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in California bikers' bar shooting See in context

California! Indeed the land of shooting STARS!

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Posted in: Ruthless England beat Australia to set up Women's World Cup final against Spain See in context

The English women's soccer team, and not the men, are bringing "it" home... It's coming home!

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler catches on quick as he learns to be defensive lineman for Colorado State See in context

good career choice!!!

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Posted in: Over 7,200 Japan firms employing foreign trainees broke law, gov't says See in context

what about making foreign trainees work six days per week?

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Posted in: Japan to give Hawaii $2 million in aid as wildfire death toll tops 100 See in context

many hungry people need that money

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Posted in: Maui wildfires kill six as 'apocalypse' strikes Hawaiian paradise See in context

Maui will eventually become a deserted island...

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Posted in: Japan names Okano as Foreign Ministry top bureaucrat, succeeding Mori See in context

Because he's a graduate of the University of Tokyo, then he must be the best choice!

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Posted in: After heat, typhoon threatens misery for South Korea scout jamboree See in context

It must take a super genius to organize a camp with no trees for the tents to act as shades...

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Posted in: Japan gov't warns of contract rows in private services for elderly See in context

Thinkers are doers...

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Posted in: Mystery in Dubai as mega-wheel stops turning See in context

The symbol of Dubai's end...

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Posted in: Nagasaki A-bomb anniversary ceremony to be held indoors due to typhoon See in context

What was the third bomb’s targets ?


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Posted in: In terms of economic clout, Japan can’t beat China, so it’s important for Japan to show its partners that it’s willing to get involved on a long-term basis. See in context

Japan could have taken advantage of the Philippines when they had the chance but it's now almost China or Korea-owned. Japan could have managed to control the Pacific side with Taiwan in the equation, but lo and behold, they had chosen Thailand and Malaysia to infuse their investments.

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Posted in: Do you ever worry that robots or AI will become so powerful one day that they will destroy humans? Or does that only happen in movies? See in context

I am more worried of humans destroying humans, and that worry has been going on for ages but humans still survive.

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Posted in: More Japan tourist hot spots imposing hotel taxes to fund promotions See in context

Being a tourist itself is already doing promotions about the place I visit in Japan. That tax should be paid to me too because I also promote Japan in my own way. Rip off!

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Posted in: Do you think summers are hotter now than when you were younger? See in context

Yes because our bodies are used to aircon nowadays, and the carbon emission of aircon makes the city even hotter.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yamanote line trains start after signal glitch causes 4-hour delay See in context

Good thing this was updated right away so that the commuting workers were easily alerted for alternative ways to go to work. Lucky that I live in Japan where transportation options are endless!

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Posted in: Support for Kishida cabinet slips to 28%: poll See in context

End times are near...

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Posted in: Number of COVID patients in Japan rises for 9th straight week See in context

So? Want to declare state of emergency? Lockdown? WFH ?

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Posted in: Flag carried by Japanese soldier killed during World War II returning to his family See in context

This is a painful reminder that wars happen for the glory of the victors, and eternal agony for the losers.

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Posted in: This summer, will you be traveling abroad or within Japan? See in context

Both... abroad and within Japan.

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