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Posted in: Bali $10 tourist e-tax comes into force See in context

 The tax is from the government who just is pocketing the extra. It isn’t helping locals at all. 

Um, the tax was just introduced yesterday

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Posted in: Man arrested over possession of ‘magic mushrooms’ See in context

Why is this even being reported in the news? Is it just to show the absurdity of the situation and provoke discussion? They grow naturally and were legal in Japan until 2002 after they had been used in Japan since the Jomon era! Now, somebody's name is in the news (including Japan Today) and arrested for possessing them. It is ridiculous and sad.

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Posted in: Art attack See in context

I'm not a fan of AK69 but great work. Adds life to the neighborhood.

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Posted in: Japan's beloved Hachiko dog statue showcased in pop-up bedroom See in context

It's an absurd piece .

Desperados will commercialize anything to make a name for themselves or profit in some way.

Hachiko as symbol should not be exploited in such pedestrian ways !!

It's fun because it's an absurd piece. Hachiko is not sacred. Hell, it's a replica!

Nishino was commissioned to put the piece together. Ando's family is supporting the project so let's celebrate the artistry!

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Posted in: Unlike stimulants and other illicit drugs, over-the-counter pills aren’t illegal, which has led to many young people overdosing. Interpersonal relationships weakened due to the pandemic, and many people seem to have learned about OTC-drug overdoses while surfing the internet. See in context

Really? What kind of OTC medicines are these people taking? Most Japanese OTC meds are so weak, they have far less the amount of medicine that medicine in the west has. One of the only fairly strong OTC medicine I know of SS Bron a cough medicine can only be purchased by asking a pharmacist for it.

Exactly! It's not like pharmacists are going to reject anyone, or ask for ID, for someone purchasing Bron. Mix it with a few Chu-Hi strongs, and you've got a night to "forget¨.

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Posted in: Casino industry spurs $329 billion in U.S. economic activity, study shows See in context

Japan could have caught a piece of the action if quicker action had been taken. Instead, Osaka will be waiting until 2030 (or beyond) while there is still no movement in other areas of the country. From Hokkaido to Yokohama, to Wakayama - bids were cast aside pandering to local business powers afraid of losing their crumbling monopolies. The tourist tax money, the jobs, and the well-needed infrastructure, could have been huge.


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Posted in: Music firm Universal announces streaming overhaul See in context

"The U.S.-based giant has teamed up with French app Deezer to launch an "artist-centric" approach that will give more money to professional musicians at the expense of non-music streams."

Deezer, a small streaming service, has a new deal with a music publisher, Universal, which represents songwriters (not artists). How does this give more money to professional musicians?

Sony/ATV owns the Beatles publishing catalog, not Universal, which has their master rights. I assume this is a Deezer press release trying to spin a non-story.

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Posted in: Keanu Reeves teams up with Suntory for new series exploring Japanese whisky and 'monozukuri' See in context

Great tie-up for Keanu's Dogstar tour next month - https://www.hipjpn.co.jp/archives/67609

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Posted in: Kishida's son rebuked for party photos at official residence See in context

Where are these photos??

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Posted in: Big on Bauer See in context

C'mon JT, add some context - https://apnews.com/article/trevor-bauer-japan-yokohama-domestic-violence-9453dfb8b52642403cf4b850e4f89cb5

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Posted in: Uneasy U.S. marijuana industry seeks broader trade amid vast glut See in context

Hopefully, US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel will help pave the way to facilitate exports for Japan -



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Posted in: Can music festivals actually go green? See in context

I wish this were a story about the Japanese music festival and their lack of going green.

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Posted in: STDs are on the rise. This morning-after-style pill may help See in context

Interesting article, but what is the relevance to Japan? The STD strains in the US are different, while tetracycline and minocycline are more prevalent in Japan than doxycycline.

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Posted in: More dolphins found on east Japan shores a day after 33 beached See in context

Nobody seems to have any real idea of why the dolphins were beached. Some say the pre-production of the offshore wind turbines off Isumi messed with their natural navigation.


Other Twitter trolls predict a big earthquake tomorrow.

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Posted in: KKR and Gaw Capital acquire Hyatt Regency Tokyo See in context

I hope they finally re-open the pool that's been closed for two years!


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Posted in: Kanye says he is no longer anti-Semite after watching actor Jonah Hill See in context

It's hilarious that Ye references the 10-year-old+ comedy reboot "21 Jump Street" for changing his mind about Jewish people! Before reading this article, I was sure it was going to reference Hill's recent documentary about his relationship with his therapist "Stutz" - https://www.netflix.com/tudum/articles/stutz-the-tools

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Posted in: Airline, hotel elite status: Harder to get (or keep) in 2023 See in context

Most Star Alliance airlines have stayed the same. Asiana is still 40K for Elite (Diamond), lasting for two years. It's the best deal around if you fly any Star Alliance partners. This article only references U.S. airlines, hotel chains and that "1 million Americans will lose airline status in 2023".

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Posted in: Naomi Ackie, Kasi Lemmons tell Whitney Houston’s story See in context

It's odd to have this in a Japanese publication without mention of the Whitney Houston hologram Tour from January - https://whitneyhologramjapan.com.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' revolution turns 40 See in context

If it weren't for the Japanese management apparently screwing up the deal, YMO's song "Behind the Mask" would have been the biggest song in Japanese history if it had been included on "Thriller" as originally planned - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behind_theMask(song)

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Posted in: Elton John rockets toward retirement at Dodger Stadium See in context

"Is he coming to Japan?"

With artist fees paid in U.S. dollars, no promoter can afford to bring him to Japan. As you may have noticed, many big international artists are now skipping Japan since they can't enter China on the same tour routing.

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Posted in: U.S. basketball star Griner on her way to Russian penal colony, lawyers say See in context

According to these links, the standard penalty for possessing under 6 grams of marijuana is 15 days.


Griner is getting nine years for 0.7 grams. There is no doubt she is being used as a political pawn.

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Posted in: Japan approves 14 venues for G7 ministerial meetings in 2023 See in context

This doesn't make sense for so many reasons. Total waste of resources while needing to add security across the country. The International and Domestic press covering the meetings now needs to zig-zag across the country.

Climate, energy, environment -- Sapporo, Hokkaido

The irony!

From the Hokkaido G8 conference held in 2008 -


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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

The quote of 1.6 Billion yen is just the tip of the iceberg.

With foreign dignitaries flying in, they now need to close the road between Haneda and the city for security purposes. This is similar to Japan's hosting international conferences like G8 in Toyoko and APEC in Yokohama. The roads around the dignitaries' hotels and the procession itself will be closed. The inefficiencies of being unable to move around in a city like Tokyo are incalculable.

On another note, business colleagues from overseas that have been trying to get into Japan that week have been rejected for visas even though they run semi-major companies in Japan. Some of these same people were able to enter earlier this summer. Japanese Embassies and consulates worldwide seem to have stopped answering their phones! It's probably just a coincidence, but I definitely wouldn't be surprised if this recent policy change had some connection with a state funeral.

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Posted in: Trout sets Angels scoring record in 12-0 rout of Blue Jays See in context

Kikuchi's having an awful year. I don't understand why they still bring him out.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

An Aug 10-11 nationwide telephone poll conducted by Kyodo News showed 56.0 percent were unconvinced by Kishida's explanation for why it is appropriate to hold a state funeral for Abe, while 42.5 percent said they accepted it.

People opinion doesn't matter in Japan, they'll just proceed.


Also, remember that it was only one year ago that the Olympics were held without spectators due to Covid. Now, the government is sponsoring a mega-spreader event at the height of Covid in this country!

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Posted in: Lamar closes Glastonbury with call for women's rights See in context

its funny watching these vapid, virtue signaling idiots criticize US abortion laws from the UK, which have tougher abortion laws than many US states.

And "master" would be referring to Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar as a vapid idiot for standing up for the rights of all women.

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Posted in: After 40 years, the final Anna Miller’s cafe in Japan closing down See in context

I never ate at Anna Miller's though often walked by the Akasaka branch. The article doesn't mention the Japanese male fetish for Ann Miller waitress uniforms back in the day. Like everything else, it appears to be replaced over time....soon enough there was a Hooters across the street in Akasaka though they've now both closed down.

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Posted in: Wakayama Prefecture pulls out of bid to host casino resort See in context

It's hard to say that this is a smart move. Casinos themselves can only make up under 5% of the total land space of an IR so the rest needs to be filled with hotels, arenas, concert halls, theatres, etc. This is similar to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore which has become Singapore's most iconic spot for culture, entertainment, sports, etc. The casino money is primarily made from tourists since it's generally cost-prohibitive for locals to enter. In Japan, the pachinko industry already owns that space.

The Yokohama bid was basically shut down by one wealthy person who didn't want an IR to impede his waterfront monopoly. It's ridiculous after having the local governments court these IRs for years just to cave into local bullies or to use them as leverage for their own means.

Who's now going to spend any private money to revitalize places like Wakayama and Tomakomai? These areas are dying and the Japanese government will subsidize them with tax income that doesn't exist.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap licenses for electric scooters See in context

Keep in mind that these scooters can reach speeds of 20km/h. The delivery robots have a max speed of 6km/h.

I'm looking forward to the Unagi finally reaching these shores - https://unagiscooters.com/

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Posted in: L'Imperatrice brings French pop back to Coachella See in context

Japan's Joji just about to appear in his biggest ever show as a second-tier headliner at Coachella. This should have been the story - https://livenation.site/live.php?concert=Joji-At-Coachella-Festival-2022

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