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Also a staycation would usually indicate a 1 or 2 day stay. There is no link indicating that there are rentals available for such a short stay just this -

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"The last Fuji Rock festival i remember that was actually rock festival was when there were Number Girl and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. It was like 70s' Woodstock".

When was the last FujiRock you actually attended? It continues to be one of the world's top rock festival for fans and the artists themselves.

Also, what is 70's Woodstock supposed to mean? Woodstock itself was in 1969 while FujiRock never had a "Woodstock" vibe. FujiRock was modeled after the Glastonbury festival.

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DaBaby is massive in the U.S. While his comments are idiotic, they will most likely bounce off him like a Donald Trump tweet.

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“Hopefully, teams are going to be nice and they can understand that I don’t want to rush anything and at least I can wait until after the game.”

Unfortunately Evan Fournier is not a first tier free agent so I'll sure he'll be plugged in throughout the game. He's got no other choice as the chips will fall quickly.

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The "Yunyu Kakunin-sho" has always existed though the designated list of permissible pharmaceuticals has been somewhat scrapped for the Olympics. As per the NHK article above, methamphetamines are now exempt from the law! Coincidentally, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the The 1951 Stimulant Control Law which banned methamphetamine possession in Japan.

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What nobody seems to have pointed out is that the Japanese government has changed the drug laws for these Olympics -

Basically anything can be brought into Japan as long as you have a "prescription". It's rather unbelievable and I wonder what kind of precedent this sets.

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