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What i dont understand is. Why is it legal in Japan to let these crazy ppl hang around everywhere. This kind of ppl supposed to be staying in JAIL or Mental Hospital..

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Gawd. I kinda don't wanna go to work anymore after reading this... So that's it? They didn't caught the suspect? This city has bunch of cameras aroud. Make it useful.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for paying 14-year-old girl for sex See in context

They both need help! I really do think Japan should have a serious mental institution where they could just locked in this crazy ppl. And help them mentally. Incld. That 14 years old baby girl who's maybe looking for an easy way to buy her contact lenses and makeup! She's not a victim she know's what she's doing. Crazy.

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There is always this kind of incidents 4 times in a week... These ppl are crazy. And it's very scary to think that these happenings are not quite far from where i live. I'm always aware on what or who's around me while i'm walking way home or even who's around me on train... I can't even walk now while listening to some music.. Very dangerous :/ Next time i think i'll walk holding my pepper spray till i get home. lol

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Posted in: Nagoya couple arrested over death of employee See in context

Crazy ppl. -_-

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