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Posted in: East Asian Multilateralism: Prospects for Regional Stability See in context

After a 1000 years of wars, basically asians put up with each other. There will never be trust between the asian countries.

After all would YOU trust a country that sent a ballistic missile across YOUR country?

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How many sponsors can you fit onto one basketball?

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For those people who seem to be drawing an inordinate number of parallels between the show and real life perhaps we should keep in mind that some screen writer in a condo in NY wrote the lines to this "show" and now people are trying to emulate it?

Perhaps we should turn off the TV and get some fresh air along with a healthy dose of reality? Or perhaps it is an escape from reality that the avid watchers are looking for.

If I wanted to escape from reality would I choose a character from SATC?

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Posted in: Martial arts action actor Chuck Johnson finds niche in Japan See in context

Phat English - specially designed hip-hop music to teach American English Phonetics

ooooo goody, perhaps we can teach Japanese people some grammer and vocab before filling their heads with this.

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Posted in: Actress Maki Horikita to appear in new TV drama See in context

Isn't it time she had an affair? It seems that's what "talent" do in Japan to boost their ratings...

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Yeah, the one on the left. Not sure about the toe nail polish though.

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Gave it a go a couple of years back in Hyogo. TOP fun.

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Posted in: Yakuza 'misunderstood' by foreign media See in context

I am in no way condoning their illegal activities, but when I was living in Kobe during the big earthquake of Tuesday January 17, 1995, you know who was there handing out food and blankets to the people? Not the Federal, State and Local governments, that's for sure.

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Posted in: The current generation isn't as adept at dealing with workplace conflict and stress as those in their 40s and 50s, and it's difficult for them to cope with overbearing superiors who demand long hours See in context

The older bosses that I know seem to be very lonely and closed off people. They feel that being commanding and surrounding themselves with younger people makes them feel good. Obviously they don't care whether or not those people actually want to be there.

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I'm totally down with the rights of the people to free speech and the right to protest and personal liberty, but in this case, where does it get them? On TV? In the newspaper?

There is no way in the next 50 years you'll get the average "kawaii" and "oishii" saying Japanese person to stand up for the country and take an active role in Militarism so, what's the goal really here? What's the end point of the protest?

Will the Shinto leaders "move" the Class A criminals out, no, will the for and against factions give up, no.

We'll see this kind of image in the news papers off an on for the next 50 years so, what about a novel approach, we just let sleeping dogs lie and get on with improving our CURRENT way of life instead of continually poking the fires of a previous era.

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Posted in: Man arrested for 2006 murder of 18-year-old woman in Nagasaki See in context

kimigano - With the rate that murders go in the JT crime section, I think Japan cannot claim that title anymore.

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Posted in: Edwards admits to affair he denied as candidate See in context

What is this obsession with affairs?

The only ones we hear about are those in high places that get caught. Hang out in the lobby of any fancy hotel and see the REALLY dodgy things that go on there.

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The decision to take a life by another, whether by euthanasia, death penalty or any other reason, should not be taken lightly.

The death penalty has been in existence for thousands of years and only in the last 20 or 30 are we re-thinking it's abolition.

It's interesting that as we become more global, connected and closer as a species our moral barometer seems to rise also.

For example, in Victorian England, stealing a loaf of bread was a death sentence. In feudal China, looking directly at a member of the royal family was a death sentence. In modern day Europe, blowing up 25 innocent people with a terrorist bomb gets you 17 years. (Iñaki de Juana Chaos)

As we believe ourselves to become higher beings not "stooping" to "barbarism" we are permitting these outrageous acts to continue.

In situations where there is no doubt about the guilt of an individual who has directly or indirectly caused the death of others, it is the duty of the government we have elected to protect us to be swift in enacting retribution on our behalf. We elect people to parliament in order to serve and protect us, failure to do so allows criminal elements to endanger our way of life.

In extreme situations, (Southern US States in the race wars) we find people rise up and take the law into their own hands.

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Ha ha ha, nice one "serindipity" the Joey is in deed screaming "kowaiiiiiiii!"

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Posted in: Osaka suicide mother charged with murdering her own daughter See in context

A Japanese friend of mine has clinical depression. I've listened to her talk about it a lot, and I think that cleo is right, most people don't know they have it.

In my friend's case I give her a hug whenever I see her, she says that helps a lot. So perhaps more showing affection and caring in society is the place to start...

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As HonestDictator said, lets do this picture again with a 6 1/2 foot Western Red Adult Kangaroo, now THAT would be funny.

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Posted in: What do you think of American swimmer Michael Phelps' long victory yell after he wins a race? See in context

Hey Badsey, "Swimmers" and "The French". Cool, I always thought it was "The French" and "Germans on beach holidays" but hey, swimmers works too.

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Posted in: What do you think of American swimmer Michael Phelps' long victory yell after he wins a race? See in context

If you win an Olympic gold medal you ARE better than everyone else. Yell, scream, dance, do a hand stand, whatever you want, it's you're moment and everyone else can go to hell.

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Posted in: Softbank boosting efforts to shore up sales of Apple Inc.'s iPhone 3G See in context

Just give me a flat fee say 5,000 a month for whatever I want to do, national calls, internet, mail anything (of course overseas is extra) and then watch the people flock back to softbank.

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Posted in: Two boat accidents reported in Tokyo Bay after fireworks festival See in context

Does anyone know what the maritime law says about alcohol for the pilot in Japan? I'm sure that played a part here.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing common-law husband to death See in context

I wonder what she thought he did or said to cause that!?

"You didn't cook the chicken properly!?" - <stab>

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Posted in: Tokyo Bay fireworks See in context

nisegaijin - nice work. The cops are just jealous cause they have to stand there talking to other blokes while you're having a great time with your girly. Well done. Any time you're going to rush a blockage again, call on me.

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context

The answer is very simple. Continue to outsource the military to America so we can all get on with talking about food and saying "oishii" to each other.

...up until North Korea finally drops the big one on Tokyo...

I'm moving to Hakata.

I asked a couple of Japanese people at work about re-arming and the constitution and you know the answer. Basically in Typical Japanese fashion, no one had ever given it any serious thought. The topic quickly changed to what oishii food we would have for lunch...


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Posted in: It’s time for emperor to rev up his own sound truck See in context

So... if I hire a truck and barricade an embassy I'm a terrorist.

If the nationalist goons do it, while basically threatening the sovereignty of Japan's neighbors and killing politicians, they're patriots...

Someone's getting paid somewhere.

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Posted in: 28-yr-old man placed on nationwide wanted list for murder of 17-year-old girl in Miyagi See in context

How many days in a row is it now we have seen another senseless murder or assault?

What about we put a stockade at the Shibuya crossing. Like in the old days, criminals were put on display locked by neck and hands with a sign detailing their crime and the victim's name.

The current methods are obviously not working, perhaps it's time to go back to the old ways.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of Japanese TV variety programs? See in context

2 years back I was at an expensive Japanese restaurant with a group of colleagues, it was the end of year party and everyone was having fun. It was teppanyaki and we were all sitting in front of the chef at the counter. Anyway, he goes along to each person and prepared something for each person, paused, they said it was oishii and he moved to the next person.

As this was going on, I thought to myself "I'm caught in one of those Japanese TV programs" cause if there was a camera it could have been on prime time. So I thought I'd mess with everyone.

My turn came and the chef, seeing a gaijin face, thought he'd make something freaky cause he thought I couldn't speak Japanese.

Food comes, I pause for a bit and say "kanari... kanari... mazuii" (quite... quite... tasteless)

Well, now the reaction would have been GREAT for prime time TV. The chef's smile disappeared, all my colleagues stopped talking, everyone is looking at eachother, the waiter called the manager. It was like the world stopped turning.

It was obviously a joke that did not go down well. The chef was offended, the boss was offended because he chose the restaurant... what a nightmare.

So, if someone can capture a true moment like that on Japanese TV, all the other stupid programs are forgiven.

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Mark, you mean the chick, the dress or the car?

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Posted in: Japan cautious in iPhone's bid for world dominance See in context

| While the iPhone has Bluetooth wireless links, it has no infrared connection.

I mean, DAMN, infrared? I don't think I've ever seen ANYONE use infrared.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking Chihuahua puppy to death in Aichi See in context

I wonder if I can get my local council to hire the guy on a full time basis to help with the dogs in my area. Might need to give the guy a rabies shot, but he would be welcome on the streets in my neighborhood anytime.

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Posted in: DoCoMo to sell BlackBerry to individual users from August See in context


Here is a brief article on Japanese input from BB.

I notice they are only selling the most ugly model in Japan. Give me the Perl or the Bold any day.

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