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Posted in: U.S. told Japan before Trump-Xi talks of option to strike N Korea See in context

J better prepared intercept missiles trajectory

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Posted in: 3 men held over theft of 91 vehicles in Tokyo, 10 prefectures See in context

A man and woman posed as police investigating my son's "accident" Honda S2000. Showed fake credentials. Car key was forged by mechanic at unofficial (not manufacturer's) carshop. That night they drove off . Hope some security cameras along the route caught and traced them.

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Posted in: Dentist stabbed to death in his clinic See in context

No welfare, hard work and higher costs of living - sounds like a rogue pastor.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy, kindergarten principal bitten by two hunting dogs in Kagawa See in context

They learnt that legs kick and hands strike - could they have been abused?

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Posted in: Squat toilets’ popularity fading as parents call for them to be abolished in Japanese schools See in context

Pretty up squat toilets as they're easier to clean and use - no butt contact and best angle expell

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Posted in: Ex-caregiver at home for elderly facing abuse charge See in context

pep talk daily aged weak and senile so don't wreak anger frus on them. As manual instructs gentle words and hands with no expectation of cooperation or appreciation

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Posted in: Stolen car, being chased by police, hits and kills 74-year-old cyclist; driver arrested See in context

Chase with drone and shoot driver with numb juice when finally has to stop

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Posted in: Molotov cocktail attack injures 15 at Tokyo parade See in context

Noise aggravated aging widower pains

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Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels See in context

Hiheels can't run from/ chase after attackers, risk sprains/falls, deforms over time.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologises again for spending on luxury hotels, pajamas See in context

Aren't much of what they do obsolete now we have internet connectivity? Oh people still enjoy showmanship

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Posted in: Teamwork or torture? Japan's bone-breaking school gymnastics See in context

My son, 36 years old, still nursing sport injuries from being kicked by spiked soccer shoes expensively bought by all as ruled by whatshisname soccer teacher in Kanegasaku Junior HIgh.

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Posted in: Hanyu accuses rival of deliberately colliding with him See in context

shouldn't have slammed his fist into wall hurting himself. All caught on camera to prove who's foul. Sue for damages

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Posted in: Toll mounts in Japan's detention centers as foreigners seek asylum See in context

Smooth processing demands each observe the manual so understand documents must be in order to pass immigration

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Posted in: China cautions Australia over defense cooperation with Japan See in context

China see where they are - Soviet prioritized arms, Japan economy. Sound economy first then militarization to protect not attack

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Posted in: Japan's negative yield bond explained See in context

buy nz dollar , earn 3% interest over 5 years then wait for yen to fall below bought rate?

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Posted in: Relief, anger, indifference over S Korea-Japan sex slave deal See in context

Masses' IQ think Japan responsible for atrocities. Enlightened understand overempowered corrupt ever responsible shifting blame to masses - just like stupid poor against Obama healthcare

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Posted in: 3 ex-employees of nursing home face charges for abusing elderly residents See in context

Choose shared over private room to have witnesses against misbehavior

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Posted in: 11 Chinese military aircraft fly near Japanese islands See in context

Hoping cyber war can deactivate destructive weaponry

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Posted in: Robot receptionist welcomes shoppers See in context

income taxes from robot industry will grow

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Posted in: China to invite foreign militaries to take part in parade marking victory over Japan See in context

Power grabbers' games irrelevant to average guy pursuing peace & prosperity.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 youths over murder of Kawasaki boy See in context

if poor in money and emotional quotient, please just look after yourself and don't propagate lives you cannot nurture and protect

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Posted in: Bomb at Shiite mosque in Pakistan kills 56 See in context

Cowed by extremists?

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Posted in: Le Pen urges Japan to avoid making same mistakes as France See in context

Filter & assimilate is the answer. Pool of quality immigrants too good to pass.

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Posted in: Police find cyanide at home of 'black widow' suspect See in context

She did it all for herself? Is there a puppetmaster who'll gain while she takes the rap?

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Posted in: Back to back See in context

Ungracious host hurts China image as world watches. Japan should decline to visit China again and not have to suffer pollution at source.

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Posted in: Echoes of WWI battle in China resonate over Japan ties See in context

Even a worm will turn. Persecution drove them to it.

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Posted in: Author Murakami chides Japan over WWII, Fukushima responsibility See in context

Bygones. Focus on urgent tomorrow.

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Posted in: China says it will be good host to Japan during APEC See in context

Feeling uncomfortable

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Posted in: Japan, China officials hold informal talks on preventing armed conflict See in context

Can't fool all the people all the time. Disenchanted growing. Crisis impending. Tourists trade decreasing. Toxic persisting.

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