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Posted in: Ex-head of hotel operating firm faces charges over fatal fire See in context

Trial ended this week. Suspended sentence of three years imprisonment.

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Posted in: Osaka mayoral election campaign kicks off See in context

Okay Osaka voters, you now have an opportunity to redeem yourselves. I fear you won't take it though...

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Posted in: Man in coma after being assaulted outside his home See in context

TBS are reporting that the police have arrested a 19 year old man.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested over knife attacks in Kashiwa See in context

Japan Times are reporting that the police have now arrested the suspect. He was identified in the video from the Lawson store where he left the car, and of course there's the knife that darnname mentioned.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 494 injured as heavy snow hits most of Japan See in context

It looks like it's going to be pretty nasty. Take care everybody.

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Posted in: Suntory to buy U.S. liquor maker Beam See in context

They should have bought Knob Creek as well. Much better than Beam or Makers

They have. All marques owned by Beam are now Suntory's. One interesting part of this deal (for lovers of Japanese whiskey) is that it gives Suntory access to 10s of thousands of aged Bourbon casks.

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Posted in: Ishihara backs sacked military chief for Tokyo governor See in context

Tragically, I fear a concerted campaign and Ishihara's support on the hustings could see him win. Given the man's stated positions I have no doubt that in a few years time we'll be hearing about pay-offs, corruption and dubious relationships. How many governors will Tokyo have to go through before the Olympics finally start? Ishihara really is a "closet emperor"; we know how well that system worked out.

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Posted in: Man found stabbed to death on Saitama riverbank See in context

Wasn't there was a similar murder in Toyama in December? Middle aged victim with multiple stab wounds to the face and torso? Very frightening to think these sort of maniacs are running around.

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Posted in: China's UK envoy compares Japanese militarism to Voldemort See in context

How convenient, its the movie "The Railway Man " and Americans are making same thing with the " Ubroken" , how convenient, two similar movies made just in time when Japan is most sensitive , it seams there is some western politics backing those movies to be made, and I really think America will not protect Japan in the case of China attack , Japan is for America big economic enemy, and for them, destruction of Japan would be highly desirable .

The makers of "The Railway Man" started work on it 14 years ago: The film ends with British POW Eric Lomax forgiving and befriending his wartime enemy. I'm not sure of what point you and Liu Xiaoming are trying to make here.

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Posted in: Homeless recruited by yakuza for Fukushima clean-up See in context

Funny how Reuters can dig up and piece things together instead of government officials.

Sadly not so much. Blame the Kisha Clubs (記者クラブ). There's a reason that Japan fell 31 places in Reporters sans Frontieres' 2013 Freedom of the Press index. All the major media in Japan knew about the Lockheed scandal years before it broke; they kept quiet then for the same reason they keep quiet about Fukushima now: access (and paid lunches and New Year gifts).

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Posted in: Homeless recruited by yakuza for Fukushima clean-up See in context

The foundations of Japan's Nuclear power generation were laid by a "happy" arrangement between Government, Corporations and The Yaks. Google "Nuclear Gypsy." The exploitation of low paid/indigent workers in service of Tepco, LDP and Mob agendas has been going on since the 1970s.

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Posted in: Police investigate 3 safe robberies in Saitama See in context

There was another case in Oume on the 25th. The robbers dragged the safe out of the restaurant with a rope attached to a car. I wonder if that's related?

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Posted in: Woman attacked by man on Osaka street See in context

It happened right outside the entrance to Osaka Police Hospital.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested after entering girls' toilet at university at night See in context

I was primed to give him the benefit of the doubt:

However, his particular method of entry drew concern as it was the window to the ladies toilet.

Yeah.... Teachers and Cops. Good grief.

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Posted in: Britain evacuates embassy staff from Iran See in context

Doesn't feel so good when it happens to you, right? Maybe if you think of them as the South-West Asian branch of the "Occupy" movement, only with possibly better hygiene than their American compatriots, this can be spun as a positive event.

If the Occupy Movement were invading the NYSE and the LSE and throwing petrol bombs you might just have a point. But you don't.

There was a Green Revolution in Iran a while back - you may remember seeing a brave young woman murdered on Youtube. However while Iran was in turmoil, Embassies weren't invaded, looted and burnt. I don't particularly like my native British government in its current Tory incarnation; I do however like the Vienna Convention which attempts to ensure that people of good conscience can provide civil service to their countries in hostile regions without fear of punishment. thereby advancing diplomacy.

Oh and please tell me more about the laser-guided bombs that Britain has launched against Iran. Any reputable source would be welcome. Covering the past 50 years or so,

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Posted in: Senior defense official fired for Okinawa 'rape' slur See in context

A poor choice of words but hardly a cause for resignation. Tmarie has it right: a fulsome public apology with an acknowledgement that rape is a massively under-reported and under-prosecuted crime in Japan should suffice.

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Posted in: The champ See in context

The plate is what really catches my eye: far nicer than some anonymous gold-plated cup.

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Posted in: New dad Ryuta Sato named among 'Best Fathers' See in context

Man, I adore this guy, but Best Father? Surely that's like the Noble Prize for Literature: you only get the award after a lifetime of achievement.

Still, if the kid takes after his father he'll have a cute smile.

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