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Seiryuu_Dan comments

Posted in: Olympics broadcasting outlook as clear as Rio's diving pool See in context

Don't know how it is in other countries, but in the USA, NBC coverage of the games ruin it for me. I hate the coverage, their talking and the stories.

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, I much prefer a more neutral coverage, I would pay a Premium if that means I can get away from the awful NBC coverage.

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Posted in: China cautions Australia over defense cooperation with Japan See in context

I loved how Bishop said it. Australia has moved on. China should too. Let's have China join the world in the 21st Century and not be stuck in the past.

Btw, what ever the case, China should not go and mettle in another sovereign states affairs.

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Posted in: Symbol of sex slaves See in context

Since the Japanese and South Korean govt agree to finally settle the "comfort women" issue, the purpose of the statue is no longer needed. Although I would take it that they would want to keep it as a victory for the victims. But Japan should also have a say in it. If Japan embassy moves to a different location, and if the organization also moves along with them, then would that be pushing it? antagonizing or a form of harrassment. can't they be sued and stop.

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Posted in: The Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement has created a situation where the Japanese side has no say in incidents involving the U.S. military in Japan. See in context

the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement needs to be revise.

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Posted in: Seoul tunes in See in context

@hero77, Japan wants to move on, but China and Korea won't let them.

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Posted in: North Korea push clocks back as a snub to Japan See in context

It just mean they will always be 30 minute behind Japan, and they did it on purpose.

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Posted in: China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise See in context

China wants a peaceful, mutually beneficial relationship with Japan, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told an academic forum.

China always say one thing, but does another. Just look at the South China seas dispute and realize that China cannot be trusted.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 1-0 to advance to semifinal against England at Women's World Cup See in context

a very tight game. While Japan seem to be the better side, with the domination, their passing and their strong defense, Australia speed and physical play seem to overwhelm the Nadeshiko at times. I'm glad they scored within the 90 min and held on for the win.


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Posted in: Japanese electronics makers failed partly due to internally promoted top managers; I hope Honda won’t fall into the same rut. See in context

So, because I spent my entire life at one company, working hard all those years, that means I don't deserve to be promoted to such a high position? What logic is that?

If someone who spent their entire career at one company, dedicating their life and times for said company, and then people telling you you can't be promoted to the highest position because you work here, we'll bring someone from the outside to take the position that you've earned. That is seriously messed up.

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Posted in: Japan reaches knockout stage with 2-1 win over Cameroon See in context

@USNinJapan2 it wasn't a cake walk, did you even watch the game.

While Japan did score 2 goals in the first 20 minute, the Cameroon keep coming at them. Nadeshiko were able to control most of the match, but there were more than often times where Japan lost possession due to their own mistakes, which gave Cameroon plenty of chances to attack. The Nadeshiko had alot of misplaced passes, mis-weighted kicks which Cameroon easily took the ball and started their attacks. Cameroon mainly played long balls but it work several times as their 2 FWs outran the Nadeshiko Back line and got their shots in, even if it were wide.

they couldn't score more after that and Cameroon finally cut the deficit @ 90min, and with 6 minutes of Extra Time, the continually attack to keep the Nadeshiko on their toes.

I'm glad Nadeshiko Japan won, but they shouldn't have played like that sloppy passes, and should scored more goals to put the game to bed. Congratulations to advancing to round of 16, but they would get beaten if they kept playing like this. GO JAPAN! GAMBARE, NIPPON! GAMBARE, NADESHIKO JAPAN!

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Posted in: Taking a stand See in context

I understand what they are protesting about, although I have no idea what "Poverty and Discrimination" have to do with the security bill.

However, I cannot stand by them, as I wholeheartedly believe they are speaking in a paradox that they may or may not be aware of. They speak of Human Rights and Peace, is it just for them or does those words speak for the sake of the world in general? Either way, I believe they still live in the mid-20th century and not aware of the world current events in this here 21st Century.

Today, the world have been intertwine so deeply within all the nations of the world, what occurs in a remote part of the world now have repercussions to the world economy. They can no longer avoid such events any longer. It effects the world, including Japan, at large.

While they speak of peace and human rights, are they thinking of the innocent civilians who suffer in war, famine, drought and violence? Who can help those people?

They are not thinking about Japan's future security nor the world freedom and peace if they cannot or would not even lend a helping hand to those in need.

The purpose of the Security Bills is to help Japan to improve it's capabilities to help those in need, prepare for any aggression that comes it way, to build upon what they learn and to build closer ties to allies that would in turn help Japan in her time of need.

Without it, in the future if Japan were to be attacked, it will not have the capabilities to protect itself and it's people, due to the enemy superior abilities. It's people will die, tortured, enslaved and forcibly be ruled under a hostile regime who still cannot forget it's humilitation 70 years ago.

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Posted in: Traveling monks See in context

Those reddish-orange robe are kasaya, common among the Theravada monks of SE Asia. I wonder if they are in Japan for sight-seeing or on Buddhist exchanges.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to abide by spirit of its Pacifist Constitution See in context

South Korea is like that jilted ex that always demand alimony, always have to be involved in your life, can never move on, and hates for you to move on as well. Worst yet, it would frequently trying to gain attention.

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Posted in: German vandals ordered jailed, caned in Singapore See in context

A slap on the wrist would be too lenient, 9 months seems to harsh. How about public caning of 5-10 strokes? Those two are young adults, no longer children. regardless, if they can't go to a foreign country and respect their laws, thinking it doesn't apply to them, they need to be taught a valuable lesson. Surely, they won't do that again in Singapore.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

This is Double Jeopardy, Japan already paid, end of story. In fact, anyone who reads the "Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea" knows that Japan proposed to directly compensate individual victims but ROK refuse and to take it all on behalf of it's victims. But ROK didn't gave it to the victims, did it? NO, it instead use it for economic development. The victims should really blame and demand it from the Korean Govt. but it can't do that, because then it cannot blame Japan anymore to divert anger and attention from it's own problems.

In 1994, Japanese Govt. even established the Asian Women's Fund to distribute compensation to former comfort women from various nations. Each survivor received a signed apology from the then Prime Minister of Japan. The funds were provided from both the state and donations from the public. it was dissolved in 2007.

While South Korea rejected it since it was not a state redress, but why should it, since a formal apology and compensaton were already solved with the nations affected, including South Korea. this was in addition.

South Korea already been compensated, formal apology already been given, yet despite that, it still demands it every year. Enough is Enough.

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Posted in: Why is teaching at English conversation schools in Japan such a maligned profession by some people? See in context

Shortly put, these schools that teaches english language does not set high standard in hiring capable teachers, but amatuer and those who can barely put a lesson together on their own. Most are Teaching Assistant at most, and are not very good.

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Posted in: Japan and S Korea to end currency swap pact, Bank of Korea confirms See in context

Korea's Park Administration is equally to blame as well.

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Posted in: Sex slave rally in Seoul See in context

Why apologize again when u have already done so several times throughout decades? Reparations? Already done so. The comfort women issue should solely be an korean government matters now, not Japan. The worse is the Korean government, who received the reparations on behalf of the victims but kept it for themselves. They accepted the apology and reparations but not the responibility thereforth. The korean victjms should demand it from their own government.

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Posted in: Russian businesses woo Japan despite Ukraine sanctions See in context

Japan should be careful of any talks with Russia at the moment. If they really sincere, they should first return the Kuril Islands, a.k.a. the Northern Territories, no strings attached. Effective Immediately.

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Posted in: Gov't defends seizing journalist's passport over Syria travel plan See in context

So should the Japanese Govt. just let go, have the risk of being kidnapped, ransom and possibly beheaded for all the world to see? Should Japan just let that happen and have the Japanese public mourn another death, with his family and friends suffered for something that could've been avoided?

I don't doubt that Japan mainly did it for avoid another humiliating incident by the loss of another Japanese citizen, but doesn't mean what they did was wrong.

The world seen how Japan suffered from that beheading, most of all, we cannot begin to imagine how much pain and suffering Haruna Yukawa, Kenji Goto, their families and many others who had experience a lost of a loved ones via beheading by a radical religious group as IS. What's wrong with trying to prevent another one?

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Posted in: Man's passport confiscated after he refuses to give up Syria travel plan See in context

If the man wants to go, the government shouldn't stop him. But they probably worry that he'll be kidnapped, ransom and beheaded like Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto.

So, be very clear to him, that he'll go at his own risk, if kidnapped, the Govt would not ransom for his release. His life insurance would also be invalid if he'd die in Syria, for whatever reason.

If he and his family agree to all those conditions, he would be free to leave Japan for Syria.

As for those would reveal they want to join the IS, they should be criminally charged, not just have their passport taken away and made to stay in the country. They would be a danger to the public. If you think just let them leave and not be allowed back into the country is an easy solution, but it would be like lending IS a hand, giving them more fighters, who would go on to inflict harm unto others. Of course, he they were arrest by IS, the very group they wanted to join, then obviously the Japan Govt would not ransom for them as well.

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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

by the way, do Chinese know that US, British and even the Soviets (albeit at a later date) help China immensely or did the Communist claim all the victories themselves?

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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

More than frighten Japan, its seem China is bluffing, hoping Japan to take the bait and accept China as the big boy in town.

as Sun Tzu said: "All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near."

So when you are weak, we must present ourselves as strong.

Anyway, I don't doubt China building military strength, but if they think that others will back down from their show of force, they got another thing coming.

Most likely Japan will push militarization sooner than later. Unless China actually wants a stronger military rival in Japan, this festival won't work the way China wants to, if the article is true, that is.

It will probably push the Philippines, Vietnam and India to strengthen their militaries and enhance defense alliances among themselves and Japan as well as any nation that China threatens.

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Posted in: Australians reject siding with Japan against China in island dispute: survey See in context

This survey is very accurate. Why would a third nation (Australia) get involved in something that is no concern to them? 71% neutrality is very reasonable. unlike the U.S., it doesnt have soldiers in Japan and are obligated to protect and fight for Japan in a war. Interestingly, 15% support Japan while only 4% support China in a war. Consider this a win for Japan.

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Posted in: China says it hopes Japan will stay on 'path of peace' See in context

Yet, many around the world hopes China would leaves from the path of aggression.

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Posted in: Pyeongchang Games could include events in Japan See in context

An embarrassment for ROK, definitely, but what would Japan stand to gain from from hosting 2 or 3 event? Sure, IOC and Korean Olympic Committee would allocate some funds to them, but everyone knows it no longer worth it to host Olympic events. Nagano or Japan shpuld be amply compensated if this goes forward, or any city ot would go to.

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Posted in: China censors U.S. Embassy pollution data during APEC See in context

I urgently Ask Xi and the CCP to do more to enchance regional and international trust of China. Hiding the truth will do you no good. Your actions only enchance mistrust in the CCP and o lf China.

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Posted in: NEC rolls out counterfeit spotting technology See in context

this would hurt China black market alot since most counterfeit products, knockoffs, etc. are made in China or Chinatown.

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