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Posted in: Nago mayor takes anti-base case to U.S. See in context

sangetsu03May. 23, 2014 - 10:51AM JST The descendants don't have to pay, they just have to remember. If the cost isn't heavy, then it may not act as a useful deterrent against future wars. We learned a great lesson after "the war to end all wars" didn't we? After the first war, eveyone decided to forgive and forget, they thought that everyone had learned their lesson...

Actually, the opposite is true. The depredation of German property, the heavy reparations imposed on Germany after WWI, which you are supporting, fueled the hate against the Allies and were the impetus for national socialism and WWII.

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Posted in: 80% of Japanese women report being hit on by strangers See in context

Still, it appears as far as Japanese women are concerned, the answer isn’t always an automatic “no,” as demonstrated by the other 35% who say they’ve given their details or gone along with a guy trying to hit on them on the street

Well those 35% certainly aren't wife material.

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Posted in: Revenge porn constitutes sexual violence and an offense that could haunt the victims for the rest of their lives. See in context

looking at ways to criminalize revenge porn—in which strangers or jilted lovers post on the Internet explicit images or videos of girls and women without their consent.

Wait, it's ok if images or videos of guys are posted without their consent?

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Posted in: Vietnam arrests 4 railway officials in Japan aid graft scandal See in context

It happens everywhere. Just more nicely concealed in the West.

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Posted in: Police make first arrest over 3-D printer guns See in context

John GaltMay. 09, 2014 - 07:46AM JST No, it's not for safety(though that may be the political excuse) but for submission. The last thing any government wants is an empowered populace.

Oh please, do you really think your government is afraid of your small caliber guns? If anything they are more likely to shoot you first and ask questions later at the next traffic check.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. express concern at China-Vietnam maritime dispute See in context

Arr your base are berong to us!

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Posted in: Buying property in Japan can be daunting yet profitable See in context

Japan, please avoid allowing "innovation" that opens up property to foreign speculators. These spivs are really ruining London for Londoners, along with our own home-grown spiv "buy-to-let" investors, that have screwed up the housing market.

Exactly. Foreigners should only be allowed to own real estate that they actually live in themselves. Otherwise common people won't be able to afford living in the city of their work place anymore.

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Posted in: Investors show rising interest in Tokyo property See in context

Australia is a good example of this Selchuk, price for studio apartments in the suburbs 40-1hr away from the CBD can start at 300,000 because all of these foreign investors. Rent for your own room, not apartment, starts at $180~200 a week.

It's really sad when the actual population can't reasonably afford living close to their workplace. It's happening all over the in industrial nations, further widening the gap between rich (landlords) and poor (tenants).

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Posted in: Constitution Day See in context

Those people might still be living in the Occupation period or foreigners with Jcitizenship too afraid of the fact that the Japanese are beginning to assert defense and its hidden might. Some things just have to move with the time.

Don't call it "defense" when you are talking about military aggression. That's Newspeak a la "US Department of Defense" which does anything but defend.

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Posted in: Investors show rising interest in Tokyo property See in context

Foreigners should not be allowed to own big-scale real estate in any country.

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Posted in: Russia vows to hit back at Japan for denying visas to 23 people See in context

Generally, it is a good thing to deny entry to government officials and party members, because most governments are corrupt. Singling out Russians is a bit unbalanced though.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan’s new Avocado Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp burgers look surprisingly good See in context

Sure a delicious recipe, if only the ingredients were wholesome and the portion actually made you full.

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Posted in: Cassette tapes making a comeback with youth in Japan See in context

I can understand the renewed interest in vinyl but cassettes have a horrible sound quality which is just an abomination to the ears.

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Posted in: I can understand that security cameras have a certain effect on crime deterrence, but they're being installed without thorough discussion on privacy issues. Perhaps we should also be thinking about ot See in context

If the cameras can prevent people from being attacked or robbed then what's better: a few cameras or security?

They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin

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Posted in: Abe takes Obama to Jiro's in Ginza for sushi dinner See in context

Hell, 30000 Yen is cheap if you consider it's just a hype and if he charged 300000 Yen even more people would want to go there! Sheep m(

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Posted in: The Japanese government remains cautious about addressing the population decline and labor shortage by accepting immigrants. What do you think are the pros and cons of Japan accepting more immigrants? See in context


Personally, I see mass immigration as merely a symptom of global inequality and am not in favor of it. If people had the same opportunities in their native country as in any other, very, very few people would actually migrate.

That's true. How many of the people migrating to another country are moving there because they love the country or its culture? This is a really big problem for any cultural heritage because traditions will be lost to a hodgepodge of rootless individuals.

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Posted in: When big companies look like they are going under, should governments use tax money to bail them out? See in context

In a free market: No. But since there never was and never will be a truly free market: Yes, all governments do it, so no one will want to come out on the short end.

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Posted in: In U.S., vaccine denial goes mainstream See in context

Not every vaccination is useful (e.g. flu vaccination), but the standard vaccination list has saved many peoples lives over the last century. But it's been a long time since those vaccinations were introduced, so people are starting to forget their importance. Distrusting the government is healthy, but certainly not in this case...

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Posted in: How Japan learned to stop worrying and love the peel See in context

Japanese grapes aren't all that tasty, the skin actually seems thicker than the smaller Greek grapes.

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Posted in: Japan moves to expand controversial foreign worker scheme See in context

The age of feudalism is coming back, cheap laborers being the new serfs and corporations being like the landowners of former times. All over the world you can see relaxed immigration for cheap laborers. Which benefits only the large corporations.

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Posted in: Hakodate files suit to freeze Oma nuclear power plant construction See in context

Oma, Aomori ≠ Hakodate, Hokkaido. If a Japanese person made the comments to his/her Japanese peers, he/she would be branded as "idiots". I guess being an ex pat has its advantages for they will simply dismiss it as uninformed foreigner. Hence, the conversation reverts to "you use chopsticks very well".

You really believe that what happens in Oma, Aomori stays in Oma, Aomori? Nuclear radiation doesn't care about prefectural borders.

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Posted in: Two detainees die at immigration center See in context

It doesn't help that Japan has rejected 99% of the applicants. It's obvious that the bureaucrats don't want to have anything to do with the refugees, so they make the hurdle for being accepted unreasonably high. Currently in Japan, because of the system forbidding asylum seekers to work during the screening process, many of them are working illegally with low wages, and some of them are even treated inhumanely in their jobs.

It's the same in almost any western country, rejection of 99% of the applicants is not uncommon, due to most being economic rather than political refugees. However, most of the 99% are not deported, but given temporary visas. Please show me any country where asylum seekers are allowed to work during the screening process.

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Posted in: In new social networks, anonymity is all the rage See in context

I have nothing to hide, and I don't abuse people, so I don't need to hide my identity.

Good for you. But it's your personal choice to give up freedom in favor of security, don't impose your opinion on the lives of others. I take trolling any day over fascism.

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Posted in: Yokohama tourism site for Muslims gaining favorable response See in context

Muslim or not, why make marketing based on religion?

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Posted in: U.S. must show flexibility for TPP breakthrough, Japan says See in context

Say hello to GMO crop/crap, antibiotics and growth hormones in your food. The subsidized cheaper prices will of course destroy the Japanese market and force them to introduce GMOs etc as well. Thanks TPP, all hail the divine "free" market.

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Posted in: Turkish PM claims victory, warns rivals 'will pay price' See in context

Economy is strong in Turkey, but education apparently not so much^^ How could anybody with a brain vote for a corrupt liar and future dictator?

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Posted in: Gov't settles on Okuma, Futaba towns for interim nuclear waste storage facilities See in context

Why don't they store the nuclear waste in the backyards of those people that support nuclear power?

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Posted in: Internet transition to IPv6 accelerating See in context

Each computer, tablet, mobile device and any other electronic gadget has a unique IP address to connect to the web.

This is the actual reason for the introduction of IPv6. Goodbye to the free internet.

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Posted in: No. of foreigners arrested for crimes in Japan up by 8% in 2013 See in context

The figures do not includes arrests of foreigners with permanent residency status and members of the U.S. military stationed in Japan.

Ah, that's why Americans are missing from the top 3.

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Posted in: Mos Burger outranks McDonald's as Japan’s most popular fast food chain See in context

When it comes to satisfying your hunger with a full meal, McDs is definitely the most expensive fast food chain. Mos at least has actual buns and not lumps and scarce ingredients like McD. Anyway you can get delicious, more wholesome local specialties for a fraction of the price in small food stalls. McDs is just made for people who want to eat the same soylent all the time and everywhere.

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