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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan celebrates spring with pink buns See in context

At Mos Burger the buns actually look like that and not like some squished pancake aka McD.

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Posted in: Hatsune Miku costars with BUMP OF CHICKEN in their music video See in context

Butt of poultry.

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Posted in: China consumer TV show targets camera maker Nikon See in context

Most likely the Nikon D600 is made in China. Oh, the irony.

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Posted in: Teens sharing photos of themselves 'praying' for victims of Tohoku disaster cause stir See in context

Kabukilover, nice contribution! I guess it's really about whether we believe in the good of humanity or not. Let's give the kids the benefit of the doubt, not the politicians whose words are meaningless. The kids prayers were most likely sincere, they just don't know yet that life is not all about twittering and sharing.

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Posted in: Teens sharing photos of themselves 'praying' for victims of Tohoku disaster cause stir See in context

Taking a purikura while praying is not the problem. It's the sharing of that moment online which makes this prayer all about "me, me, me" and not about the victims. That's like saying "Look at me, what a good person I am!" This kind of selfishness is maybe ok in America but clearly not positively received in Japan.

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Posted in: Mini-skirt turbulence at Skymark Airlines See in context

It's not voluntary if you are faced with losing your job.

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Posted in: Online sleuthing by Mt Gox dispossessed throws up few clues See in context

Bitcoins are even more disparately distributed than real money. Why should I support another system that benefits mostly the rich?

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Posted in: Honda considers opening board to foreigners See in context

Diversity has been shown to have a HUGE positive effect of corporate performance in countries where it is the norm, rather than the exception like Japan. That is why dozens of companies in Europe, and such leading companies in the U.S. as Coke, Pepsi, GM. Yahoo, IBM.... have either a foreigner or a woman as CEO.

How does having a foreign or female CEO change anything? CEOs basically all have the same personality type necessary to be a leader. A female CEO is no less masculine than a male CEO. Apart from that diversity is just a big image campaign, it's hip and trendy and no company can afford to tell the politically incorrect reality: More often than not females get hired just for their gender, not for their productivity. How do you think this affects overall corporate productivity? All those companies did fine without diversity for decades and now all of a sudden that's not true anymore?

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Posted in: Researchers working on social media 'lie detector' See in context

And what the truth exactly is will be determined by our beloved EU leaders. Sick.

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Posted in: Honda considers opening board to foreigners See in context

Diversity has exactly zero effect on productivity. It's just a ploy by neocon lobby-groups to water down cultural identity. Yes, japanese companies are led by a team of corrupt old men. But there are more than enough talented young Japanese who can't find a decent paying job. Let them do it!

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Posted in: Life is sweet for Godiva Japan See in context

Just another faceless venture-capital owned brand that occupies generic shopping malls all over the world.

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

Oh, so sorry Mr. Weeaboo for criticizing the glorious, infallible and divine country of Japan (in fact people are only criticizing the Japanese government).

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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

I support this. Japan fares best without the TPP anyway!

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

As said before, I'm sure the Germans are not only talking about Japan. Don't forget the other countries in Asia with blood on their hands. Japan has at least formally apologized for many crimes. Communist China has never apologized for anything. China hasn't even admitted the Tiananmen massacre, the violent colonization of Tibet and the continuing existence of death camps. The only East Asian nations who don't have to apologize are maybe South Korea and Taiwan. They are the only ones who are allowed to point fingers!

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has done a good job since his election a year ago? See in context

I don’t care about Abe's nationalist policies, they are just a sham for some of his right-wing voter base. In reality, he is just another neoconservative lapdog of the US, selling his country to multinational corporations (TPP).

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Posted in: Tokyo police take 13 underage girls into custody for 'JK walking' See in context

So many are quick to blame "bad parents". This might be so in some cases, but it is also true that some of those girls come from solidly middle-class households.

Yes, but middle-class does not mean healthy and functioning family. I think that is what these girls are certainly missing.

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Posted in: India outraged after female diplomat arrested, strip-searched in New York See in context

Yes, strip-searching is unnecessary under these circumstances. However, too many diplomats think they are some kind of Ubermensch who can do what they want without any consequences. Too many diplomats employ housekeepers under slave-like conditions precisely because they know that they won't be prosecuted.

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Posted in: Peter Jackson stands by 48 frames-per-second See in context

Even with 24fps I can't get over the fact that all the characters look like mutant inbreds compared to the LOTR films.

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

If the death penalty doesn't work, why do murderers use it? The big difference is that they apply it immediately; not ten or fifteen years later.

You want the government to be on the same level as murderers and scum?

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Posted in: Concerns grow over kids spending big money on online games without parents' knowledge See in context

Companies should not be allowed to charge minors without the parents' consent to the purchase.

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

But I'm always surprised that fathers are allowed to bring in their young daughters into the male only sections?

Not everybody has pedophilic thoughts when they see naked children.

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Posted in: Hong Kong residents dislike mainland Chinese more than Japanese: poll See in context

Another reliable poll, reliably faked by the Chinese mainland regime.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones to play 3 concerts in Japan See in context

I guess apart from gambling these tickets are another kind of stupidity tax.

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Posted in: Abe depicted as Charlie Chaplin character in protest over state secret bill See in context

Charlie Chaplin was once almost killed in Japan by right-wing nuts because they thought he was American.

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Posted in: Hot springs are passe - Japan's tourist towns covet casinos See in context

I hope for a failure of this business model. It doesn't attract the type of tourist anybody would want and only exacerbates the gambling problems of local people.

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Posted in: NHK ordered to pay damages to indigenous Taiwanese woman for defaming her See in context

Proof to the Japanese people that hey are a superior "race".

Many weeaboos actually still believe that. But these kind shows have been common in many countries until the 1960s.

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Posted in: Gov't to end production quotas for rice See in context

Enjoy your tasty monopoly-patented genetically-modified "rice" from the US.

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Posted in: Chinese speculators buying up diapers in Japan See in context

It’s time Chinese buy their own diapers and get a taste of their own “food” or to change their country to a place worth living. You can’t cherry-pick forever.

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Posted in: Rightwing activist rams sound truck into Aum facility See in context

This is the first time that Japanese rightwing nuts did something good!

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Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society See in context

Stop the whining! You are not better or worse (off) than anybody else!

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