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Posted in: 14 die as criminals clash in Mexico border state See in context

I don't think people understand just how complex things are in Mexico, giving everyone a gun isn't going to solve anything at all. All you would do is add a lot more fuel to the fire, remember that even if you fight back against them they won't just stop. Take down one cartel and another one will pop up, there is to much money there for people to just give up. The cartels don't care if they lose a few of there people because they are easy to replace. This problem will never be solved with a gun.

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Posted in: Four manga that are hits in Japan but relative flops in America See in context

I enjoy both manga and comics alike, don't read them as much anymore. I do tend to find comics a bit more enjoyable if only because it takes well establish characters and does crazy things with them. I think The Punisher killed off all the x-man by nuking them. People do tend to look down on comics when they are compared to manga but i find they each have their strong and weak point.

So just enjoy them, not all manga are gold and not all comics are crap.

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Posted in: AKB48 creator joins Tokyo Olympic board; petition against him circulates See in context

Oh if they put AKB48 as the opening I would laugh. I don't personally have any dislike for them but i also don't bother listening or following them, but this is not the kind of act you put to represent your country.

On a side note did someone really compare AKB to Godzilla now that made me very sad, to think there are people who would even believe that.

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Posted in: Oldest-known Holocaust survivor dies at 110 See in context

RIP Herz-Sommer, thank you for showing people that no matter how terrible a place they are in their lives, that you can still find hope in the darkest of places.

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Posted in: SDF show what they can do See in context

I wouldn't say the Japanese SDF is stronger then the PLA, each of them has there strengths and weaknesses . The SDF is well train but has no real world experience in a large scale engagement. Plus saying that the Japanese are better only because they are on an island isn't a good argument at all.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Attack on Titan' gets release date, new director See in context

This is far from the best anime out, but it could be that I didn't enjoy it as much and found problem with the pacing as well as one of the characters in the show. Still it was one of the better shows that came out this year even with the IMO were massive problems that pulled me out of the show, I'm still excited to see a live action version of this world.

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi inspires extreme fan worship See in context

This does seem extreme and I can understand how people could look at there actions and be a little concerned. I'm worried that their obsession could get out of control which it seems it may already has.

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Posted in: Mexico frees 61 kidnap victims See in context

I'm glad they were able to save those people and I hope they will be reunited with there families soon.

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Posted in: 'Idol addiction' ruining your life? Call this hotline to take control See in context

Really... Idol addiction is a thing now, jeez I feel better about being addicted to drinking all of a sudden. I will never nor will I ever want to understand people who are so into idols. There is something there of course, just not anything I would care about.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' drums up interest in sword exhibition See in context

Evangelion seems a odd choice for a sword exhibit but oh well. Personally the idea is somewhat unique and if it does bring in more people, then all the power to them. I do find it slightly comical that anime is used to bring interest into non-anime related things.

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Posted in: War-related deaths since 2003 near 500,000 in Iraq See in context

War is a horrible thing, but its something that is almost inevitable. It will happen no matter how much we wish it wouldn't, because its driven by things that are very human. Hate, deceit, misunderstand, greed and ignorance, until humanity can look pass those types of emotions then war will always be there.

As much as I don't enjoy war, I have to be honest and admit that I carry the same misunderstanding and ignorance that leads people into war. Sounds a little silly when I think about it.

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Posted in: U.S. Army seeks 'Iron Man' armor for commandos See in context

Frungy just want everyone to fight like General Butt Naked, forget all the protective gear. Just go into battle with nothing on but shoes and your rifle. If it is cowardice to want good equipment for your men, then yes the US is cowardly and proud of it. I would rather have our soldiers come back alive then die with honor. honor don't raise there children when they are gone.

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