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i don't understand why some of you people look at muslim women covering up like if it's something ofending their dignity as humans! why can't you just understand that when they cover their hair it's just because to them it's a way to show their respect and their devotion to their god and their religon! when nuns cover themselves and decide to serve the cherch in your countries why don't you talk about them the same way you do about muslim women! i don't also understand that you all pretend to respect the diffrences in cultures but when it comes to islam and especially the way muslim women are treated in islamic countries you only take what you hear in the media why don't you try to look for the truth instead?!! may be if you do that you'll see the real values of islam and the great role it gives to women in their society!!......covering up is more like a choice to those women and not an obligation, so please stop insulting people just because they don't think the same way you do! and if these japanese girls want to show the guy they respect him as a person regardless his religon you should take them as an example instead of calling them "completely clueless and culturally insensitive"!!! and by the way, i don't know why you can't get it that in some countries like japan, men and women in the past , somehow used to split the roles between them, the man works outside the house to feed his family and the woman represents the house and the family! what's so bad about that?!! it's just a cultural difference so just live with it people!!!!! peace!

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