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Posted in: Tokyo court dismisses Prada sexual harassment suit See in context

She is not all that attractive by Asian standards. Non-Asians who are attracted to Asians tend to have lower standards. With that double chin I'd say weight loss wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Posted in: Man's remains found in vinyl bag by river in Tokyo See in context

Probably some Triad who crossed the wrong Yak.

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Posted in: New animated music video 'Transfer' wins fans the world over See in context

Gangnam Style, now THAT is an international sensation. This, not so much.

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Posted in: Vice principal picks up forgotten ATM cash; police pick up vice principal See in context

Finder's keepers. If someone is dumb enough to forget 150K yen, the person who finds it deserves to keep it. This is the real world.

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Posted in: Roller coaster inspector dies after park employee starts ride See in context

That is sad and all, but you would think you can hear the thing coming. Roller coasters aren't exactly quiet.

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