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Utter nonsense. The discrimination here is extreme and this article is simply a whitewash of the despicable situation.

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Better the devil you know.....

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SendaiOzeki, I don't believe it has anything to do with age. I had my daughter at 20 and have never had any issues with raising my child.I know a few other girls around the same age who are more responsible than those 10 years our senior. Poor baby. Clearly you were not brainless at 20! I didn't mean to imply that young parenthood was the cause. What I meant to say is that the Japanese youth are getting dumber and dumber every year, and this is the result. This great culture and country is dissolving into thin air. Irresponsibility is on the rise. It has always been true that there are more and less responsible parents, but the ratio in changing for the worse here!

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Amongst advanced/rich countries, Japan has the lowest rate for women on the pill, and the highest rate for abortions. Maybe now enough dead babies have been found in rivers and bins for the government to start addressing the issue of preventing unwanted pregnancies?

Getting the pill in Japan is about as easy as getting illicit narcotics.... Maybe a re-think is in order!

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No worries, the rights of infants are non-existent here, so a simple admission and apology from mom will close the file..... As for the cause, the number of totally brainless 20-somethings reproducing is on the, culture, and respect for everything and everyone are in the toilet, and this is the result.

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I think it much more likely that British Falklanders will come to the aid of the Argentinians in the even of a disaster or major crisis.

The islands belong to Britain, as accepted by several Argentinian administrations. This saber rattling is nothing more than a ploy to extort funds from the exploration companies.

Argentina should be grateful for the tube manufacturing contract. Throw them a cookie for the use of their nearby facilities and all will be well.

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Posted in: Miyagi woman arrested for selling porn DVD of 14-year-old daughter See in context

Raymasaki: im curiouse on how a country with 1.3 Billion people you don't hear or see of any chinese porn? im just curious. the only thing i can think of its Illeagal wich sounds Believeable. then i hear/read that its Not illeagal.

Not illegal in China. And there is some porno. But sexual morals are vastly different between these 2 cultures. Chinese have a much more conservative and private viewpoint on sex, while we know Japan is quite different. Thailand is again vastly different from both.......

Different strokes for different folks!

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bdiego...maybe without panties? Then the perv would be shown on the upskirt pics with a microscopic-sized mosaic where his thingie hangs....

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Perhaps they oughta stop piling the cash on the counters....the security and cash-handling procedures in this country serve as open invitations for criminals.....with the hard times facing Ken-6-pack these days, I expect to read more and more of these little tales!

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Posted in: Cop arrested for filming up high school girl’s skirt in Yokohama See in context

Loads of girls intentionally shorten their skirts above school regulations. Saying they don't shoulder any blame is like pinning on the blame on the neighborhood dogs instead of the guy who insists on wearing meat helmets. Yeah, dogs ought to be better trained, but geez. Also people should be safe from robbery, but if you waved your cash around in bad neighborhoods you are not going to garner sympathy if you get robbed.

Now this is a guy who needs a meat helmet! Blame the victim....way to go! Looking sexy (or whatever) is no excuse for a public official to break the law of the land, and the law of morality, and invade someone's privacy! I think Jcops need a whole lot more screening, training, and when they err, there should be severe punishment.

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A giant among small men!! True, men rarely grow up....but this one's different. Dream The Impossible Dream.

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