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Posted in: Japan's economy stalls as incomes, spending languish See in context

The government plans extra stimulus spending to counter the tax hike’s lingering effects.

Um, why not just save money by not raising taxes and sinking the economy in the first place?

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Posted in: Japan must hike sales taxes again to conquer debt: IMF See in context

The bankers will have their way.

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit surges to Y822.2 bil in June See in context

Here's some more info on the cost of keeping nuclear plants shut down:

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Posted in: Facebook under fire over secret study See in context

Nothing wrong with research like this.

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Posted in: Ishihara visits Fukushima to apologize for nuclear waste remarks See in context

I can't think of a better place to store nuclear and industrial waste than Okuma.

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Posted in: Fukushima governor wants 2020 Olympic torch relay to go past nuclear plant See in context

Rather than playing games, he should work to help people.

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Posted in: Singer Ai Otsuka named NTT West project 'ambassador' See in context

Whoa, someone did not age well.

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Posted in: IBC Solar to build its 1st mega solar plants in Japan See in context

Yes, bulldoze the forests to put up solar in a country that is cloudy most of the year. 2.3 MW? Are you kidding? Nuclear reactors are usually over 1000 MW. You'd have to bulldoze all of Japan to put up solar cells to make 1 or 2 nuclear plants.

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Posted in: Stadium sayonara See in context

Why not just re-use it?

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Posted in: Mt Gox operator looks to sell bitcoin trademarks See in context

They are trying to sell the Gox brand. I doubt anyone will buy it for any price.

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Posted in: Japan's industrial production falls 2.5%; inflation up 3.2% See in context

Not sure why food prices are excluded. Just because something is "volatile" doesn't mean that it should be ignored. There are ways to calculate confidence intervals based on the variance. That is what every other discipline does.

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Posted in: Tokyo University, NHK on the verge of touch-o-vision: Television you can truly feel a part of See in context

Ah, yes, the feelies. Huxley was truly ahead of his time.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed on street in Tokyo's Shinjuku area See in context

You shouldn't make fun of people

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Posted in: 110 fire hose nozzles stolen in Mie Prefecture See in context


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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

And by talks, he means they will hold a staged referendum to annex Hokkaido into Russia.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric appeals court injunction on reactor restarts See in context

Keeping these reactors offline for so many years is really dangerous because when they restart (and they will restart), all the engineers and people who run these plants will not remember how to do their jobs correctly after so many years of not doing it. We need the plants to restart as soon as possible so save our economy and create a safer country.

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Posted in: Japanese director Naomi Kawase gets mixed reception at Cannes See in context

I always thought she was kind of a hack

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Posted in: Japan's working poor left behind by Abenomics See in context

abenomics = trickle up poverty

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Posted in: Japan's annual current account surplus lowest on record See in context

Not restarting the reactors is more dangerous to the health and sustainability of Japan (and the world) than keeping them shutdown

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Posted in: Institute rejects stem cell research scientist's appeal See in context

I have the feeling that there is a lot more going on than we see.

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Posted in: Survival guide for 'hikikomori' for when their parents are gone See in context

Drugging up is not the answer. There are systemic problems that have to be addressed. Government isn't the one to do it, either. This is the realm of religion.

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Posted in: Abe tells OECD 'Abenomics' has yielded great results See in context

We are all about 30% poorer. That's a greeeeaaaat result.

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Posted in: Japan needs more foreign direct investment and we want to come up with a road map that gets us much closer to an effective corporate tax rate below 30%. See in context

Foreign investment = slavery.

Foreign money coming into Japan will make big corporation execs rich, but there will be no incentive to help the average worker. Foreigners will just try to exploit Japanese workers as much as possible, because they are not from the same country, so what do they care?

But isn't that what Abenomics is all about? Giving big multinational corporations more power in Japan on the backs of the common Taro working 14 hour days.

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Posted in: Inmate dies of heart attack after botched execution in Oklahoma See in context

If he died, then they didn't "botch" the execution.

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Posted in: Japan’s newest holiday Mountain Day gets approval from Lower House See in context

We need some holidays in June. Pigeon day should be in June, I think!

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Posted in: Photo of man dressed as Tojo at LDP conference causes stir online See in context

Oh come on, it's a niconico conference, not an LDP conference. Compared to other stuff there, that was pretty mild.

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Posted in: Costs mount for idled nuclear reactors See in context


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Posted in: Japan's business confidence at more than 6-year high: BOJ See in context

Can only go down from here.

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Posted in: Takeda gets approval for two flu vaccine drugs See in context

Are these better than placebo, unlike every other flu vaccine?

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Posted in: Millions go on shopping spree ahead of sales tax hike See in context

Good time to short the Nikkei from tomorrow, because everyone will suddenly stop buying.

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