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What? He is leaving out Kagawa again?  They need some sort of experienced leadership on and off the field. I really want Japan to do well, but this coach just doesn't get it. Common sense

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It has been an awesome show.  I wish this wasn't the last season.

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I really don't know what Japan's coach was thinking.  Leaving Kagawa on the bench the whole first half and finally bringing him on after Columbia scored a goal.  It is so much more difficult to score when the other team is ahead and now knows they can concentrate their efforts on defending their lead.  The coach obviously wants to prove something about his young players he keeps selecting.  All he is doing is showing that are not quite ready.  They are good, but seriously, you have World Cup experienced players sitting on the bench.  And wants you did let them onto the pitch, you could see the difference they made.  If they had started, Japan would possibly be celebrating today.

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If Japan's National Coach bothered to call Kagawa up for the Asia Cup, Japan would probably be celebrating another trophy.   He didn't have the experienced player, like Kagawa, that was necessary.  He is worth millions of dollars if you look at his soccer trading value.  It was like the coach leaving his Ferrari in the garage and trying out some new fast cars.  I would have taken the Ferrari any day to a race that big. Extremely poor judgement.

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The result confounded the gulf in the FIFA rankings, with Qatar at 93 and Japan at 50.

I was extremely surprised Japan got so far with the players the coached selected for the tournament.  No disrespect to the players that were in the tournament, but leaving out Kagawa and a few other extremely experienced players playing overseas was ridiculous.  Although he has had not had a lot of actual playing time, did the coach really think about who Kagawa shares the same position with on his team. Reus, his teammate is a candidate to win the Ballon d'Or.  Top soccer player in the world, often won my Ronaldo or Messi.  I think it's obvious why Kagawa would not get much playing time unless Reus got injured, which he hasn't.  Anyway, the rankings obviously were also a part of the team before the new coach decided to use all the new young players.  Obviously, I am biased toward Kagawa.  I hope the coach realizes his mistake and brings Kagawa back to the National team soon.  Go Kagawa! on his new team he just transferred too.  I am sure he will get the game time, now.

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It would be very easy to find form for the coach. Just bring in Kagawa who has form and experience.  Your new look is terrible. Japan could just as easily lost both games.  Yoshida should not be saying they need an extra gear.  The young players are quick.  But the really really lack experience.  The coach should have had more experienced players on the offence.

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Leaving Kagawa out of this team was probably one of the worse ideas Coach Moriyasu had.  Yes, Kagawa has not had much actual playing time against other opponents because his position is the same as the team captain's.  And by chance, this year, Marco Reus has not gotten injured and is playing extremely well.  He is a candidate for the Ballon d'Or (the best footballer in the world).  Kagawa was playing just as well and sometimes better sometimes worse than Reus.  Moriyasu should understand, as long as Reus does not get injured, Kagawa will not have many chances to play in a real game, especially since they are sitting in 1st place in the German League.  No one wants to adjust a line-up of a winning team.  But, Moriyasu should definitely realize that doesn't mean Kagawa is not playing well.  If Reus did get injured like other years, Kagawa could be the player that is on the list of best footballer in the world.  Well, he definitely could be playing better than the majority of Japanese players I saw playing in the Asia Cup so far.  If Japan gets eliminated, which seems likely if Moriyasu doesn't request Kagawa's help soon, he really should be replaced.  Record looks okay, watch the games and you know the team lacks experience.  Lots of speed, no experience.  Result = Go home.

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Japan did just make an extra 4 million dollars by making it out of the group stage. I think that brings the total so far to about 12 million dollars.  I am sure the money is not what they were thinking about but getting to the next round was important.  Almost any good team can win on any given day.  The strategy of resting his key players for the next round, might make the difference.  Obviously, I am hoping Japan will have a miracle game again.

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That's probably about 100 million dollars into the ocean. I am glad the pilot basically got out safely. But, I hope that isn't coming out of his paycheck this month.

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From my experience, just a couple years ago, since my baby is about 2 1/2 years old now. 

I kept worrying my wife was not eating enough food for herself and the baby. I told her that she use to eat more before she was pregnant. Her response was that whenever she went to see the doctor, he said she was gaining too much weight. She would have a difficult birth if the baby got too big, so she was eating too much. I thought what the Japanese doctor was telling my wife was crazy. I told her I would go in with her and sort this thing out, but she said no way she would let me talk to the doctor with my not so good Japanese speaking ability. And I vaguely remember her telling me the doctor wanted the baby to be 2500 grams or less when born. Anyway, I am assuming that's what Japanese doctors are telling other pregnant women in Japan.

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