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Lots of people getting killed with guns in Canada these days. Not sure I'd feel comfortable taking the family there on a vacation.

another killing in canada. seems like every week now. a lot of bad apples.

What's with the recent spate of shootings in Canada? Hope it's not a trend.

Canada has 33 million people living there. I'm not sure why you guys are so shocked it has some of the same problems as the other G8. These comments come off as completely ignorant to the rest of the world. I would have thought access to the internet would have increased your awarness of the planet Earth?

Toronto is 3000 Km from Edmonton btw. I am sure you didn't know this. Toronto has 6 million people, and Edmonton 1.2 million. We don't all live harmoniously together. We also don't live in igloo's, and as you can guess we have the internet. :) I hope I broaden your mind. I'm sure I have increased your knowledge about Canada exponentially from where it was before.

I live in the city this happened. My GF use to work with the female who passed away. My brother went to school with the shooter. This hits really close to home, so sensless ignorant comments are extremely irratating. "Normal" gang related crime is what we are use to seeing in the news here. Problems every society has, not this sensless unprovoked act of cold blooded murder.

What was an armoured truck doing in a uni campus anyway?

The place the shooting occured at was a Mall located on campus. It has banks, and ATMs in it. All ATMs are loaded and unloaded by armoured vehicles. I bet even where you are from.

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