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Interesting ideas about the historical internationalism. Im wondering if Schrödingers cat is present in the arguments. Considering pax romana Bertie definitely have a point. The idea and the effective administration of it produced a long lasting peace among many tribes. But in the word administer lurks a level of meaning that Bertie may have forgotten, namely an absolute ruthlessness against anyone who opposed roman rule, sorry I mean roman peace of course. The situation with the modern world police, US troops, is tricky. Usually, I think, that the "police" shows up if there already is a mess of some kind. If the US and various allies would not interfere the mess would probably solve itself as history has proven, eventually. This is perfectly conceivable as long as no one cares about how a messy situation is solved. So if we in a developing Global society could accept the situation that Schrödingers cat experienced it would make sense to stop all police-activities. This is the point. Since we have started to follow what happens almost everywhere, and it seems as we do care what happens to the other, we can't just stand by and let things solve themselves. But its a tricky situation. I think a limited but a forceful capacity from the UN is the best option we could achieve in time. And sure if Japan could play a more significant part in such work it would certainly be welcome.

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The last time the US provoked (oil-embargo) a rising power in the east it led to Pearl and years of enormous suffering for all parties. Given the historical accounts it may be to easy to connect the dots to a similar process here but China is without question expanding, no matter if it is so called old territories or new ones. And the US is trying to stop or at least slow down the expansion a bit. However this time the expanding power is not an island and much bigger. Diplomacy without gunboats?

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If we pretend to have a common language and logic accepted over all national borders then we can ask what is the difference? However it seems China is using its own language/logic and then it all makes sense, regrettably only for them. Maybe their goal is to get strong enough. Then they don't have to care what anyone else thinks. Is it just me or does the rhetoric sound a bit 18 century?

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I guess that besides old wounds from the period of shame, Xi sees Japan as the States did Cuba in the 1960:s. Japan with alliances is simply to strong and therefore in the way of Chinas step-by-step plan to become the greatest global power. Tough puzzle for Xi. If he is friendly to Abe he will loose domestic political support and if he is stubbornly hostile to Abe he will loose international trust. Besides the relation to China Abes job seems easier than Xis. Just convince the Japanese people to start spending more and don't worry about how to finance their retirement, convince the landmass of Japan to postpone all serious earthquakes a few hundred years and solve the energy crisis. Piece of cake.

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Well it seems China has not changed their attitude at all. If Japan gives one inch we will soon see a small airport for military aircraft on Senkakus. It becomes increasingly clear that Chinas policy is to call the shots as they see fit and totally disregard every one else.

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I agree that the whole forgive and forget thing may mostly be a Christian ideal. So why should a different culture care about such things? History tells us that an "eye for an eye" always has been a more natural way of life. In a sense that makes life (and death) much more predictable. No more worries about an aging population and only simple problems and worries like who is going to blast you away the next time your turn your back to them. Those who know things I believe don't need to build nuke proof bunkers or storage for weapons. There will not be a surface on earth worth fighting over anymore. Well maybe some people thinks that sitting in a bunker a life-time crying out their anger over wars long ago is a reasonable quality of life. Maybe we need to try and support the development of versions of forgive and forget of the simple reason that most of us in the global community understands the effects of war and do what we can to try to avoid it.

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I think the so called facts from media builds a pretty clear picture about responsibility. The military spending aside, of some strange reason Chinas government are systematically building/enhancing/developing the anti-japanese sentiments in the population (social happenings, games, movie industry). I can't see the same thing happening on the Japanese side. Well maybe Abes visits to yasukuni could be interpreted in such a way or maybe he only wants to honor his dead relatives as tradition bids. The active build up is coming from China and they are forcing Japan to dance. By the way does anyone know what the new Chinese islands, currently under construction in the south china sea, i going to be used for? Ive heard that the Phillipines is getting nervous having Chinese land so close to their borders.

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Well I guess it was inevitable. Obamas speech send an unusually clear message back. For quite some time the ISIL or IS has enjoyed relative peace and quiet during their rampage in Irak. The horrific events aside, earlier I think ISIL has acted on rather intelligent leadership. They seemed to have known enough about military strategy to put their limited resources to best use. But this beheading of Mr J.F. is hard to interpret as anything else than a display of weakness and desperation. In one stroke they managed to loose the fear and respect from their enemies and anger the international community to the degree that it now is more likely that they will be exterminated within a few years. As sad as this murder must be for the Foley family I guess many hardline military commanders and advisers will now rejoice in the light of a newly gained authority. Basically the IS managed to open their very own pandoras box. So what happened? Did a few airstrikes crumble their plans? Did they get chocked when someone actually fired back?

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A few interpretations on the statements: Its amazing how close this rhetorical outburst come to the ones used by Europeans nations a 100 years ago and of course Hitlers Germany in the 1930:s? Obviously Xi is using national sentiments to build his political power. Does he realize what kind of "political animals" may find a growing potential from such a policy and political climate? One aspect of such a policy is that the relationship to other countries should be interpreted as the others as historical abusers and potential aggressors. Interesting way for a beginning superpower to take responsibility and build peaceful relationships for the future. I wonder if it is possible to read the statements as: Lets make sure no one else can hurt us and that we can flatten everyone else. If so they should consider the fact that such statements are common for deeply insecure teens, not very different from school-yard shooters.

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Im not sure changing the constitution would make Japans military more reckless. They are well educated and well trained. They understand the stakes. However I hope China would stop their greedy expansionist policies and let Japan be so they can keep on being the most peaceful country in the world. Xi needs to read a little more from, what was his name, con fu tses writings.

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Well some of things you state with certainty I have to agree with although I think its not really established as facts. I also find "anti-china" ranting a bit boring, and anti-japan ranting even more boring. But I think you have to admit that the situation with disputes in east and south china sea has escalated to a much more dangerous level by Chinas actions. The war mongering rhetorics is mainly coming from China. By the way names, dates and facts of history in a post does not make a rational argument. It is the purpose and context of meaning that make tools like names, dates and historical facts rational.

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JoeBigs is right. Spokesman's arguments are emotional and not very rational. The present is hopefully quite different from ancient times. Thus time matters when considering what is a reasonable claim or not. However much of Chinas rhetorics seem to be based on an ancient principal: Im big and strong and you are small and weak - therefore this is now mine. When we saw the same kind of logic coming from pre-war Germany, Italy and Japan we didn't react and that turned out to be a costly mistake. Now China is showing similar tendencies and we all better react in time.

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Well if there is some discovery of minerals or oil around these islands you can bet China will dispute ownership faster than they can get a boat there. And of course then these islands have been part of Chinas mainland for a couple of thousand years. Similarly if Chinas drills find nothing I guess Vietnam may well get invited to talks about the Paracels. So what could be the common denominator here ;-) The demands for energy alone will make China step on everyones toes if they have to. This is why they need an enormous military. Blaming Japan is nothing but a nice cover during their own expansion. Nothing really new about that but what is new in the south-east scenario is that India just elected a nationalist to head the country. This may change the situation quite a bit.

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Well at least the Chinese rhetorics are consistent with all neighbors "this is now mine and you should be happy about it", and " Why are you provoking and attacking us and our land/sea". Japan must be pleased with themselves for choosing to respond strongly from the beginning. Its becoming clearer that they did the right thing. I wonder when China will start the same kind of campaigns inland, for instance against mongolia?

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Maybe it is not only the language skills that points to Fu. China may hope that Abe, being a conservative, could have a few gender issues on his plate thus making it harder to debate with a woman. Anyway I bet most people involved will be intelligent enough to see what China is up to. No worries there. But what they say publicly may be something very different. In the end it comes down to sovereignty and money. If Japan backs down the other will most likely be silenced quite quickly.

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No Im referring to the Chinese and the Uighur within Chinas current borders. The hardcore islamists has taken it easy with China so far but with Chinas increased power comes interests from others. Of course the US has a solid position as bad guy number one among islamists but I think the increased attention on the Uighur issue in China may soon qualify China as bad guy number two. The south China sea problem and the increasing problems in Africa will pour into to this over time. If it develops according to these prediction, within a year or two there should be increased external financing and as a consequence more advanced weapons used in attacks. As stated earlier the intensity or build up will also depend on other war zones.

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I wonder if the Chinese gov understands how serious these attacks may be. Of course hurting innocent people is always serious but the new type of pattern also seem to indicate organization, compared to the earlier attacks. Someone who understands systematic terror has taken control. One or two more successful attacks and I guess the real hardcore islamists from other countries will start to arrive in China. If Syria cools down then they might arrive in big numbers. Maybe China is about to get a painful lesson of the new global world. Mr Xi, this is not about a crime that the police can solve. This is about people who have lost everything they value by your hands and now they are desperate enough to do something about it. Unfortunately I think this is only the beginning.

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In every society there must be loonies, it is inevitable. In some societies the loonies have the right to express themselves and in other societies they are silenced by norms, psychological oppression, incarcerated or beaten. So tell me is this miniature demonstration a sign of something bad or possibly something good, maybe both? Since japans is a democracy I certainly expect to see something like that. However should the numbers increase into thousands I would be worried.

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Posted in: Australia defends security deal with Japan See in context

A most sensible and good development. Good for Japan, Aussie and the Chinese people.

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Posted in: U.S. sending 2 warships to Japan to counter N Korea; warns China See in context

It seems likely that Mr Hagel suspects China will follow Russias example in Ukraine. Previous actions and rhetorics point to such a mindset. If China do then Japan will certainly respond and then all hell breaks loose. With this logic it is simply cheaper for the US to beef up defenses rather than engaging in full war.

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Some right-wingers in Japan will most certainly try to change written history to their own suitable needs. However Im sure that they will learn that the time when peoples mind could be controlled like that are over. NK and China and possibly a few more countries are the only states that still try to stop information. Heck even Putin has big trouble to feed his propaganda to the people. If they try to change the accepted view of Japans war atrocities in China I'm sure it will lead to their own loss. However don't forget that this political game is more about using the guilt sentiments as a bat trying to achieve other goals. As far as I have read so far China has not changed political direction regarding the military build up, south and east china sea, at all. From that point of view it is possible that Xi s talk about war atrocities is nothing but a means to try to subdue Japan in the play for control of the seas.

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Well Mr Xi is a very funny guy. Was the statement an attempt for a career change to stand up comedy?

“We Chinese have long held the belief that we should not do onto others as we do not wish they do onto us ... China needs peace like humans need air and plants need water,” he said"

That may be true for many chinese citizens but for the government, not so much. If he says it together with the issue of not being able to put the war atrocities behind him then I guess it must be true, or maybe just rhetorics again.

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At this point it is a clumsy statement from Abe. He should have kept his mouth shut and wait for more concrete info. The similarities between the way Russia and China reason and act is definitely there. Putin has now got much more heat than he planned for and hopefully that can be something China learns from.

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Sorry Kazuaki I don't get your point. My point was that Russian representatives are humiliating Obama in public and that will become political ammo in the next election. China more or less supports Russian action and the west will stick together against the Russian occupation, ergo a much more chilling political climate, possibly a "new" cold war. Zaldaus - yeah I agree, the so called US sponsored advisers are quite common in many countries, and so are Chinese, Russians and other advisers from many countries. Its just business as usual. If there is something special about it I guess the US sponsored advisers are more efficient at influencing natives and media.

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It seems russian leadership is mostly laughing at the west and Japans sanctions. Well I guess we are heading for a political regression globally. Welcome back cold war. Old US of A has now got their archenemy back and as it seems, in really good spirit too. If the republicans can muster a reasonable candidate they will use the democrats to wipe the floor in the next presidential election. Then of course the arms race will reach new levels on the sad path to complete destruction. Not what I was hoping for...

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I think its nice with a majority vote on many things but the issue with crimea, I think, is weather the numbers registered are true at all, or just staged as most of this change. What we have seen so far is a well planned change executed in perfect coordination. Im not sure "the people" has been very involved in it. The next issue is the violation of international agreements. If everyone breaks agreements after their own needs the world is definitely walking out on the board. This is why it is important that as many countries as possibly show their resentment of this kind of action. Japans measures may not be much but it is still a clear message. If Russia can do this and no one cares then what will be next?

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And there we go again. So China is stating that they decide what is their land and sea borders and if anyone provokes them (that is, I guess, have a different opinion) they may use their military, efficiently. Well I think they may be trying to surf on Putins mess in Ukraine. Whats next, People of Chinese descendent in S.K and Vietnam are feeling threatened by local fascists so the Chinese army needs to invade to protect them? With these kind of political 19 century attitudes I guess there is no other way for Chinas neighbors than to develop and strengthen their military. The bullies will not stop bullying by themselves.

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Protection against revisionism (in the non-scientific meaning) is always good. But this seems to be about more than that. The idea of commemorating is definitely good if it is all about helping the Chinese people to get over bad memories and lost relatives from that time. However somehow, or rather recent developments has made it increasingly hard to believe that that may be the point. Could the Chinese gov. be so cynical in their imperialist ambitions (superpower ambitions) that they would use their own peoples sentiments for political purposes? Instead of help to relieve peoples pain the idea could work to increase the tension, create hate. Na that can't be.. or could it?

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I believe Xi also understands that continuing to stereotype modern Germany as nazi-germany by bringing the old topic up can be seen as politically and personally insensitive or even offensive. If Xi plays this card in the propaganda war with Abe he is certainly willing to risk a lot.

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Well the plan for the visit in Germany is an interesting move from China. However I think China will discover that the Germany has no interest to desperately cling to the past. If I understand Angela well she will give Xi a polite rejection by either stating the obvious, declining to comment or just pretend to agree when Xi makes a statement. Maybe China will learn something.

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