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The future of China will be of greatest important in the future of the mankind. If they really turn out to be oppressive and intend on conquering the rest of Asia into their system, I am afraid that the future is very dark. In that sense, every Asian must try to help these Hongkong people's effort. Safe and genuinely peaceful China is something we really can look forward to.

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In Korean cable TV "Ryomaden" is quite popular... However, this series cannot be understood by western people or young Asians. It has too many subtle Japanese concepts... Explaining the Japanese situation from the middle of the 18th century to the 19th century is very important. Many young Asians don't know for example about the Russian expansion and the Japan's war against the Russians which was quite a justfiable one, and the fact that China was already divided up into many parts by warlords, France, Germany, and England. Movies and TV series are good way to educate people but they must be "understandable".

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It is soon election time in Korea. Our lady president who hurt the Japan Korean relationship to the worst possible last here will be dividing the party into two: ones who are favorable to her and ones who are not. With this deliberately weakened party, she will try to run our country in crisis in many fronts. The ones who are out of her favors are ones who negotiated with the smaller party to get results and ones who criticized her for her dealings with China and Japan and her refusal to have the US THAAD MD system in the US bases.

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Japanese should check where it landed. It looked like it landed very near Japan. In the next time, Japan should hit it with the Missile Defence System. I do think this is necessary. If the politicians steps back trying not to get involved with this dirty North Koreans, it will get worse and worse. Unfortunately, here in South Korea, the things are the same. Our lady president cares only about her votes. She says this and that but never any action. This is why the North Korean Kim Jungeun is acting up. He always tests water before doing worse and worse. I think that Japanese must show initiative. In that way, I really think Abe is doing well. But he must do more.

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Anyway, Ms President Park is also hurting South Korea's standing with the US. Probably Abe is benefiting from all this. I think that Ms. Park is just using this to get votes. Don't worry about it and try to ignore her demand. She will of course not quit and this is for the worse for South Korea. I am a South Korean and I know this.

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