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Posted in: Dante Carver gives Shiori Kutsuna chocolate for White Day See in context

We don't eat cake and KFC on Christmas either " Marius2 at 04:04 PM JST - 25th February

They don’t have White Day in Australia

Silly foreigners. Don't tell me; you foreigners don't have cake and KFC on Christmas either?


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Posted in: Atheists at Christmas: Eat, drink and be wary See in context

DophinGirl come on now we don't need to have some sence of life not every believes in Kids stories from the BCs

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Posted in: Cop arrested for filming up high school girl’s skirt in Yokohama See in context

Alright you all blame anyone but the true coprate it's hard to tell who's more niave you or the Cops see I visited there once and nothing but that seemed to go on so one time I took my Katana in town to see what happens and nothing did. Being a freaking samurai anymore is hard you idiots needs to get over this crap~.~

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Posted in: Seven bicycles set on fire in Chiba See in context

"12345678 This is a funny story.


I agree with 12345678. Har!"

Not really funny if you'd be dead would it? See if it would have burned to a house it'd be your a$$ they after Think of it this way the house was near the bycles what'd happen if people died because of it would you two laugh.

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Posted in: AKB48 drop in on Tamori See in context

Wow I love AKB48 I'd be a host trying to introduce ten billion people if I could

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for rape after threatening victim on cell phone See in context

Well well like to rape ey? my saying is deal with your own blood in your own manor see he would die if he tried that near me I'd read from behind him and pull out my ak-47 and shot him down

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Posted in: Man steals 200 fan letters destined for girl group AKB48 See in context

I mean seriously I love AKB28 all together I'd protect them if need be

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Posted in: Man steals 200 fan letters destined for girl group AKB48 See in context

What the duck I mean why take the letters would you wish me to kill you

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Posted in: Man stabbed to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

"My dear Enigma Don't fret my hate"

What the hell is going on there in the greatest place more Vile things must be our search progressing for the 6th jewel of Akim the Goddess of Love and Hate

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