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Seppinho comments

Posted in: UNIQLOOK See in context

Ranger_Miffy: The Barbie is scary--so anorexic...makes the other healthy ladies look fat. No fair!

perfect. imo she is the only interesting aspect of that picture... apart from the mascot ;)

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Posted in: Making a spectacle of himself See in context

I prefer Ken Watanabe. But hey, looks funny.

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Posted in: Bra wars See in context

Aki Hoshino a bra-testimonial, thats what i'm talking about!

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Posted in: Sony's future See in context

The concept is a lot better than the one from PSP 'stillbirth' Go. With that amount of mobile phones at the market Sony only can improve the graphics an hell yeah it seems the did it. But...

... a lot more good games than in the last years at PSP ... we need a reasonable price

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Posted in: How sweet See in context

I am german and the first time i heard about THAT famous german Baumkuchen was in... Japan and no i am not that barbaric as it seems at first sight ;)

Btw, it's always a please for me to buy 'Auslese' after shave ;)

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Posted in: On the ball See in context

Ganbatte Shinji-san!

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Posted in: Burlesque See in context

lol, the two on the left look like an English teacher and a Russian hostess...on a date.

the question is: which one is the teacher and which one the Russian hostess? ;)

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Posted in: Bicycle jam See in context

Is this photo part of a campaign sponsored with petro-dollars? ;)

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Posted in: Ice bar See in context

How much is the fish? Does anyone know if you have to pay to enter the bar? Arigatou gozaimasu.

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Posted in: Open season See in context

Such metrosexuality !

That suggests at least a minimum of masculinity and if i look at all the pink i'm not sure if... ;)

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Posted in: Serious theater See in context

oh my... Leah Dizon is gorgeous :)

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Posted in: Akihabara guide See in context

I think that maid often is used for documentary and pictures.

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Posted in: Hanami rush hour See in context

Oh my gosh, i think last year also in april Shinjuku Gyoen wasn't that crowed. But its a very beautiful park, in my opinion more beautiful than Yoyogi Park.

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Posted in: Susan Boyle in Japan See in context

I really will enjoy her main theme for the next james bond movie!

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Posted in: H&M opening See in context

A lot of japanese people love to line up or at least tolerate it absolutely, especially for new things. There is nothing racist about it, its kind of culture.

It was funny when the H&M Store opened in Ginza, even one week after they opened.

Never been to Tokyo Disneyland and standing in a two-and-a-half-men e-to ;) -hours-line for Monsters Inc.? ;)

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Posted in: Closing ceremony See in context

To be fair, the speed skaters were just unlucky to miss the gold in women's team pursuit. Beaten by 0.02 seconds ..

They lost against the typical german winning spirit, especially Anni Friesingers fighting spirit, thats no shame. Both teams did a great job and i'm very proud of my home countries and my adopted countries team :)

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Posted in: Ice dance See in context

One minute ago they had a brillant performance :) japanese sport fans can be very proud of!

Look at the chinese couple with g-r-e-e-k folk dance :(

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Posted in: Valentine Queen See in context

Wow, Keiko Kitagawa... absolute gorgeous... as usual :)

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Posted in: Tokyo Runners See in context

Nice photo with a beautiful woman in a cool move and with stylish clothes.

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Posted in: Beauty tips See in context

I'm allways fascinated about japanese women beeing almost 60 and looking like our 45yo western ladies. The only thing that surprises me more, are the 40yo women who look like 25-29.

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