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Posted in: Toshiba CEO steps down amid acquisition talks See in context

Either CVC's acquisition has been confirmed or his mission of selling out Toshiba's assets has been completed.

Well, I don't know.

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Posted in: Suez Canal chief: Vessel impounded amid financial dispute with Japanese owner See in context

Rabei did not say how much money the canal authority was seeking. However, a judicial official said it demanded at least $900 million. The state-run Ahram daily also reported the $900 million figure.

Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd would go bankrupt to pay for this hefty fine. However, the seizure of the vessel is not good financially for the company either.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

I am not a big believer in what TEPCO says. Not to mention that it was the United States helped bringing various nuclear power plants across Japan in the 1950s-80s. There is a vested interest for the US to help out Japan here.

Despite the fact that 84% of the treated contaminated water contained radioactive materials other than tritium that exceeded the standard (20,000 times higher than the standard in some tanks), TEPCO continued to lie that the radioactive materials other than tritium were removed below the detection limit or the standard. TEPCO has been doing many other things that have betrayed people's trust, so I think it's natural that people feel uneasy. According to TEPCO, there is a possibility that radioactive materials exceeding the standard value will be detected in the future.

TEPCO would have had to make an industrial scale device to remove the tritium from water, at this moment they have taken zero out, and in the time being have invested no money into tritium removal so its likely the plan was to release it to the ocean from the start.

There is no technology to effectively remove tritium and other pernicious radioactive materials in the water. Even if there is one, then Japan can't afford it.

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Posted in: 60% dissatisfied with Japan's COVID vaccine rollout; 44% approval rating for Suga cabinet: poll See in context

Hahaha!! No one trusts Japanese data and bureaucratic professionalism.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. trade ministers agree to bolster chip supply chains See in context

The whole idea is to end the reliance on China.

It's unfortunately impossible at the moment. The only one is capable of strong-holding a supply chain independent of China is the ASEAN. However, the ASEAN is exceptionally crafty and neutral whose policies do not take a side.

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Posted in: Toshiba sets up team to review buyout plan by CVC Capital See in context

Sell it, take a money, get out of Japan, build a successful business outside of Japan.

Tadashi Yanai and Masayoshi Son both took the advices, and now they are extremely successful. Better than any oyaji clinging to the empty glorious past.

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Posted in: Japanese beermaker Asahi looks to halve debt after buying Australia assets See in context

It's a virtual beer monopoly system in Japan, and those like Asahi who push it deserve to suffer big financial losses.

The sad thing is that neither of those Keiretsus won't ever go bankrupt because the Japanese government will resurrect them at all costs even if those companies live as zombies.

Even China has been more skeptical towards the concept of "too big to fail" in recent years. They permit failed Chinese firms to collapse in numbers without any merger.

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Posted in: Long road ahead for buyout offer, Toshiba board chair warns See in context

In others words, the answer is no.

Nissan once said yes. So, it will be yes again.

Toshiba is in a dire situation as Nissan was in the past.

All the Japanese guys in my local cafe are more angry about this than China or NK.

Then they should never ever squander all Japanese wealth on the biggest bubble of all times in the 1990s. This is the consequence of their historical poor thinkings.

They don't realize that China has a massive hold over Japanese real estate assets as well.

I don't see what good can come from buying this company. Like buying a piece of furniture that's been hollowed out on the inside by termites. You don't realize it until the moment you sit down.

Assets liquidation and technology transfers. Many Chinese firms as well as other firms in the Southeast Asia and India want to get their hands on the pieces of Japanese, Western-made techs. Especially with China, the US-EU always put restrictions on China at acquiring certain high-end technologies that South Korea and Japan can solely buy. Toshiba has a few secrets that China wants to acquire for billions of dollars, and the Western investors will chase the money and sell them to the Chinese.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context


Don't trust this government.

Sheer madness.



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Posted in: Leaders of Russia and China tighten their grips, grow closer See in context

Xi Jinping: I get the control of Miyako Straight, while you probably get Hokkaido. Deal?

Putin: Deal.

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Posted in: Major economies support $650 billion boost in IMF resources See in context

Great Depression never gets any closer, IMF said this themselves!

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Posted in: It's extremely regrettable, and I urge businesses to stop these inexcusable acts. See in context

Economic situations must have been so dire that everyone does actual, shameless, non-stealthy frauds to survive.

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Posted in: Since the central government lost a number of lawsuits related to side effects of vaccines in the past, both the country and pharmaceutical companies became negative toward developing vaccines, which has weakened the foundation for such efforts. See in context

Or Japan, both government and business cartels, lacks the ability and finances to develop a real medical industry on par with the West after the 1990s bubble collapse.

The blaming on people's trust is only a part of the story. The big story is due to the inability of continuing vaccine developments because of financial constraints and failure of Japanese education systems to create new scientists.

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Posted in: Egypt seeks settlement out of court with Japanese company for Suez Canal blockage See in context

First, it was Mauritius. Now, it is Egypt.

Japan does not seem to run out streams of bad luck since the 1990s.

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Posted in: Toshiba receives ¥2 tril acquisition offer from global fund See in context

It's merely a matter of time that we will see other Japanese keiretsus following suit under either Western or Chinese acquisition.

Wow. A foreign private equity firm taking over a nationally treasured brand. Interesting to see if this will be blocked by MITI.

MITI no longer exists. Toshiba is pretty much fangless these days, so I don't think there are many economic values left for a Japanese government's rescue.

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Posted in: LG becomes first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market See in context

I wonder when the few remaining Japanese manufacturers will stop as well as there is no commercial reason for them to continue

Because the Japanese government gives them unlimited money (almost) for the sole purpose of keeping "national pride" against barbaric Koreans and Chinese.

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Posted in: Seduced by Archegos' growth, Nomura took a chance on Hwang comeback See in context

This guy is a bigger whale than Masayoshi Son.

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

RIP Suga's plan of meeting Kim Jong Un

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Posted in: Police officer overtakes athlete as top profession for Japanese boys See in context

Police in Japan can make an unbelievable amount of money through corruption. Even better than those bureaucrats in the government.

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Posted in: Tokyo American Club opens 2nd location at Nihonbashi See in context

Who in the whole universe enjoys such a place? lol

Western politicians. American spies. Foreign elites.

Definitely, there won't be many Japanese people around.

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Posted in: Suga to hold talks with Biden in U.S. on April 16 See in context

The Japanese government said it will be 10 April?!! Again, no one should trust the Japanese bureaucrats ever!

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Posted in: Foreign firms face tough choices over Myanmar unrest See in context

Japan Finding It Hard to Stay Quiet on Abuse by Authoritarian Governments

Because Japan has been ruled by the same authoritarian one-party system of the LDP for decades. Japan is no different than many authoritarian regimes except for its friendliness with the US. Of course, the US is willing to overlook any authoritarian regime that cooperates with the Pentagon. Saudi Arabia is one hell of a big example!

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Posted in: Mizuho faces $90 million Archegos loss: report See in context

This is merely the tip of the Japanese iceberg. There will be more shocking revelations on the fragility of Japanese financial systems.

It will be worth the wait!

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work, with many ceremonies held online See in context

Either temporary employment or permanent low-wage employment.

Welcome to the 21st century of a neoliberal Japan! By 2021, the Japanese old ways of life and work are completely gone and Americanized for the benefit of foreign shareholders.

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Posted in: Japan to work closely with U.S., S Korea to deal with N Korea See in context

The ROK absolutely doesn't need to work with Japan regarding NK.

@Samit Batsu

Yeah. China is the overlord of North Korea, and South Korea has good relations with China.

Working with China can already ease any tension from the NK. This is what Biden fears the most as the US can't afford to lose Korean peninsula to China-Russia at the moment.

Think we've heard the exact same " statement " at least a couple of times a year for the last few decades. Anything new?

Japan has a habit of hyping things up, and routinely deflecting anyone's attention from looking at Japanese non-action or failures. Anyone, who criticizes Japan, will be met with tidal waves of Japanese online trolls and alt-right weebs. If worse, these critics of Japan will be intimidated by Japanese thugs from the Japanese embassy but that was the good old days before the bubble burst as Japan now can't do it anymore.

So your plan? Nuclear war? Starvation?

Opening up North Korea. Accepting it as a normal nation in the world.

Just like what the US did with Vietnam, China, and recently Cuba (before Trump ruined things). North Korea guaranteed its national sovereignty and independence through nukes, so it is necessary to accept it as a normal nation now since it doesn't have any intention to destroy the world.

The issue of abducted Japanese is already as resolved as it will ever be so no need to spend more time on that issue.

It will be easily resolved if the West accepts North Korea as a normal nation through rescinding all sanctions.

However, Japanese right-wingers deeply fear a reunited Korea to draft Japan in all aspects, so they desperately try all means to harm Korea but it doesn't work since China backs up Koreans and the US respects Koreans. Japan's world status is sadly declining due to economic malaise, technological malaise, education malaise, and all sorts of malaises.

Abe and Suga never want to resolve the kidnapping issues as their goals have always been the Japanese domination of the Korean peninsula.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan survey shows more optimism over economic recovery See in context

Sigh. I have been hearing the same garbage from the Japanese bureaucracy for a year now; however, nothing changed in reality.

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Posted in: Hitachi buys U.S. software firm GlobalLogic for $9.6 bil See in context

Another overpriced buy from a Japanese company.

Yep, the same thing happened to TOLL in Australia.

Japanese big businesses have a knack for over-purchasing stuff and failing to run any good business.

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Posted in: Japan, Indonesia sign arms transfer pact amid China concerns See in context

Japan and Indonesia signed a pact on Tuesday allowing the transfer of Japanese defense equipment and technology to Jakarta as the two countries strengthen their military ties in the face of China's increasingly assertive activity in the region.

This is pretty much the same as the Vietnam deal. It's mostly a formality to save the faces of Japanese politicians at home, while there won't be many defense exports or transfers.

Japanese weapon are not competitive enough to sell new weapons to Indonesia.

This is also my reluctant nod as well. Indonesia has many more reliable sellers around, so they won't likely give Japan a pass to import expensive weapons without good functionalities.

I can see Vietnam giving a pass because I knew a finance Vietnamese-American guy in HCM City who engaged with the mid-tier Vietnamese military officials, and he told me that Vietnam expensively imports a lot of Japanese goods in recent years because Vietnamese Communists and LDP bureaucrats have deep cooperation all the ways back to Vietnam War - Vietnam helped these Japanese bureaucrats to offshore the wealth out of the country, and also created a mirage of "prosperous exporting Japan" to fool Japanese voters at home (a political favor for these bureaucrats).

This patrol boat deal here is actually a corrupt deal that the Vietnamese military accepted to help another batch of high-ranking LDP elites to get their wealth out of Japan.

The defense industry is riled with corruption. Japan is new to this industry not of Article 9 but it is due to the fact that Japanese elites need a new way to siphon public funds and enrich themselves outside the country.

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Posted in: Toyota to form joint venture in China for fuel-cell vehicles See in context

Toyota will be kicked out of China and the technology will be stolen by Chinese.. period.

Unlike other Western firms, China is very accomodating towards Taiwan, Korean and Japanese businesses. So they won't kick anyone of them out. Instead, the Chinese will have 51% control of the company, using lands owned by Chinese, all profits stay in China. In extension, Chinese Communist officials and their private entrepreneur cronies will take more additional shares and control over the whole Toyota as well.

The Western businesses won't ever concede to the boldened demands, so China has to intellectually steal the products and expel the businesses out. Fast Retailing is probably the most loyal servant to the CCP as Tadashi Yanai kneels to his Chinese Communist officials every week, so Uniqlo can stay in China.

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