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Septim Dynasty comments

Posted in: Politicians' inflated overseas study claims rampant, even among LDP bigwigs See in context

Japan is a feudal country that pretends to be either capitalist or socialist but its economic systems can't even be described in the end. There is a definite reason why the LDP actively suppresses the study of English or another form of education among Japanese people to maintain the feudal lifestyles of ruling Japanese clans. Japan purposely implemented the Lost Decades because growth would require drastic reforms to make most of the ruling families lose power and wealth in Japan. It was decided to make all Japanese people suffer and remain eternally ignorant instead.

Japan is actively competing against North Korea in the aspect of absolute totalitarianism with hermit characteristics. However, North Korea was turned into a hermit empire by American sanctions as they would easily reopen themselves like Vietnam as soon as any sanction was repealed. Japan is the opposite as its elite families cozy with Korean cults to keep the Japanese population in slavery. Ironically, Korean cults successfully usurped against their Japanese partners to rule over Japan. Shinzo Abe was their first taste of victory to put Japan under the leadership of Korean cultists. Kishida now refuses to remove the power of Korean cultists, and cozy with the Unification Church and Soka Gakkai even further.

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Posted in: How the ultrarich in Japan educate their kids See in context

Most rich people in Japan are fleeing overseas. They want to educate their kids into English more than Japanese. They are clearly more open-minded than Nihonjinron folks in the country.

Other matters aside, measuring in purely in financial terms, “You could buy a Porsche for the money you have to spend,” one parent tells Gendai. He can afford it – he’s earning 20 million a year, roughly four times the national average. Anything less, he says, would make the requisite preparations impossible.

Damn, that's shockingly low. Rich kids in Thailand or Indonesia or Vietnam or anywhere in ASEAN would earn more than 500,000 USD a year now - no tax. These kids aren't even having parents on the billionaire level!

Japan has become really poor!

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Posted in: Japan, China foreign ministers discuss security, seafood ban See in context

Totally a nothing-burger! Kishida and LDP should go away for good. Unfortunately, Soka Gakkai and Unification Church will ensure the LDP stays in power forever.

The amount of pro-Japan trolls on the Internet is a flex of power from those cultists.

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Posted in: Kishida questioned over LDP revenue underreporting claims See in context

I bet the ones bribing the LDP are the foreign interests. Japanese companies are too poor these days to compete in buying Japanese politicians for special interests.

I fell out of my chair when I learned that a Minister in Japan had resigned over a $30,000 bribery scandal with a Japanese company. This was last year. The amount is equivalent to the head of a village position in China or a daily spending amount of lobbyist money from a Representative in any US State Congress (not federal). A minister-level position in China, South Korea,... is expected to receive more than a hundred million dollars in lobbying money.

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Posted in: Komeito chief visits China to seek lifting of seafood ban See in context

Japan is becoming an international settlement zone for multiple world powers like China, United States,....

Komeito kowtows to China is an exemplar sign of this!

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Posted in: Vietnamese President Thuong to visit Japan See in context

Looks that cooperation will bring more and more Vietnamese youths to enter cheap labor to Japan using trainee program. Last few year numbers already reached more than 200 thousands Vietnamese, obviously Japanese can use more cheap labor with good price.

The bigger plan is to settle Vietnamese workers as full residents like Zainichi Koreans in the past.

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Posted in: Lack of shelters leaves Japan's populace vulnerable to attack See in context

Just shut down the straight of Taiwan and economic embargo the country. Japan will collapse without a fight. China's almost complete embargo against Japanese agriculture has already dealt a fatal blow to many farmers and agricultural companies in Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese senior vice finance minister apologizes for tax delinquency See in context

Japan is possibly the most corrupt country in the world. In the US, lobbying may be legal, but you will still be arrested or heavily penalized if you get caught. In Japan, you get caught and can get away with things easily. In the old days, Japanese elites had more accountability so they would resign. However, Shinzo Abe normalized the culture of corruption, so today elites don't have to resign because the Unification Church would enable them to win elections no matter what.

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Posted in: Japan to provide ¥10 bil to support ASEAN-linked research center See in context

Another pork-barrel project for Japanese elites and local ASEAN elites! "Tax raising glasses" give away money again!

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Posted in: Japan to keep IMF's No. 2 shareholder status even after quota reform See in context

Japan possibly paid a dirty bribe to the IMF bureaucrats to stay relevant. However, I don't think the method will stay for long because the IMF will eventually reform its systems anyway.

China also has other businesses to take care for now, and it doesn't care much about IMF.

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Posted in: Nissan's profits zoom on strong sales, favorable exchange rates See in context

Higher profits in Yen but actually lower in USD/EUR. Weak Yen is merely an excuse!

They try to fool foreign investors by presenting the metric high Yen-based profits, while the real profits have been on the downward trend.

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Posted in: SoftBank hit with ¥931 bil quarterly loss as WeWork, other tech investments go sour See in context

The Saudis will probably prepare their bone saws as we speak.

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Posted in: Kishida to return part of salary amid backlash over planned pay raise See in context

While average salary increase for ordinary Japanese only 3,312 Yen or 1.2% that even won't catch with inflation.

They can also dodge the tax on their income and other compensations. Their take-home income can reach 99% not to mention other forms of bribery that are primarily their source of true income.

Companies and common people get taxed to the point beyond heaven!

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Posted in: China halts imports of Nishikigoi carp from Japan over Fukushima row See in context

Japan is so screwed now. China is the world's largest consumer of agriculture and almost everything. Will completely surpass the US as a consumer superpower in 5 years.

Japan is now completely kicked out of China's agriculture market. The auto market in China gradually shut down the Japanese, and soon everything else. Adding to the pain, China's entertainment industry is rising with MiHoYo and others, while Chinese tourists refrain from going to Japan.

Kishida and LDP destroyed Japan's future through the reckless nuclear waste release! There were other options, which China and Russia offered to help.

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Posted in: Kishida to return part of salary amid backlash over planned pay raise See in context

Japan is a neo-feudal country. I am surprised that Japanese elites brainwash the native population so effectively that no one revolts against the corruption, over-taxation, and economic oppression in the country. You also have a bunch of gaijins joining the brainwashing cult as well.

Japan is probably a second coming of North Korea at this point!

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Posted in: Japan's April-Sept current surplus triples to record ¥12.7 tril See in context

Still losing to a crippled Germany.

stop insulting iq of your readers

Japan is releasing misinterpreted data along with fake data to try to lure foreign investors to bolster the Yen and the declining economy.

There's a definite reason why you see so many pro-Japan trolls on the Internet. They defend Japan crazily, attack critics of Fukushima water release, insult any foreigner about Japan. It was clearly that Japan paid the PR firms to protect Japan's image instead of treating nuclear water. This shows you how Japan always insults IQ of the audiences.

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Posted in: Kishida rules out dissolving lower house this year See in context

If Kishida is out, everything won't get better. You will get the same LDP elites under the payrolls of the US and Unification Church.

Since Kishida, Japan actively advocates to sell itself for BlackRock, and foreign investors as the Yen goes towards the territory of hyperinflation. Kishida can't retire as he needs to implement his assets management zones (Dejima) to sell out Japan for the highest foreign bidders. When the plan is in full force, Kishida and his fellow LDP elites will flee the sinking ship of Japan with the highest paydays of their lives.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault launch 'rebalanced' alliance See in context

Sounds like Japan got what they wanted in the end: control of Nissan. Japanese industries appear unwelcome to foreigners. Am I oversimplifying this?

Depend. Foxconn bought SHARP. Bain Capital bought Kioxia. Chinese investors own most core real estate assets in Japan.

The problem with Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors is political not because Japan fears foreigners. It was due to Carlos Ghosn and Renault refusing to appoint akamudari bureaucrats into those positions in the alliance. I recently learned this from a Japanese aide in the matter. A similar example is Zojirushi, in which Chinese investors got into splat with the sitting Japanese former bureaucrats in the Board.

Foreign takeovers can be relatively easy if any Japanese company doesn't have much involvement with bureaucrats.

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Posted in: Weak yen forces Japan to shrink historic military spending plan See in context

Japanese elites are spinning narrative before the total collapse. You don't need a Taiwan crisis to destroy Japan. The LDP elites and their American puppets are stupidly doing it to Japan, so the country will be cheap to be sold for BlackRock, Chinese, Southeast Asians, Americans and many others.

Perhaps, we will see the International Settlements of Japan where the concept of sovereignty will end for Japan. This is what Kishida proposes!


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Posted in: Chinese grabbing up Tokyo real estate See in context

This is something that I have been saying for years. I have seen this happening since 2014.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel shuts historic Kure plant in western Japan See in context

De-industrialization of Japan is at work!

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to set up special zones to boost foreign investment See in context

Bakumatsu 2.0 with Chinese and other Asians. Kishida is definitely selling Japan for cheap prices, and all Asian elites will come and snap up all assets. Japanese labor is dirt cheap, and the best part is that you can literally underpay them to the level of slavery that they will never complain or fight back.

Cheap Japan is a paradise for foreign vultures and capital slavers!

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Posted in: Dumb, phony and boring to the point of tears: Shows that ask foreign tourists what they like about Japan See in context

Japanese have an inferiority complex and love to hear foreigners’s reactions to Japan. TV shows like this just tap into that common feeling.

As poor Japan gradually becomes a reality, Japan has started to completely de-industrialize, de-invest in science and technology as well as education, and shift focus towards a services economy (primarily prostitution). You now can have Japanese prostitutes at cheaper prices than anywhere else in the world, and the situation has attracted the attention of US immigration control.

Japan is pushing the agenda of selling assets to foreigners and having its women/entertainers make money through entertaining foreigners. This is the result of years of Koizumi/Abe leadership!

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Posted in: Hotels in Japan facing severe labor crunch as they emerge from pandemic See in context

Years of xenophobia and economic decline finally hit Japan. Now, no one wants to come to be exploited by Japanese elites.

With the release of Fukushima nuke water, China is now less keen to invest in the future of Japan.

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Posted in: Bigmotor president to step down over alleged fraud See in context

This news should be in the major headline everywhere internationally. In Japan, it's the biggest story right now as many companies are involved with the scams!

I can't expect more because international media on Japan's problems is heavily managed by MoFA!

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Posted in: Japan says it hopes to communicate closely with China including with Wang Yi See in context

Japan is desperate after China's ban on Ga & Ge, which soon will be Japan's agricultural/aquacultural products. Let's not forget that Japan will be hit hard when Taiwan reunification with China happens.

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Posted in: Era of mass closures: The Japanese businesses without successors See in context

De-industrialization of Japan is in action.

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Posted in: Central Tokyo condo price soars to record high in 1st half of 2023 See in context

Japan tries hard to become the next UK for all dark money from Asian elites. Almost all of these condos are owned by foreigners who are mostly Chinese.

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Posted in: Microsoft and Activision extend deadline to close $69 billion deal under close regulatory scrutiny See in context

SONY just already lost the permanent war.

Even with a 10 years contract for Call of Duty, it doesn't mean that Microsoft can purposely rig the games to perform badly on SONY's gaming platforms. During the FTC fiasco, SONY told the judge that Call of Duty is what keeps the PlayStation alive!!

The real foes of Microsoft aren't Japanese companies but the rising Chinese ones like MiHoYo or Tencent. I bet SONY will eventually end up like Toshiba where it goes bankrupt but will be brought back as a zombie by a bunch of old-fashioned Japanese elites who mesmerize the good old days. However, SONY may be different since most of the shareholders and executives are foreigners. It could be perhaps sold to a foreign private equity giant instead of being brought out by Japanese old farts.

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Posted in: Yamazaki 'must-have' whisky turns 100 as global demand soars See in context

Japan's deindustrialization and tech decline are paving the way for the rise of a services-based economy or subcontracting.

Japan better maintains a niche brand of premium goods before China and other countries develop their own premium brands. China's Moutai has been increasingly popular in recent years, and it's merely a fraction of what China can and will do in the world of premium wines.

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