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Japan still has a lot of undeveloped land, focus on that instead of meaningless rocks.

Japan has destroyed most of its lands for pointless construction projects in the 1980s-90s. The country has been ecologically destroyed.

In the 1970s and '80s, Japan seemed to be unstoppable. Its economy grew endlessly and rapidly. Japanese individuals and corporations bought up iconic companies and sites all over the world. Tokyo property values skyrocketed beyond all imagination. It was the Japan that could say "More". But after all the media attention and wild predictions of Japan being No. 1, what was the reality ? Was all this a miracle ? Was Japan the best model for a number of developing nations wanting to go for broke ?

> McCormack, fluent in Japanese and deeply interested in the society he'd chosen to study for life, delves deeply into the underside of the economic "miracle" and--surprise, surprise--finds out that Godzilla might have feet of clay. But if anyone thinks that mine is a snide comment, let me hasten to say that he proves that he has every reason to doubt. The book is divided into several sections. In the first, he argues that "Japanese expansion has outrun the social and political structures necessary to determine social priorities and needs and has begun to threaten the fragile ecosystem." That is, such a giant boom was not sustainable. He analyzes three areas: construction, leisure, and farming, noting the way the first two impact the third. The use of state-financed construction of public works (whether necessary or not) and the encouragement of vast "leisure" areas for a population rather deprived of actual leisure time (areas whose construction helped destroy the environment of a not very large country) have wreaked havoc on the Japanese environment and depleted farming land. Though not an expert on these matters, I very much appreciated that McCormack used Japanese sources for his arguments and did not indulge in "Japan-bashing" from afar. The book goes on to discuss Japanese identity and the ins and outs of being a "peace state", that is, one without a formal military (though Japan's "self-defense force" is one of the major militaries of the world). I think this section is usefully connected to the first part of the book because knowing who you are and where you want to go help a nation to decide its long-term goals. The last part of the book, on Japan's treatment of its past, especially World War II, may be accurate and compelling, but seemed to me to be tangential to "the emptiness of affluence". However, a country that cannot unwind itself from its mid-20th century imperialist vision, that is led by people with the same mindset, cannot find a proper path to that more sustainable affluence that McCormack and many Japanese scholars envision. Now that China has become an enormous power---not really foreseen in this book---the chickens may come home to roost. This is a most serious study of Japan. If you'd like the background to Japan's current malaise, you've definitely come to the right place.

There is not anything there for Japan to develop. Japan now needs to re-develop its people and constructed lands to prepare the country for the uncertain future. The future has rising geopolitical tensions and raging climate changes.

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Be very careful. The Russian government usually does this when they need help with something relating to the islands. In exchange for a huge amount of cash or assistance they usually offer vague promises of “future discussions” about the islands. Japan would be wise to pass.

They already have their ally, China, to provide economic perks. Japan doesn't have anything to offer Russia unless it is the complete withdrawal of American forces from Japan.

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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

It is fun until Covid-19 cases explode all over the place.

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Posted in: Japan defense chief Kishi eyes visit to Vietnam around mid-August See in context

Because the UK Defence minister went first, then the American Defence Secretary will follow after.

Japan simply follows the cue set up by the US/UK. Hell, I think that the German Secretary of Defence and French Secretary of Defence, South Korea Secretary Defence will follow soon after Japan.

Vietnam is the most important country in the Indo-Pacific along with India, so it has been in the great interest of luring Vietnam into the QUAD. Like I said many times, it won't work.

1. Vietnam differs from the West ideologically, and the US won't ever accept Marxist-Leninist socialism.

2. The Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party of China are true rulers of the respective nation, and they are allied in nature due to the ideological struggle on the global stage. Vietnam still aids North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and other "enemies of the West" as much as China and Russia do. There is little evidence that suggests China or Vietnam is ever in eternal conflict because the CPV and CPC do not think so, and those Parties rule those nations.

3. Vietnam is aligned with the interests of the Global South, and it has been accelerating the efforts of global de-dollarization with China, Russia, Iran, and many other non-Western nations. If you offer the Marshal Plan to Vietnam, then it won't guarantee the Vietnamese support due to the Vietnamese disconnected feelings towards the Global North.

4. As stated in 1 and 2, the US still funds the color revolutions and liberal insiders within Vietnam. The US always wants to topple the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam. Of course, Vietnam won't trust the West a bit unless the West puts a permanent stop to the criticism of human rights and fundings of color revolutions. In fact, the Pentagon has pressured both the State Department and US Treasury to stop bullying Vietnam around the 2010s. It is a good start but the malignant thinking of "democratic coup d'etat" should go away within the minds of American politicians.

In conclusion, the US should treat Vietnam more like Israel and Saudi Arabia in terms of cooperation and partnership (allies among equals). This means that the CPV should freely reign the country without American interference, and the US must assist any extradition request from the CPV as well. Probably, Americans should turn a blind eye to whatever Vietnam does even if any activity is on the level of Saudi's Khashoggi execution or Israel's espionage on American elites.

That's the only way to win long-term cooperation from Vietnam, permanently.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to open under unprecedented conditions See in context

This will be a health catastrophe.

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Posted in: Japan envoy in Australia says Tokyo struggles every day with China See in context

Blasting China on the world stages through microphones. Doing businesses with China in secrets.

japan is all talk but no spine.

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Posted in: Japan ups 2030 renewables goal in draft energy policy See in context

Likely, it is going to fail again.

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Japan is the most volatile (manipulated) economy ever.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of Microsoft hack, disruptive and destabilizing behavior See in context

Not US-related, my colleague had a relative who worked in NEC as the senior administrator in the IT field. The security incompetence inside the NEC is astounding as all hardware and software are largely outdated. Security breaches happen so regularly every day that the NEC cybersecurity teams, mostly Vietnamese and Indian, simply give up due to the underfunding and endless meetings with the oyajis who don't make any decision! Who knows how much data was stolen from NEC by Chinese, Russian, and other global hackers daily?

Meanwhile, Japan wants to join the Five Eyes, then the country will be a treasure trove for the global hackers.

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japan envoy over lewd remark about Moon See in context

The last time I heard, China was threatening to create a "Japan Exception" to its nuclear doctrine and nuke Japan first. Japan is the only country on earth China is willing to nuke first. That's how much China hates Japan, and Korea is not far behind.

Nah, China will allow North Korea to do that honor.

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Posted in: South Korean president to skip Olympics See in context

World leaders should ditch the Olympics altogether.

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japan envoy over lewd remark about Moon See in context

No wonder why Japan is failing because its diplomats are mostly uneducated elites like Taro Aso. No country even listens or appreciates Japan anymore.

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Posted in: Yellen 'not certain' Amazon would pay under global tax agreement See in context

Offshore tax havens, baby!

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Posted in: Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city See in context

Kazuo Shii is so right.

After the collapse of the bubble economy, Japan lost respect from the West. These Western elites barely consider Japan as a nation more than a neo-colony, by the US for military bases and IOC/financial institutions as cash cows.

Bach is the latest representation of what global elites really think about Japan. They are really looking forwards to the Beijing Olympics 2022, not Tokyo 2021. Regardless of how much Japan is paying these Westerners to say, the global elites won't ever respect Japan at all.

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Posted in: 80% of university seniors in Japan secure job offers See in context

Labor jobs and part-time jobs, for sure.

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Posted in: Heavy rain pounds southwest Japan; alert issued for 245,000 residents See in context

Climate Change gradually turns Japan into a jungle hellscape. I bet Europe and North America will become a desert by the end of the 21st century.

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Posted in: The rising number of suicides, especially among women, could become a serious social problem if left unaddressed. We have to try to understand the problems people face and lend them a helping hand. See in context

deal with issues of loneliness and isolation stemming from the pandemic.

They purposely leave out the biggest issue: POVERTY.

Japanese elites stuck their heads into the sands, and pretend that Japan is "rich" for everyone.

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Posted in: France probes Uniqlo, 3 other fashion groups over Uyghur labor See in context

Tadashi Yanai has always been a pro-CCP stooge.

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Posted in: U.S. keeps Tier-2 rating of Japan's efforts against human trafficking See in context

Expect more of "Freedom" coming to Japan.

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Posted in: 'Dragon Quest' at Olympics opening ceremony? Game theme, 'Evangelion'-connected song heard coming from stadium See in context

This is a recipe for embarrassment.

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Posted in: Data possibly doctored on over 80,000 Mitsubishi Electric systems See in context

If Japan conforms to the international standards of accounting and quality-testing, then 90% of Japanese firms will cease to exist.

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Posted in: Economic security a concern amid U.S.-China rivalry: Japan white paper See in context

Japan, Vietnam, strengthen your economy as the great mother China rises to the first place as an economic power..

Vietnam (Communist Party, exactly) has always been on the side of China. Vietnamese communists reap massive benefits from the rising Global South under China-Russia guidance. Meanwhile, Japan is late to the party as South Korea has already made preparations.

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Posted in: Japan's May jobless rate highest in 5 months See in context

The real number should 14-20% without data manipulation.

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Posted in: Firm led by former Japanese minister linked to Myanmar military See in context

No surprise here at all! I work with an investment firm that deals with elite customers from China, Vietnam. Most of these people are either Chinese Party elites or Vietnamese Party elites - Communist Parties. Guess who is giving these Party elites an extremely easy loan? Japan.

HSBC is more of a lenient bank for money laundering but not loans. Japan is the big, easy bank that loans money to authoritarian countries without any hurdle of politics and human rights. Most of these Party officials in China and Vietnam have extremely close ties with Japanese political elites, who invest massive money in China and Vietnam.

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Posted in: Nissan may confirm this week it is building a battery plant in UK - Sky See in context

 China-based battery maker Envision AESC group to build new battery plants for electric vehicles in Japan and United Kingdom.

Japanese superior engineering is now made in China.

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Posted in: China seen as top U.S. partner in Asia, Japan more reliable: poll See in context

Japan is a trustworthy client state of the US. Japanese people in the 1970-80s have the balls of speaking against American imperialism, while Kakuei Tanaka pulled a stunt to be the first Western-aligned nation to normalize relations with China and Vietnam. Since the 1990s, the US purged all capable people in Japan and put incompetent, loyal puppets into the LDP (Taro Aso to Junichiro Koizumi). Japan has become more alien towards Asia as its leaders force Japan to drift towards the West at all costs.

As Eurasia is rising, Japan won't reap the benefits and will be left behind in the dust. Hell, South Korea has already surpassed Japan in most technological fields because Koreans reap economic benefits from befriending with China and the ASEAN.

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@Septim Dynasty Toshiba is never going to be foreign owned. That's for sure.

It is already the case.

Now, it is up to whoever foreign corporation wants to absorb it completely. That's a different story.

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Posted in: Toshiba management woes seen deepening after strong shareholder rebuke See in context

Likely, it will be a foreign chairman of Toshiba next time. I bet that METI and Japanese bureaucrats are going to "Ghosn" him or her if foreign investors ever intended to make Toshiba foreign-owned.

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Posted in: Japan ratifies world's biggest free trade deal involving China, ASEAN See in context

Japan can't bite the feeding hands of China but its tongue won't dare to touch the hands of the US.

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Posted in: Shareholders oust Toshiba chairman See in context

It's time to sell Toshiba for CVC.

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