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Posted in: Japanese leader's trip to China in 1972 was diplomatic gamble See in context

The US later punished Japan for doing such a wild act.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympic exec, business ally allegedly shared bribe See in context

The amount of bribery is shockingly low, comparing to corrupt bureaucrats in Southeast Asia, China and even the US.

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Posted in: Petrol stations' days may be numbered See in context

Fossils-fueled power plants won't go away but gas stations will go. If ICE cars will go away by 2030, then Japanese automakers will be in a world of pain.

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan vows reform after criticism See in context

Korean cultists will control Japan as usual.

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Posted in: Japan intervenes in currency market buying yen for dollars for first time since 1998 See in context

BOJ already used its reserves today to dump USD buy Yen... they haven't done this since 1998...USDJPY moved -2.3% immediately after they did this... now trading at 142.7... what a crazy day today!

Of course, daddy America allowed Japan to sell USD. When Abe died, the Yen stabilized a bit for a while as Japan dumped some of US treasury assets.

Again, Japan will burn out this support option because it can't solve the long term issues.

It has been afraid for at least a generation. Hence it not reporting the unemployment statistics clearly, as other developed countries do. Japan changed it's reporting methods around 20 or 25 years ago, thereby creating the image, to the people and the world, that even with a sinking economy, unemployment rates stayed steady at around 2% to 3%, but the reality is quite different.

Non-permanent employment is probably more than 50% by now but the LDP conceals this knowledge from the public. They consider these non-permanent employees are employed fully.

Kuroda will continue to fake print money until the WW3, Japan is already bankrupted and need fake monopoly notes to continue the social circus.

Japan is going to last as long as the FED allows it to last. Probably, Japan won't last long once the war in Taiwan breaks out soon. Japan will end up worse than Ukraine because China will blockade Japan economically if Japan is going to intervene on Taiwan. Of course, the US will force Japan to intervene on Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japan's average residential land price rises for 1st time in 31 years See in context

Chinese and foreign money.

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Posted in: Political worries, low yen attracting more Chinese buyers to Japan's real estate market See in context

Not just Chinese, Vietnamese in Japan is recently becoming the second largest foreign population. They're also buying assets and creating their own autonomous regions within Japan.

If you ever have an opportunity to go into the Southern states of the US (from Texas to Mississippi), Vietnamese American communities are carving up their closed communities being impervious to externalities, while they greatly contribute to the local economy. The same story is also seen in Southern California with Little Saigon. Chinese and Vietnamese people share the same mentality of creating autonomous communities everywhere that they go.

For Japan, this is a good thing as talented Asian foreigners can revitalize Japan. For Japanese natives, it is horrible because their jobs will be mostly taken by these foreigners. Hence, this is why the ongoing hatred against Vietnamese in Japan is on the rise because all jobs are taken from Japanese natives.

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Posted in: How the strong U.S. dollar can affect everyone See in context

The Yen-carry trade has been going on for decades whenever interest rates move, and now its extended to most other currencies.

That was the old days but the depreciation of Yen has ended it.

Exporters in japan are also gaining from this weak yen .That’s how it should be… more of Japanese products being exported is even better for the Japanese economy . We should get rid off Made in China products and get back using Made in Japan products which are far more better quality than China

Do you actually read Yahoo News at all? 9/10 of articles on the same topic have Japanese businesses complaining about how the weak Yen is destroying their businesses. The weak Yen is good for big corporations to pay down their Yen-based debts but a little gain for disposable incomes (except for Yen).

Rising prices due to a weak Yen will kill the imports that are needed for manufacturing. Japan is entirely reliant on importing resources, food, and everything else.

A strong USD makes imports cheaper for Americans. 

Meanwhile, the prices of everything will rise. USD-based disposable incomes are barely rising as Americans increasingly have less money for saving. US corporations are cutting jobs and lowering expansions, and Big Tech recently started doing it.

Yes, get those over 75s into the factory now.

It is just impossible at this point unless Japan allowed Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants to go to Japan in massive numbers to fill those factories. Again, it is not possible because Japanese xenophobes are aggressive and factories in Japan are unprofitable/unsustainable.

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Posted in: Japan warns of intervention; BOJ conducts 'rate check' over yen's fall See in context

Sell the US treasuries or face a continuing inflationary nightmare.

Of course, Japanese elites don't dare to do so because many of them will end up assassinated or politically ruined by the zealous CIA/Pentagon. Last time, the US took pity on Japan after Abe's death, so a few US treasuries were allowed to be sold to stabilize the Yen.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori questioned over Tokyo Olympics corruption See in context

Mori is the head of the corrupt gangs after Abe.

Additionally, it is very surprising to find out that it's extremely cheap to buy out the highest political elites in Japan. The Unification Church is the testament of such truth!

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to take action as yen dives See in context

Ready to sell Japan to the highest foreign bidders by destroying the Yen.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

This pretty much validates the conspiracy theory of "Koreans control Japan" from the Netto uyoku.

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Posted in: Yen tumbles to lower 144 range against U.S. dollar See in context

Hyperinflation is inevitable once the crisis in Taiwan erupts.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympic exec served fresh arrest warrant for bribery See in context

Meanwhile, the LDP's corruption with Unification Church will be hidden.

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Posted in: Japan warns of impact of yen's rapid depreciation to 24-year low See in context

A prominent Japanese economist/investor (Japan's Michael Burry) even predicted that Yen would end up at 500 Yen to 1 USD in the very near future. This scenario will likely be a conflict in Taiwan where China will retaliate economically against Japan and South Korea with a blockade. Japan and South Korea will end up worse than the EU currently.

Japan's structural weaknesses are beyond repairable now. Japan's only solution is to import wealthy Asians from China, India, and ASEAN to inject massive capital to revitalize the economy akin to the UK becoming a safe haven for wealthy "brown people" (South Asians and Middle Easterners) in past years. However, this is also a double-edged sword because Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, and other Asians will likely create walled cities (concessions) to stimulate economic activities among themselves, while Japanese workers will be abused and ignored. This phenomenon has already begun in Hokkaido where Chinese-owned businesses cater to Chinese and other Asians but not Japanese locals.

Shinzo Abe's plan was to turn Japan into the next UK for rich Asians.

How long ago was this? 40 years ago, 50, more? Households economics, national economics, regional economics and world economics changed beyond recognition over such a timespan. You are literally comparing 21st century with 20th century economics.

Dude, really...

That's the best you can expect from Japan's LDP trolls around here. They clearly manipulate the votes on this site to downvote anyone with a slight criticism against Japan.

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Posted in: Man gets 4 years in prison for arson in Korean community in Kyoto See in context

Mindan folks won't naturalize now, now that Korea is wealthier and more developed than Japan is. As for the ChongRyon folks, most of them already acquired ROK passports.

Given how LDP elites hypocritically receive money from Korean Moonies, we can safely say that Japanese elites aren't even as rich as originally thought. These hypocrites live on Korean cash, Chinese consumers/investments, and Vietnamese labor but they spent their lives bashing Koreans and other foreigners.

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Posted in: Kyocera, KDDI founder Kazuo Inamori dies at 90 See in context

He is the most decent businessman in the swamp of neo-feudal elites in Japan.

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Posted in: H.I.S. to sell Huis Ten Bosch resort stake to Hong Kong fund See in context

Chinese and other foreign Asians are buying up Japan, while the LDP keeps pretending to be economic nationalists.

They can't accept Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors becoming French but they accept core assets becoming Chinese and Southeast Asian.

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Posted in: Olympus to sell microscope business to U.S. fund Bain for $3 bil See in context

The hollowing out of Japan keeps getting worse.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

LDP elites like Shinzo Abe really want to incorporate foreign trainees into the full-time workforce as South Korea did for a long time. Since Abe, Japan expanded the import of foreign workers into the country's economy. At the same time, this act continually drives down wages in Japan. However, Japan's LDP can't fully eliminate the lifetime employment systems and "native-only" employment systems. Japan can easily eliminate the slavery systems of foreign trainees but it will anger many Japanese native workers (mostly pensioners) who are the huge voting base of the LDP. If Japan eliminates the trainee systems to incorporate foreign trainees as full-time workers, then Japan's working conditions will be even worse for Japanese natives as they will face intense job competition and decreasing wages.

In the end, there have been signs that the Kishida administration is adamant about ending the trainee systems and incorporating foreign workers fully.

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Posted in: LG, Honda to set up U.S. joint venture to make EV batteries See in context

But the end is near for Japan's battery makers, following the footsteps of Japan's electronics and semiconductor industry before it.

Japanese nationalists around here won't lightly take your comment even if it is the truth. Japanese people are still in denial over losing to China in all fields, losing to Korea in electronics and semiconductors, and soon failing to Vietnam, India, and the rest of ASEAN at everything else.

Olympus recently sold its science equipment manufacturing division to Bain Capital, which is just another sign of hollowing out of Japan.

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Posted in: As Japanese manufacturing fades, a factory town fights to stay alive See in context

That's exactly it. I wish the 25 who downvoted this comment would care to say it is wrong.

Because LDP is now paying English netto-uyoku to defend glorious Japan everywhere. This started under Abe when he allocated budgets for MoFA to monitor and manage online content in regard to Japan.

You can see a bunch of them around here and on Reddit. Any slight criticism against Japan is warranted with downvotes and hates. Of course, the CIA also provides backup help for the LDP too! In fact, we see there are two or three American military men here defending Japan which is highly suspicious.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $30 bil over next 3 years for Africa See in context

No money but just talks!

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

The Unification Church is far more powerful than any right-wing, ultranationalist organization in Japan. It is not surprising that they can have a hidden army of thousand of Japanese followers doing bidding around. This fact astounds the Japanese nationalists.

The UC and Falun Gong are rising fascist forces in the Western world.

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Posted in: China, Japan officials meet amid Taiwan tensions See in context

Begging China to 

That was the typo error.

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Posted in: LDP policy chief visited Unification Church-linked facility See in context

It is ironic that Japanese ultranationalist elites spend years of hating Koreans so much that they don't see any problem with being dominated by Korean fascists. This saga also confirms the lingering conspiracy theories that Koreans control Japan since the dawn of Imperial Japan. Again, this is not surprising at all because Baekje refugees essentially founded the core imperial elites of Japan including the Imperial Family of Japan.

On top, you have Americans ruling Japan as the foreign shoguns. Secondly, you have ethnic Koreans ruling the Japanese bureaucracy and economy. Thirdly, you have "pure Yamato" Japanese elites doing odd jobs for ethnic Korean elites in Japan.

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Posted in: China, Japan officials meet amid Taiwan tensions See in context

Begging China to cripple any maritime trade lane and flows of resources toward Japan. China can turn Japan and South Korea back to the Dark Ages without firing shots. Blockade the straight of Taiwan and its surrounding waters for more than a year is good enough.

Japan now does this after conducting a begging round with India and ASEAN a few months ago.

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

What a waste of time! Japanese political elites should spend more time on fixing their country rather than riling up China and Korea. Of course, they should also stop the hypocrisy of hating Koreans/Chinese but still receiving Korean/Chinese bribes.

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Posted in: Housing complexes becoming Japan's new Chinatowns See in context

Vietnamese towns will also rise as well since they're now the largest working foreign population in Japan now. They are settling in their own complexes and towns whenever they can. The only hurdles for them, Chinese and other foreigners are the Japanese xenophobic restrictions against foreigners. I expect this will go away soon under the Kishida administration and beyond.

Chinese and Southeast Asians have the money, and Japanese people are increasingly having less. It's just natural that foreigners will sit atop Japan in the coming years. Chinese and Vietnamese communities will be the majority who will create their own foreign concessions in Japan.

I live in California to have witnessed the phenomenon of walled cities among Chinese and Vietnamese communities against non-Asian communities. These people occupy most of the expensive real estate assets in the state. The same phenomenon will repeat in Japan.

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Posted in: Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Kishida See in context

Nippon Kaigi is the equivalent of American GOP rally. It is nowhere powerful as either Unification Church or Soka Gakkai. Either one is a Korean organization (Ikeda of SGI has Korean heritage).

Japanese nationalists like Kishida, if there is actually a legit one, can't fathom the facts that the "filthy Koreans" have been ruling Japan in shadow for decades. It is bloody humiliating for Japanese ultranationalists to eat out from the hands of Korean "anti-communists" (both UC and SGI have North Korean ties), while these ultranationalists dehumanize Koreans and other minorities in Japan whenever they can.

This scandal has shattered the Japan's invincibility myth (pure Yamato against foreign domination) among the Japanese ultranationalists. Japan is ruled on the top by American interests, Korean fascists on second tier, Japanese elites on the third tier (dead last). With the current rising population of Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, and other Southeast Asians in Japan, I can expect all of them will nicely sit on top with Americans to rule over Japan. You can clearly see this on how Japanese top elites (like Kishida or Abe) has been salivating towards Chinese, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Cambodian, Thai leaders in the past years and recently. It just provides an image that Japanese elites drooling over these authoritarian leaders so hard for more cash handouts after Korean fascists in Japan can no longer provide for the long terms. This shows how pathetic is the Japanese political world!

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