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The US for one. Canada. Most of Europe before WWII. Export driven economic growth is a post WWII phenomena. Before WWII transportation costs and high tariffs made exporting expensive. It was the reforms initiated by the Allies during the closing days of WWII beginning with the Bretton Woods Agreement, done to prevent a recurrence of the beggar thy neighbor trade polices that laid the groundwork for WWII, along with the generosity of the Marshall Plan that allowed Germany and Japan in particular to grow their war ravaged economies through exporting their goods around the world. Low transportation costs and low tariffs accelerated the ability of manufacturing nations to export and made resource prices more or less the same around the world.

The Soviet Union, as well. Both superpowers are the global exception because they held all of the world's natural resources, powerful military and core science/technologies. Both nations can utterly dominate the world if they ever cooperated.

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Brilliant choice by Suga as his first trip. Vietnamese people look up to and absolutely love Japan. The cultural and economic ties are strong, and getting stronger by the year. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people live and work in Japan, and hundreds of Japanese companies have their manufacturing based in Vietnam.

Out of many things that I have disagreed with you. This one that I actually agree.

Personally, I think that since Madam Tran Thi Nguyet is wearing an Ao Dai, Madam Mariko Suga should have worn a kimono. What she's wearing makes her look like just one of the ladies in the department store food section. And I do agree that one of PM Suga's highly paid secretaries should get him fitted for a decent suit.

I would leave that job of a kimono to the Empress of Japan. She represents the Japanese culture better than the First Lady.

So Japan is embracing and selling military equipment to a communist country now?

Selling "American" military equipments because all of Japanese arms are American-based and American-designed anyway.

In truth, this is a very smart way for the Vietnamese to diplomatically circumvent the Chinese aggression. Vietnam wants to buy American arms but the Chinese are constantly screeching at the prospect of the USA-Vietnam alliance. Remember when Taiwan bought 7 billion USD of American arms? China sent military forces near the Taiwan Straight, then they sent their own thugs to beat up Taiwanese people overseas. There are many antics that the CCP conducts on the Taiwanese and Taiwan as well. Vietnam doesn't want to be like Taiwan here.

Vietnam buys Japanese weapons but in truth, they are using the Japanese to buy American arms for them. If Vietnamese want to buy F-35, then they will ask Japanese to sell them Mitsubishi F-2 (written in name, but American produced) instead. The Chinese will not have any reason to press Vietnam on the supposed alliance with the USA.

I wish they are treated good by their employers. They are intelligent people and have talent in mathematics.

Aside the Chinese, Vietnamese people in Japan are also serving the elite rank of Japan's academia and are successful business-owners of various size in various prefectures. The interesting fact here is that their community explosively becomes dominant and prevalent in a very short time. I would not be surprised if we see Viet-towns everywhere in Japan or across the world in the future.

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You do realize that Viet Nam is a communist nation too, right?

Good Communists. The USA said such thing when they gave China the MFN status. Thanks to Nixon, of course!

Now, the West is doing the same tactic but pitching Vietnam against China.

Vietnam is much closer to China than to Japan, as simple as that.

Ideologically, yes. Politics, economics and many other aspects, NO!

Vietnam is willing to backstab China if there is a chance. They cleverly used both Russia and the USA pitching against China as the world balancer. Additionally, Vietnam is closer to Japan than China, thanks to Shinzo Abe.

In fact, Vietnam is always a part of China until recently.

Ok, Wumao. China has always been a part of Vietnam for thousands of years, Baiyue clemency. Seriously, China would not need to wage all expensive sea skirmishes against Vietnam if it is a part of China.

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??? Toyota is giving away the technology, how inexpensive is 'free'?. Nagamori san's company was lucky to be in the right place, at the right time. But that game is almost over. Nagamori san will be yesterday's man sooner rather than later.

Actually, Nagamori-san has been deeply engaging with the CCP and VCP for a long time now. He is the most pro-China and pro-globalized person in Japan along with Masayoshi Son and Tadashi Yanai. Most of his factories are in China, and all of other factories scatter throughout Southeast Asia. Nidec might look 14 billion USD on papers, but most of the profits stay in China and Vietnam, mostly China. The respective Communist Parties are very adamant at keeping the foreign revenues within the borders. Especially with China, they go one step ahead through forcing technology transfer. The Chinese already possessed the know-how tech on producing the Nidec's products but they simply don't have the exorbitant privilege of market access to the West, like Japan has.

If the Chinese or Vietnamese manufacturers can become suppliers of Apple or other Western corporations, Japan and South Korea are toasted because both Communist nations, ideologically allied but politically polarized, will initiate the global price wars. China did this with steels and manufactured products dumping across the world, Vietnam did with agricultural products across the world.

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Damn right, Hayao Miyazaki criticized the anime industry is full of otakus who can't imagine anything aside their sexual deviants.

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China occupies Paracel Islands in the SCS out of their desperation. Americans got Taiwan, and they effectively block China's naval might. Controlling the SCS is originally thought to be a stepping plan to allow Chinese naval might be great again, except Vietnam block the Chinese again because the Vietnamese controlled almost all of SCS with their artificial islands. Additionally, Singapore is also on the American side mostly. China is once again naval-locked. Taiwan is a very important strategic location that will allow China breaking through American naval block-hold to go straight into the Pacific Ocean.

China screws up their plan of becoming a superpower through declaring the malevolent intentions to the world and seeding conflicts against 11 bordering countries. This is a suicidal move that the USA will exploit for their own advantages against China, divide-and-conquer strategy. I know that Xi Jinping was born to a father who was extremely liberal and anti-authoritarian. He might have picked up a lot of liberal democratic philosophies from his father, so he is accelerating the decline of CCP through making China as the world's enemy. This is only a logical explanation for China's suicidal movies in the last decades. Even Jiang faction and other factions in the CCP are preparing to flee China and colluding with the West for the birth of a new China after the CCP. Guo Wengui is a prime example of such, as he was a henchman of Jiang Zemin, who now lobbies and campaigns against Xi Jinping.

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Shinzo Abe made a dumb mistake of accepting only 2 islands out of 4 because he thought that was the best way. In the end, he didn't get anything at all. The consequence of his action will be Russia using Abe's idiocy to pressure Japan not accepting any island concession - If Japan wants 4 islands or more back, Russia will use Abe's example to backtrack Japanese demands.

If Japan did nothing in 1904 Russia would have conquered all of Manchuria as they did. Had to give it back.

Soviet Union conquered Manchuria for a brief time from Japan in 1940s. People over there enjoyed their lives better than under Japanese rule for a moment, of course.

Korean Peninsula was next on the menu. Koreans speaking Russians and staying poor. That was the alternative future for you Koreans if Japan did nothing.

Koreans will likely disagree with your statement. South Korea was developed under the American guidance, not Japanese help alone.

You Russians should be stopped! Japan standing up to Russia was a good thing!

Depend if you have the strength to do it. Even the USA can't do anything, when Russians openly instigate aggression near Alaska or conquered Crimea of Ukraine. If Japan stupidly attack Russians in Sakhalin Island tomorrow, the Russians would be gladly acquiring Hokkaido for their expansion pack. The USA will unlikely interfere at all.

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Japan's subs are vastly better than anything the Russians are building. Pretty much always have been too. But they cost a lot more and contain US tech the US is loathe to share with just anyone. Australia is ok, Vietnam not so much.

Citations needed. Russian warships have been in active combat, and proven quite effective in warfare. We never saw any Japanese ship in warfare after WWII.

The USA is already celebrating the 25th anniversary with Vietnam. They already compensate a lot of economic perks to the country. The next step to the relations is an alliance against China, which the US will be willing to provide some technological perks if Vietnam complies. The same old tactic that the USA deployed with China against the USSR. I can see this mile away with Vietnam case, and the US is using Japan as the bridge for that matter.

Commercial ships are not built the same way military ships are. Everything from the design of their water tight doors and hatches, provisions for firefighting and damage control to TEMPEST protections, which are generally absent from commercial designs, differs between civilian and military ships. Commercial ships don't have NBC, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection systems incorporated into their designs. 

I don't see how this is relevant to our conversation because I clearly stated that Vietnam would rather buy arms directly from the USA instead of Japan. Vietnam bought the Japanese patrol boats because of a political reason, rather than any military reason. If they want qualities, then they could have bought directly from the USA itself.

As built, FREMM class ships do not meet US Navy minimum requirements. From what I've seen of European and JMSDF warships, none of the European navies including the Royal Navy build ships as battle worthy as the US and Japan.

You forgot that France can build nuclear-powered ships, Germany can build excellent variety of stealth ships (that China and Vietnam looking to cooperate), Sweden builds excellent AIP submarines that have breached through the US aircraft carrier's defense. I don't completely know the technicalities but I only focus on the results and achievements.

In term of combat experience, European powers have experienced and tested their naval strength a lot of times, while Japan didn't. We can't have an accurate conclusion on Japan's battle worthiness for looking at the specs alone.

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Tadashi Yanai has most of his businesses in China and Southeast Asia. This explains why he is holding out so well. I admired the guy for writing the most brutal rebuttal against Japanese delusional nationalism or Nihonjinron.

Japan’s biggest problems are conservatism and cowardice. We want stability, peace of mind and safety. But the world keeps changing. Other countries are growing, while we in Japan stick to our old ways.

One problem is that we look down on developing countries. We should be willing to learn from companies in these countries if they are better than us. But we lack the willingness to learn because we have been so successful before. That holds true for managers and employees alike.

Another problem is that Japanese business people and companies are lacking in individuality. Too many people think that everyone must be the same. That’s a basic fault.

Finally, Japanese companies seem to have their eyes in the rearview mirror. They have become introspective. I think we should get back to something more like we were at the end of the war when Japan rose to prominence from a situation in which it had nothing. (It was during this period that Fast Retailing got started, in 1949.)

We’ve lost that spirit, maybe because we are under the illusion that we are rich and superior. But many countries are just as rich, and in Japan, income has stagnated for many people for a decade or more. Japan is still very comfortable to live in, if you are Japanese. But there’s a difference between being comfortable and being viable. We are gradually losing our viability.

In short, Japan has been utterly defeated as an economy. We’re losing the economic game. So why are we being so foolish? Or, more precisely, why aren’t we learning from our mistakes?

Many of his executives and his family are looking for a way out of Japan. I have heard in many articles talked about how his company's leadership finds places to stay in China and Southeast Asia.

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The whole event demonstrates to me that Japanese diplomacy and soft power really suck.

After decades of friendly relations with the West, they can't cultivate any meaningful influence of Japanese flavors in the West. Meanwhile, South Korea have made huge strides to the point that most US Congresspeople believed in the war crimes of Japan. San Francisco remained defiant against Japanese protests was a prime example of such. BTS and Korean Wave are furthering the Korean soft power way beyond anything that Japanese have done in the 20th century.

Next, China and Vietnam have been able to get whatever they want in the last decade. If there are political dissidents, China will assassinate them, while Vietnam will kidnap them. Berlin voices objections but utlimately, they will bow down to China and Vietnam because Germans are completely relied economically on both nations for trade surpluses. I don't see Japan can do the same level of both authoritarian countries, which both Abe and Suga greatly admired, since the Japanese thugs can't even force Western publishing houses to retract the books on Comfort Women. China has been doing many M&A deals, economic espionage and sabotage, while the EU simply watches. Vietnam did the same thing but sprinkled with transnational crimes on an epic level, where they became the largest smuggler of illicit goods and human traffickers in Europe (hence the tragedy of 39 people in ice truck at UK), and the EU did nothing against Vietnam at all. I am using the examples of China and Vietnam because both countries never have the high level of relationship with both SK and Japan, yet they were able to get the EU kowtowing at them after doing alot of illegal craps.

I am here speaking with a pragmatic mind. I don't want to personally intrude myself in the right or wrong on the South Korean global advertisement of Japanese war crimes. However, I just want to point how the Japanese government is simply powerless in the diplomatic and cultural arenas. South Korea simply says whatever they want, and the world leaders will still believe in them more than Japan.

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Perhaps Japan could sell them some submarines to creep around the fake islands and worry the hell out of the CCP navy?

They already have the Kilo-class submarines for that matter. If anything, they would rather spend the money to buy the new batch of Lada-class submarines from Russia. Vietnam would gladly accept the technology transfer on how to build an AIP submarine from Japan for a price.

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Technology transfer of Japanese military to Vietnam, likely pressured by the USA. Just like how South Korea received the metallurgy technology from Japan in the 20th century.

I bet those technologies will relate to the naval capabilities and shipbuilding. Vietnam already has access to American weaponry market due to Obama's lift of lethal weaponry sanctions on Vietnam in 2016. I would not imagine Vietnam is willing to buy Japanese weapons, unless for political reasons (Vietnam is buying J-patrol boats to help Japanese shipbuilders competing against China), because Vietnam can buy much better weapons from Americans or Russians.

Vietnam is already one of the major world shipbuilders, so I don't think they lack the capacity of building huge military ships. However, they lack the special access to Western technology that Japan has. For example, China is barred by the USA to purchase any chipmaking equipments from the EU and USA, while Japan can under the direct guidance from the USA. Vietnam aims to master the metallurgy technology of military-grade level that can be used to manufacture stealth ships and submarines. Vietnam has already secured German assistance on this matter but they need the taste of Anglo-American tech, which is the core component of Japanese military shipbuilding. Vietnam can't simply announce its intention of acquiring the American technology transfer because China is constantly jealous of Vietnam. Last time, Vietnam and Japan cooperated on a nuclear power plant project, then China accused Vietnam of building nuclear weapons. If Vietnam is detected of becoming an American ally, China would retaliate through banning Vietnamese agricultural exports and orchestrate anti-Vietnam protests across China.

About the only difference between China and Vietnam is they hate each other. Aside from that they are much alike and not much to like if you value individual liberty, free speech and a free press. I am as inclined to shun Vietnam as China. Birds of a feather who just happen to not get along.

Trump administration is planning to cease sanctions on Russia, so they can plot Russia against China. The USA always has a romance with authoritarian regimes. They created the monstrosity known as China, and was responsible for the creation of Imperial Japan. Almost every bad event since 19th century, the USA always plays the role of creator behind every mess in the modern history.

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Good old Nakasone. Whose closeness to Ronald Reagan began Japan's move toward neo-liberal mercantilism, growing inequality and trickle down economics.

What's worse that the money and profit are flowing into the hands of foreigners, American or Chinese and more. LDP cronies have been cashing out the Japanese economy for the highest foreign bidders since the 1990s asset bubble collapse.

This feels just like the second Bakumatsu period.

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Another one.

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The USA does not have quite much money to fund this expensive program of extravagant advertising. It has to call upon the "vassals" to foot the bill. However, I am quite glad that this is a chance for these countries getting a glimpse of cutting edge NASA technologies.

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China will use every means possible to achieve its aims. Continued dependency on China, in terms of outsourcing, be it manufacturing, assembly or importing tourists is beyond foolish, as it further empowers China. If the dispute is over natural resources in remote islands, what possible response can Japan formulate to ward of the dominant power in Asia other than diplomacy, exactly none. Chinese vessels in disputed waters are symbolic acts, if China wants to put the screws to Japan, they will do so economically to achieve their aims.

Yet, there are a lot of Japanese nationalists acting that they are better than Chinese online and in the black vans. Many of them are now among the LDP cronies in the government. What's funny that any politician of such delusional grandeur dropped their nationalist veneer after meeting the Chinese and getting awe by the Chinese power. Some of them even become active accomplices of the Chinese masters, like the gambling scandal with Akimoto.

There is no way in hell that Japan can compete against China at the current stage. Years of negligence on China and pointless party bubbles allowed the Chinese Communist Party amassing so much power and presence against Japan and inside Japan.

Sorry, but the sooner the better. Sink these Chinese boats. End of story. Japan can made up some explanation, like ups, sumimasen, we performed standard military drill in this remote part of our territory and didn’t expect any boats there.

You don't want the Japanese service economy to collapse, don't you? The situation with no Chinese tourist in one year is already detrimental for the entire Japanese economy. Now, you want China to enforce a full embargo on Japan indefinitely?

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And Japan Inc is looking to become more attractive to foreign workers?????

Thanks to Ronald Reagan, the God of Voodoo Economics and Trickle down economics. He has been inspirational for the Tories in the UK and LDP cronies in Japan, where each side gradually destroys their own national economy to accommodate foreign domination over their own economy.

This is a direct result of the "economic/market reforms" that everyone on the JT board was cheering about a few years back, if you remember. I was one of the very few who said "bad idea," and was consistently downvoted for my warnings.

I don't think anyone here cheered for that. The issue with market reforms here is that the LDP cronies follow and emulate the toxic Anglo-American model, while the German model is much better. Voodoo economics has been revived since Abe's era, and now Suga is going to push it further. Japan is gradually becoming Americanized, and it isn't funny anymore.

LDP cronies worship Ronald Reagan, and you already how it ended badly in the USA after Reagan was gone.

Infact the robots/slaves from South East Asia have also been rendered jobless.They cant even afford to pay rent and most have debts.Cant even afford to save anything.

Fortunately for the Vietnamese guy in the article, he may find better opportunities in Vietnam or in the EU/USA. It is highly possible that the EU and USA will grant Vietnam the special status to allow foreign workers in their countries. Vietnam is also experiencing a miracle economy, so there are much more to it. Definitely, both options are better than working in Japan. Soon, many SEA countries will follow suit to ditch Japan for better jobs prospect of their own people.

A SAD day for 35.7% of the working Japanese force. Just because they are unable or companies will NOT even give them a full time regular employee jobs does NOT in anyways mean they should be paid less, this is a game employers play and exploit the system.

Japanese labor statistics are the most unreliable data in the world. Many foreign investors may trust the financial statistics from Japan but not the labor ones. The actual number of temporary and part-time workers in Japan should be more than 50-60% because the labor market never recovered from both assets bubble burst of 1990s and Great Recession of 2008. Lifetime employment was already eliminated after 2008 Great Recession, more officially.

The economy will continue to stagnate. People will live in substandard housing, or with their parents, won’t get married, won’t have children. Suicides up. Yay, Japan!

You have to thank Saint Reagan for that. He is bringing "America" to Japan. The legendary philosophy of Trickle Down Economics that has been a divine testament for LDP cronies, akin to the Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung for the Chinese Communists.

Japan needs to bolster its labor unions to give their members greater bargaining power, because without it, the working people of this country will be ****ed. And that will sink the economy once and for all, given that 60% of Gdp is driven by consumer spending.

The USA will scream and sanction if Japan attempts anything so radically "Communist". The Americans, like Warren Buffett and Paul Singer, are investing billions of USD into Japan. They don't want any "socialist" crap halting their ways, especially labor unions. When Obama sanctioned the Yakuza in 2008 that permanently killed the Japanese underworld dominance, the USA was already locked on Japan for many neoliberal changes to make the islandic nation favorable for American economic dominance.

Before the Plaza Accord, Japanese Socialists, unfortunately eliminated politically by the CIA, called for the nationalization of important sectors of Japanese economy to ensure the rising status of a consumer economy. The USA screamed and accused Japan of cozying up with the USSR and Communism, so Japan abandoned all plans of making the country more friendly to the labor unions, socialist policies and Japanese national sovereignty.

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destroyed the Yakuza to only outsource the criminal activities for the Chinese, Vietnamese, American and more. Mostly the first three suspects.

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Chinese and Vietnamese students will be the main international customers of Japanese universities in the future. I can already see that the CCP and VCP will gladly buy those bonds or even shareholdership in Japanese universities. For more political influence upon the islandic nation.

Just like the USA, Japan starts relying on international students for survival and profits.

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This is far worse than I imagined.

I originally anticipated that the systems of "lifetime employment" and living wages will kick in because Japan is the weeb's dream of perfected Nihon-socialist utopia. Well, this news is one step before announcing a massive layoff in the American style.

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The yakuza is tolerated in japan because they keep foreign influence out. This is why there is no triads, mafia, cartels etc able to operate in Japan. They also keep the underworld in check. You try to remove them and see just how fast others will soon take it's place and also less organize. Police can't charge them without proper proof or creating complete chaos in society. The only way is slowly corner them and contain it. You can't eradicate evil, but you can try to contain and even make use of it.

They seem to be doing a horrible job. News flash, Nigerians, Chinese, Vietnamese and many other foreign criminal syndicates are pretty much dominating Japan these days. These crime syndicates don't even give a crap about Yakuza at all. Why I don't ever see any of those romanticized action, from Yakuza media, against those foreigners? Why do I see Yakuzas now act as employees for Chinese bosses in Kabukeicho and Shibuya districts?

I concur with this Chinese boss right here.

One former gangster, who now manages a beauty salon for its Chinese owner, told Suzuki the yakuza mafia’s influence has faded.

“The yakuza’s name is almost not used abroad, even if it intimidates the Japanese in the Japanese community,” the ex-gangster said. “People with language skills are no longer attracted to old-fashioned organizations like organized crime groups.”

An executive from Macau who used Chinese tourists to buy up masks in Japan told Suzuki that yakuza “talk a big game, but they have no guts.”

Is better to have dangerous dog that guard the gates than have many stray dogs coming in. You have any idea how many crimnal organizations there are in Asia alone that are itching to enter the Japan untapped market? At least the yakuza and the police has a understanding. And if they cross the line, the police will just break a few legs as a warning. You don't put a useful fighting dog out.

Please, many J-nationalists still act like their Nihon is special. I dare anyone of them right now going outside Japan to dare acting tough in front of Chinese or Koreans.

Japan used be an important connection for Asian drugs to enter the USA. However, the Chinese bought up most of Canadian real estates along with a widespread network of established Chinatowns, and Vietnamese American heavy presence in the USA due to the Indochina Refugees Crisis. Both of them, Chinese and Vietnamese syndicates, saw no need to use Japan as a transit point for their drugs to go to the USA since now they smuggle all of them in their own respective overseas communities directly. Japan was an important focal point of Asian underground economy because it has unrestricted access to the USA, which it is no longer a thing after Obama's sanctions in 2008. For information, China is the world's largest producer of materials to make drugs, and Vietnam is the world's largest smuggler of wildlife goods, lumbers as well as being very connected to the Golden Triangle.

The prospect of a legal gambling industry is the only profitable thing for foreign organized crimes in Japan. The Chinese crime syndicates already got ahead through bribing and controlling important LDP cronies in various regions. They now just need Suga to give a final nudge for a complete legalization of gambling in Japan. The failure of Olympics 2021 can be a good catalyst at pushing for the complete legalization of gambling industry in Japan.

Macau tycoon, Lawrence Ho, already set his sight to win massively if the casinos are legal across Japan.

Meanwhile, his father, Stanley Ho, was a notorious business person who has ties with Chinese triads and CCP-sponsored crime syndicates.

Confused. Are you referring to yaks or LDP?

The CIA is the master of both. The ones who have been responsible for all crappy events going in Japan since 1945.

seriously, yakuza and some unlawful zhina triads? i will choose the first one

Depend on the ones who control it as well as the degree of self-control in the organized crimes. All Chinese organized crimes are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party who strategically uses them for political purposes. You won't ever see any Chinese triad suddenly kills civilians for no reason, while Yakuzas have been doing such thing for decades with J-govt never did a thing. Tadamasa Goto, a sociopathic boss with a bad habit of letting his men maim and kill innocent civilians, is the prime example of "honorable Yakuza". The CCP may be scummy but they at least look out for their own people. Not out of heart, of course, rather for social stability.

Aside the CCP, you have the Vietnamese Communist Party, Russian oligarchs and Putin, India's Modi, The USA's government (COINTELPRO project to CIA black projects). Like I said, all of these organized crimes, under state control, are very far from being unlawful. Yakuza is the only one being unlawful since they do not answer to the authority.

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Are you defending China, or Xi and his cronies? They are not the same. In fact, Xi is doing great damage to China and I expect his last days will be spent under arrest. And that's nothing to pooh-pooh about!

Please be real. If China is actually vulnerable as many people here believe so, they would have been dead easily long ago. Unfortunately, the reality isn't so feasible for all of us. China held the world as its hostage through a multitude of underhanded strategies for decades, thanks to Nixon.

They borrowed money from all of the world's financial institutions to fund the inefficient OBOR, which China can threaten a default to collapse all world's financial institutions. China used its massive wealth on a buying spree to engage at the strategic M&A that can sway politics of the native nations - the best example is Australia where China is the biggest importer of Australian natural resources, and Australia is very fearful to turn against China. China also buys most of the critically important real estates in the world, and they can strategically influence the local politics and advance espionage worldwide - the best example is Canada, where Trudeau refuses to stand against China because the Chinese investors brought all important real estates in the nation.

I quoted the Senator Ted Cruz because he is right. This is a Cold War because it will take a long time to bring down China. This isn't easy as many people think since China is so entrenched in the developed and developing nations, everywhere!

Some people commenting here are simply without any intelligence or knowledge about how the world is relying on China. They just hate or dislike China are fail to understand the dynamics of trading and functioning economics. Bottom line is that China is strong and will continue to become stronger regardless of what the US does with the help of its puppets such as Japan and Australia ( recently ).

A lot of people lack pragmatism. They only see the world in black and white, while pragmatic people see both. I refer to Abe and Suga who really know where Japan is standing. Both of them haven't engaged at the direct confrontation against China because Japan doesn't have the necessary strength without the support from the USA.

Even with Trump on their side, Japan is becoming dependent on China more than ever. The Japanese service economy is currently almost on collapse because of the lack of Chinese tourism. If China forbid all Chinese tourists entering Japan within more than 2 years, Japanese service economy will utterly go bankrupt. So no, LDP cronies may be ultranationalist and delusional but none of them dares to stand against Xi and China.

It will take two decades or more for the world to decouple from China effectively. It can be much quicker if Trump is absolutely serious, and the Democrats aren't afraid of Chinese lobbying money, and the Wall Streets doesn't suck up to the Chinese promise of opening the domestic market for foreigners.

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For those who think that Chinese and Vietnamese gangs will 'run the casino' in Japan, I think you're being overly doubtful of Japan, Inc. America continually accuses China of IP theft, yet Japan has managed to keep IP theft to China at a minimum. When Chinese investors threatened to overrun the B-and-B business, Japan did a really good job of curtailing that practice. Yes, of course there will be corruption. But at the end of the day, it's probably a big, net benefit for Japan.

I recommend you to watch this video. The Chinese is more insidious than we thought, so no one should underrestimate them.

Vietnamese is the underdog but they are equally insidious at the smaller scale. It is the Chinese that we should really be careful.

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Yakuza are still stronger than you can imagine.

For the sake of the LDP's image (who they actively support and coordinate with), they have simply hidden themselves better by getting into legit businesses for cover. Rest assured they will also coordinate with the Chinese syndicates / empower themselves through this casino project.

Actually no, Obama's sanctions still stand. They prevent the Yakuzas from using assets and USD outside of Japan. Without the access to USD and other financial services, you are doomed!

Meanwhile, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese crime syndicates are more stealthy and difficult to pinpoint, so the USA and EU can't sanction them effectively. Not to mention that they have the backing of authoritarian governments, so many criminal leaders may have sovereign immunity. Unless you invoke the Magnitsky Act, but you still need to know the identities of those shadowy figures. Yakuza's biggest mistake is to make themselves officially public. An easy target to be sanctioned by the West.

As long as American sanctions remain, Yakuza can't do anything meaningful and profitable. They will have to rely on their foreign crime syndicates to stay alive, and the Chinese triads already hire a bunch of Yakuzas to watch over the Chinese assets in Kabukeicho and Shibuya already.

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Posted in: Japan, Mongolia to cooperate on 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific' See in context

Don’t mess with China! Australia is already facing the consequences as China has banned beef, barley and wine from Australia! This will affect them in the months ahead as the economy will struggle! Same thing with Japan who rely a lot on the Chinese tourists. Department stores, tour companies, airlines, airport workers, restaurant workers are all suffering and losing jobs since the tourist from China stopped coming due to the corona virus! The US can afford to have a trade war with China and vice verse but other countries should understand that they are not in a position to do so. The US will never bail them out as President Trump has clearly said many times “ America first “ ! As much as people hate the Chinese they need to understand that their own very existence depends on the Chinese in terms of earning money ( employment sector ) since every industry is interconnected and affected directly or indirectly by the Chinese!

Precisely! Senator Ted Cruz said that America is pursuing the Cold War showdown with China, not a hot war. He acknowledges the fact that China has become a monster that is very difficult to deal with. The monster is entrenched inside the Western world as the perfect parasite, and it is hard to remove within a few years.

Meanwhile, Japan has been completely infested with this "parasite". As you said, Japanese service economy collapsed after the news on Wuhan outbreak. Many Japanese tourist businesses, mostly owned by Chinese, are heavily affected or bankrupt. Not to mention that China is the second largest importer of Japanese goods as well.

I don't expect any LDP crony, even the legendary dumbass Taro Aso, dares to talk trash against China or call Xi Jinping the Pooh.

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Posted in: Worries grow among Japanese firms in Southeast Asia as virus cases surge See in context

No wonder why Suga chose Vietnam as his first destination of the PM of Japan. Vietnam is the only country unaffected by the Covid Lockdown and frenzy at the moment. Everyone is working at their fullest potentials.

1600 Japanese businesses in China are looking to move into Vietnam, so Suga needs to sweeten something to persuade the Vietnamese government.

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Posted in: In Nagasaki, bank consolidation may expose flaws in economic rescue plans See in context

The Americanization of Japanese financial and banking systems.

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Posted in: Takeda-led COVID-19 plasma treatment enters clinical trial with first patient See in context

Anyway, the shareholding rate of foreigners was 46% at the end of March 2020 and Takeda acquired an Irish company, so, it is difficult to call Takeda the "American" company. And I think "American" should not be highlighted in the topic of the Covid-19 due to its death toll.

It was at 51% last year, but it is now 46% due to the Shire acquisition. Many other foreign investors see the price too huge to pull out, and Takeda is taking up huge debts, so the stocks go to Japanese financial companies as collaterals.

Most of the important positions in Takeda are being taken by foreigners.

Yeah, i don't know which one is worse, many american companies (and their made in america) products are reaching rock bottom in terms of quality: boeing, harley, gibson, dodge, jeep...and talking about american health, american pharma...probably i'm not going to trust medical companies controlled by greedy-american-pharma-executives

I have quite a huge doubt on the acquisition of Shire. It seems to be too overpriced for me. Perhaps, the foreign executives are swindling the Japanese assets and funds to buy foreign firms at extreme prices. To boost up the stocks, then afterward the foreign investors sell all the Takeda stocks at the high prices, while leaving the company in ruins with huge debts.

Americans have been doing this type of shiet for years.

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Posted in: Japan extends deadline for casino host city bids to April 2022 See in context

Chinese businesspeople and crime syndicates are going to win bigly! They have been lobbying and bribing the Japanese LDP cronies to make sure that gambling will be legal in Japan. Now, they might finally be successful.

More money will flow inside Japan as well, many rich people across the world will come and gamble.

Japan will become even more attractive, especially to those wealthy.

The accurate demographics will be Chinese and Vietnamese, who are the most hardcore gamblers in the world. Just look at Las Vegas, it is always crawled with Chinese and Vietnamese Americans at weekends.

At the same time, it will be a magnet for crimes in Japan. Chinese and Vietnamese syndicates and black companies will dominate most of the Japanese gambling industry. As you can see what is happening in Cambodia, Chinese and Vietnamese casinos are everywhere, and their gambling revenues fly straight into the foreigners' pockets not the Cambodians. The same thing will repeat in Japan! Not to mention that Chinese shady businesspeople have bribed a prominent LDP figure, so their political influence over Japan may be greater than we thought.

Two questions. Why did the Sands pull out, and what is the government's plan for organized crime?

Americans do not have patience to wait Abe or Suga wrestling successfully against regional bureaucrats to get the gambling bill legalized. Secondly, they don't want to bribe the Japanese politicians every single year like the Chinese do - sort of tributary pay to the local politicians. Thirdly, they really hate the Japanese tax codes and rates. Having no hope to see Japanese tax rates dropping down soon.

In regard of organized crimes, Japan simply imports the Chinese triads and Vietnamese syndicates into their country. Yakuzas are now a bunch of toothless pansies, so the foreign syndicates may give them jobs unofficially. Solving the Yakuza unemployment crisis! The J-govt killed the Yakuza, just to import their foreign counterparts. Thanks, Obama (Yakuza sanctions from the US Treasury in 2008) !

Like I said above, most customers of Japanese casinos will be Chinese and Vietnamese. This will be a huge magnet for foreign organized crimes and black companies who will absolutely launder the casino profits, under the guidance of respective Communist Parties, back to their nations. Japan may get the profitable perks of service economy around the casino, but the gambling revenues will mostly go back to China or Vietnam. Going to be used to fund more of the CCP and VCP's clandestine overseas operations.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 7 month-high on renewed hopes for U.S. stimulus See in context

Japan depends on the US because the US consumer can stuff their houses full of consumer goods-the Japanese cannot...

Ding, ding, ding!! The almighty power of USD, with Petro inside.

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