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Posted in: Abe visits flood-hit city as rescuers search for missing See in context

Very unfortunate for all those living there. Hope Japanese govt will support these people by diverting somw of the unnecessary and obviously unpopular funds away from defence or Olympics to more tangible and humanitarian causes that the Japanese People really want

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Posted in: Aso warns China on currency moves See in context

Wow another round of criticism of China by Japan and the US. The biggest currency manipulators.

And they criticise China no matter what it does.

It's spending too little, it's spending too much, it's using too much energy, it's being too stingy and not buying energy (oil, gas etc) from us, it's currency is not high enough, it shouldn't create an Asian development bank etc

And Japan doesn't say a word. Ironic given japans own experience. Have japanese forgotten that they were once discriminated in the same way in the 70s and 80s (heyday of their economy) by the US? Already forgotten about the plaza accord? The anti japanese sentiment in the states in the 80s to early 90s for buying their companies up?

Practically anything japan did whether it was raise or lower currency was met with criticism. Instead of standing up to it japan is going with the logic "we suffered so you suffer too" approach

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Posted in: Korean man still in critical condition after self-immolation at Japan protest See in context

This is so unfortunate. Seems that this old man wanted to send a strong statement to the Japanese government that people his age that survived the horrors inflicted on them still have a voice and aren't going to quietly 'die out'

I hope that for the sake of Japan it just acknowledges what it did back then (good and bad) so these people can have peace. phoney apologies mean nothing when there's no sincerity to educate the japanese public of what happened. Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one part but that's only highlighting the victimization of the Japanese. There's very little remorse for japan's bombing of pearl harbour that started the war between them and the US or its invasion of its neighbours and the forced conscription and agression of civilians

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Posted in: Abe says history will prove him right over security bills See in context

Yeah Abe. History will "prove you right" because you'll be distorting all the history books as you have done, forcing your own view of history on the Japanese people with revisions to history textbooks in Japan, and by sending your govt officials to the US to "correct" their view of history. unimpressed..

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Posted in: Murayama says Abe risks alienating neighbors if he dilutes war apology See in context

Nigelboy: Japan can't ask for any apology or compensation for Nagasaki or Hiroshima because it was the very perpetrator of the war. This is very different to the situation in the rest of Asia (e.g. China, korea, singapore, Philippines etc) that were invaded by and suffered huge damage from japanese aggression. This is partly why Abe wanted to change the definition of agression to depict it's invasion of others as an equally fought war vs an outright invasion (war of agression). This way it doesn't need to apologise and blurs the lines. This is basically a shrugging off of responsiblity.

The atomic bombs, which were extremely unfortunate, were dropped by the US because a significant measure was needed to end Japanese aggression which included kamikaze (suicide pilots) and a ' to the death' war mentality. Something I am sure no normal person would support and would be ashamed of. The current emperor regrets this dark history and doesnt visit yasukuni shrine. And it's why a pacifist constitution was enforced by the US.

As for its neighbours being anti Japan you only need to go to yahoo.jp to see how popular Korea and China bashing by many Japanese internet users are. It's obsessive and outright bizarre. Its something which has become commonplace, especially under the Abe administration which prefers attacks on individuals (especially on foreigners, especially zainichi Koreans who are considered as 'foreign') but not on its administration or policies. Please check out all the legislation they rolled out limiting individual freedoms

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Posted in: Abe vows to rewrite constitution, instill patriotism in schools See in context

Japan lacks patriotism? Is that why they bash their neighbours to defend their "pride" on a regular basis? No matter what I'm reading here, there is always a Japanese poster who will drag those two countries into any topic, and use them as a scapegoat to justify that Japan is somehow better than them. And in a shameless manner. its often along the lines of ' Japan is so advanced etc etc. Just compare to "backward" countries korea and China (i.e. non japanese asian countries)   etc etc, '

And this is even when no comparison is made between the two in the original article.

From my observations, I would say Japan is full of patriotism, of the worst kind. One which believes loving their country means tarnishing others. Particularly their closest Asian neighbours due to their economic insecurity

So sick of it. Grow up already

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Posted in: JOC officials 'astonished' by Tomita's theft denial See in context

It was stupid to steal the camera. Yes. But I'd have more respect for him if he admitted it, said sorry and that it was spur of the moment and thoughtless. End of story

Anyhow, well done JOC, and kudos to korean police for dealing fairly with the guy despite the political sentiment thats been festering

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

Wow. Just wow. Is it normal in Japan to backtrack and deny something if it leads them to public shame?

This is the impression I get from following Japanese news..and of its politicians. And it's hard to believe this considering my impression that Japan was a developed and respectable country. I still like Japan but it's disappointing to see it again and again

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

Why so much hatred against Japanese traditions, here? Why so much violence against people who see things differently? Why do Occidentals always criticize things that they do not understand? Why don't you leave nostalgic people in peace?

so what do you understand from this? No one has a problem with every aspect of Japanese traditions but .... cutting ones stomach and allowing ones own stomach acids to cause a slow agonizing death is not one which should be promoted to anyone. I don't know why you would support such a deranged action unless you're a masochist

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

It was under this mindset that Japan committed atrocities in the countries it invaded..worrying to see it still endures in te apparently long peace loving culture of Japan. Japanese peace culture is a recent phenomenon imposed on Japan by the US and with the change of the constitution I won't be surprised how quickly Japans govt will revert back to it's disastrous and dangerous old ways

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Posted in: Gov't distances itself from NHK head's 'comfort women' comment See in context

Agreed with highball7. The meaing of remorse has no place in Japan. There are many Japanese who only have regret: the regret of not winning the war and having history written their way. Can't wait to get out of this country.. Shame for the minority of really open minded Japanese people..

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Posted in: Abe says China's prosperity rests on trust, not tensions See in context

Wish Japanese politicians actually followed what they preached. Like trying for once at not being the major source of mistrust and tension in the region

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Posted in: Abe wants to explain Yasukuni visit to China, S Korea See in context

An apology is not something you can retract and amend as you please which is something Japan seems to be a master of.

Say you rob a store and you apologise to to the owner. Regardless of what that owner may say or feel if you are sorry you are sorry. Doesn't change. You don't make excuses and point the finger at another guy who robbed another store to claim that you're in the lesser wrong. You don't say "oh. The owner isn't satisfied with my apology so I'll retract it. He'll he won't accept it so I'll forget it anyway." You also don't say well he was asking for it.. someone else would have robbed him if not for me so I didn't do anything wrong ( Japan's stance on its invasion of other Asian countries)

From my point of view I don't think Japan has ever apologised. Throwing money at China and Korea to shut them up to avoid international embarrassment and lessen Japanese war shame is not an apology my friend.

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Posted in: Abe's shrine visit raises risk of conflict, analysts say See in context

Virgo98 well one of the main reasons Korea became divided in the first place was because Japan invaded the country. The leaders of what is now north Korea were resistance fighters against the invading Japanese and were nationalists that formed out of the desire for independence...

Japan's economy also profited greatly from the Korean war by manufacturing many goods for the war boosting its economy in the 50s. This money was used to develop Japan s enterprises. As a result your country has been able to prosper earlier while these countries began to catch up in more recent years. Japan benefited from this divison and felt secure enough economically that it didn't provoke war so I dont see why you are complaining. It was a godsend for Japan. ..and contributed to its long peace and prosperity.

Japan a peaceful state? It was legally while it had a pacifist constitution but not anymore. It's trying to aggravate China to remilitarize.. And Isn't every state that hasn't gone to war since ww2 a peaceful state?

dont forget that Japan has territorial disputes with Russia korea china and Taiwan. It refused to settle with Russia's generous offer to share the islands in the 'northern territories.' Not convinced by your points and deflection from the real issue. sorry ..

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Posted in: Japan readies huge island war games amid YouTube PR push See in context

Am I the only one that finds it odd that Japan is the one that has so many island disputes? With China, Taiwan, Korea and Russia ?

Kind of makes you wonder what kind of neighbour Japan is..(I mean the country and it's leaders not ordinary people..but if they start buying into the political propoganda of their leaders out of ignorance, what a worrying region it will become..)

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Posted in: Radiation levels in seawater near Fukushima reactor hit 2-year high See in context

Is the Japanese government still going to maintain their fish from the area is safe and take countries that refuse to import them to court? ... not looking easy for them now..

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Posted in: Japan asks WTO to intervene on S Korea fish ban See in context

I think every nation has an obligation to look after their citizens. I say banning fish from the area is a smart move. Good job. Even Japanese citizens shouldn't have to eat fish from the contaminated area.

Abe is crazy to promote food such as rice from fukushima to his citizens and seafood to the world. I know he wants to see the positive numbers indicating economic growth but it should be done sincerely, not by selling produce that could harm the health of others.

Sorry mate it's Japan going in the wrong direction here.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

The two nations, Japan and China originally agreed the islands would remain disputed. It was Japan that then cunningly purchased the islands which has led to this entire uproar. . And now the US has to defend it because of their commitment to Japan under the alliance.Its ridiculous.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor contradicts PM's claim that Fukushima is 'under control' See in context

I feel sorry for the Japanese people. I don't know who to believe. Abe says one thing and the governor another. This seems to go for most of Japan's spokespeople who contradict each other on a regular basis.Hope the radiation situation is not as bad as we think it is...

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Posted in: Abe to pledge $1 mil to help victims of sexual violence in U.N. speech See in context

The irony of the Abe administration giving aid against sexual violence. What are they hoping to reap in the process of this superficial act? Gain extra points in international standing? If they really took the issue seriously they should address sexual violence and sex slavery of poor immigrant women in their own country. Namely the women from poorer south east Asia in Japan. Disappointing

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Posted in: Cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends offering See in context

Once again hurtful behavior from right wing Japanese politicians who are giving all Japanese a bad name. Remembering war dead is one thing but doing so at a shrine where there is a museum justifying the wrongs of Japan's imperial army next to it is another. Remove the museum or at least have one that doesn't whitewash history. And stop justifying aggression.

Also the life and suffering of a korean, Chinese, Singaporean and all other nations that suffered under Japan are of equal value to that of a Japanese. Japan seems to only remember its own victimhood (of atomic bombs ) but forget it was also an aggressor in Asia. Please japan, stop denying and glorifying crimes committed by your imperial army. It only isolates you from your neighbors and prevents normal relations. Please ask your leaders to remove the museum and make real amends

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Posted in: Chasm grows between Japan, neighbors: study See in context

When I read comments from japanese nationalists here it makes me sick to the stomach. Is it really japan's neighbours who are not able to move forward or Japan? Stop justifying acts against humanity.. it's astonishing that people online think it's ok to justify aggression and human suffering in the name of maintaining Japan's peaceful image because they are sitting behind a computer screen.

Yes, Japan has been peaceful thanks to the American imposed constitution. peace had to be imposed on it because it was the agressor. And I hope it stays that way (the constitution).

And its not just china, korea and Taiwan that have bad relations with Japan but many countries in southeast Asia. However many southeast Asian states get aid and investment from Japan and because they are relatively weak states (except singapore) need good relations with it. I would not say they like Japan. They are playing it smart. Especially since Japan is buying their support by upping the anti with China.

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Posted in: Abe says door to dialogue with China open See in context

Abe and sincere in a sentence is an oxymoron. Abe wants dialogue with china? Ironic since under Abe they have done everything they can to push the Chinese from wanting dialogue.

From trying to redefine and downplay its war aggression toward china, show support of its wartime agression with the record number of politicians that publicly visited yasukuni this year to its secret engagement with north Korea at a time when the international community and even china has tried to work together to deal with north Korean as an international bloc, Japan has done everything it can do reduce trust and prevent dialogue

Well done Abe for not only preventing dialogue with China but also for distancing yourself from the US south Korea and Taiwan. How awesome you are at international diplomacy

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Posted in: No. of Japanese abducted by N Korea much higher, report says See in context

As much as I like Japan I have difficulty sympathising with them over the abductions issue. in no way do I feel it is justified by the north korean regime but when I see the kinds of attitudes of many japanese commentators regarding comfort women (who to me would be classified as abductees taken against their will to japan or to brothels) it's hypocritical japan demands north korea apologize or return them before Japan acknowledges their own past 'abduction issue ' of asian men (forced labor)and women (sexual slavery) by correctly interpreting its own history.

I just see no reason why north korea would return abductees based on japan's lack of remorse for its wrongdoings in Asia.

And i also feel Abe is not serious about getting back Japanese abductees but turning this entire affair into a political issue with a nationalist agenda. If he wanted to genuinely bring them back he would never have made the comments about the need to redefine japanese agression to its neighbours or question its use of sex slavery. His stated aims and behaviour don't match up.

I hope for the sake of the abductees he casts aside his nationalist pride and actually considers the feelings of his neighbours and does something honorable for once

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Posted in: Japan's wartime brothels were wrong, says 91-year-old veteran See in context

@therougou do you not understand the meaning of slavery? slavery is coercing someone to undertake in something against their will. Preventing women from leaving the military unit demonstrates they were forced into sex labour. If it were voluntary they would be allowed to leave as they pleased and such walls would be unnecessary.

in response to whether there is proof of their kidnapping is irrelevant to the sex slavery debate. This is still a form of slavery regardless of whether there were some women who did intend to work in a brothel or not.

Abe and co suggests Japan was not to blame as it was not always Japanese nationals who recruited or kidnapped these women. But it was the Japanese govt at that time that set up such a system which enabled the mass violation of women, and provided incentives for bad individuals to traffick these women and then reward them for such behaviour.

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