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Posted in: Trump White House drops policy of identifying visitors See in context

The word 'transparent' doesn't spring to mind. Trump is Mr. Dodgy.

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Posted in: N Korea ready for war if Trump wants it, official says See in context

As much as I dislike Trump, the NK issue was always going to come to a head at some point. NK has got away with these aggressive threats for far too long so the time has come to call their bluff. Even if they do fire any more missiles in the direction of Japan, then South Korea or the Carl Vinson or Japan will be able to intercept them. That's what their defense systems are designed to do and with computer technology these days it should be relatively straightforward.

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Posted in: OECD urges Japan to promote labor reforms; calls wage growth 'muted' See in context

Wish we could see Mr. Abe's face!!

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Posted in: Video of passenger getting dragged off flight in Chicago sparks uproar See in context

"Airlines are allowed to sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, and they routinely overbook flights because some people do not show up."

That's a great customer service policy. So what if some don't show up? They've paid for a seat, lost that money and that's their choice. Greedy, risk-taking airlines.....

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Posted in: Yamato considers withdrawing from Amazon's same-day delivery service See in context

Check your credit card statements because I got charged Amazon's 3,900 yen fee last month without even asking to join that 'service'. There is a way of canceling the fee but it takes a bit of looking for on their Japanese website. I use Amazon a bit and have usually had good service but this charge was very sneaky.

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Posted in: California hamburger restaurant chain Umami Burger to open 1st Tokyo store on Friday See in context

The 'umami' name may work in the US but they'd have to be extremely good burgers to make it in Japan.

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

The winners in war get to commemorate their killings whereas the losers don't......or so it seems.

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Posted in: Germany rejects Trump's claim it owes NATO vast sums See in context


It gets funnier and funnier watching (and reading) how you defend this idiot Trump. Many are looking forward to the day you come to your senses!

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

In actual fact, everyone is a so-called 'hafu'. Half of their mother and half of their father.

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Posted in: Tillerson says N Korea has no need to fear U.S. See in context

Tillerson is probably just wondering how he can sell a few million barrels of US oil to NK without anyone knowing.

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Posted in: Philippine lawmakers punished for opposing death penalty See in context

Duterte has already implemented the death penalty in the Philippines. The only difference this time round is that it is conducted without trial in the streets and homes of citizens who may or may not be guilty of crimes.

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Posted in: Trump's allies backing away from him on wiretapping claims See in context

Obama should sue Trump for defamation. Now the GOP losers are trying to say that Trump wasn't being specific when he said, 'Obama had the phones tapped in Trump Tower'. You can't get much more specific than that so it's a bit late to backtrack now.

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Posted in: Trump announces challenge to Obama-era fuel standards See in context

Trump is too thick to realize that making vehicles that pollute more just means the government will need more money to spend on pollution-related illnesses and deaths.

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Posted in: Trump White House sees 'deep state' behind leaks, opposition See in context

Rather have a deep state than a Trump state. Are the Republicans just preparing one of their many excuses for when Trump is ousted before his term ends?

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 9-month-old daughter See in context

A 3yo, a 2yo and a 9-month old. That's a handful but no excusing the murder of her baby. Was it her way of telling her husband she didn't want to have more kids?

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Posted in: Trump open to tweaking Republican health care bill See in context

Trump needs some major tweaking.

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Posted in: Smoking paradise Japan tries to kick the habit See in context

“As a cigarette lover, I feel like this is not a good idea—how would I live if smoking is banned everywhere?” Takeshita told reporters.

You would live more healthily Mr. Takeshita......

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Posted in: Ryan pushes for unity as House panels debate GOP health bill See in context

Wake up and smell the coffee America. You're being taken for a ride but only those with an average IQ or higher seem to realize it. How much ridiculous Trump behavior can you really take before having doubts about this megalomaniac?!

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Posted in: CIA blasts WikiLeaks for publishing secret documents See in context


How would it better our lives? Well, for starters, when Trump's tax returns are made public as they should be, he'll probably be impeached and then jailed. That would make things a lot better for many people!

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Posted in: Republicans unveil plan to repeal, replace Obamacare See in context

The most telling line in the article:

"Republicans have not provided a cost figure for the new plan, or estimates on how many people might be covered."

Guess those minor details aren't very important to Trump and his team of clowns. Sounds very Trumpian as usual. Big on ideas, small on details/specifics/evidence/cost.....

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Posted in: Trump maintains confidence in FBI head amid wiretap friction See in context

Try and change the subject Trumpy! It may work for a while but your days as POTUS are numbered. Whether it's hidden tax info, lies about dealings with Russia or just more stupid ideas that waste time and money, all point to a President who won't last the first term.

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Posted in: Pyongyang bans Malaysians from leaving North Korea See in context

Apparently there are only 11 Malaysians in NK but there are about 1000 North Koreans in Malaysia so Kim might be having a D'oh moment!

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Posted in: N Korean missile launch was training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan: KCNA See in context

Kim: Let's launch a surprise attack on US bases in Japan

General: Yes sir! Great idea sir!

Kim: What's the problem?

General: We've fired all our missiles into the Japan Sea.

Kim: We have nothing left to shoot in Japan's direction?

General: We could dust off the old slingshots we used to use......

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Posted in: U.S. soccer players must stand for national anthem See in context


How about discriminatory hiring by companies?

and lower wages paid to African-Americans?

and inequality regarding wealth?

and home ownership?

and education?

Need any other examples?

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

Everything Trump says seems to be followed by, '...but Trump offered no evidence or details', OR '....but Trump offered no specifics' etc. etc. How thick do his supporters have to be to not realize they are being completely fooled by a complete fool?

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Posted in: Pence used a private email account to conduct state business See in context

The daily comedy relief provided by Trump and his team of clowns would actually be funny if it weren't so serious. These guys are going to make the US the laughing stock of the world. The Russian connection is going to take them down one by one it seems.

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Posted in: Trump declares it's 'time to join forces' to fix U.S. problems See in context

Yeah Trump, let's all hold hands and be friends. Let's forget about the little things like you not showing whether your business dealings and tax info are legal or not. He should write a sequel to his book, 'The Art of the Deal' titled, 'The Art of the Steal.'

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Posted in: Two men stab themselves to get out of going to work See in context

Gives new meaning to the word 'backstabber'.

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