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Posted in: Major Japanese firms offer 3.91% pay hike; sharpest rise in 31 years See in context

That's a big increase for Japan and as it's the biggest in 31 years, who would complain about it?

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Posted in: Kishida, Yoon jointly visit cenotaph to Korean atomic bomb victims See in context

Yoon and Kishida are off to a good start. Let's hope these positive, forward-looking steps continue. No doubt there'll be many who try to thwart their efforts as usual, but this rapprochement is good news.

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Posted in: Japan’s weirdest gadget maker has a new fan just to dry off your legs See in context

Any weight limit?!

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Posted in: Biden meeting with Indo-Pacific leaders while confronting stalemate over U.S. debt limit See in context

Albanese: Joe, does your pen have 7 colors and a pencil in it as well?

Biden: Yeah Tony. Not sure about these new fandangled pens.

Albanese: What colour ink should we use to sign?

Biden: Let's do this one in pencil in case we change our minds!

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Posted in: In her own words: A Hiroshima bomb survivor learns English to tell her story See in context

The point is that when large numbers of people (in the hundred or thousands or more) are killed in large groups at the same time by poison gas or an atomic bomb, it is very difficult to say one is less of an atrocity than the other. If 6 million Jewish people were killed by the Nazis over a few years, does that make killing 150,000 or so in one day (Hiroshima) somehow less atrocious or criminal?

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Posted in: In her own words: A Hiroshima bomb survivor learns English to tell her story See in context

Soldiers killing people one by one with a gun or bayonet is of course terrible. But it is difficult to see a difference between the Nazis gassing groups of civilians en masse and dropping atomic bombs on civilians that basically burns them to death (and with the added evil of radiation poisoning for those who somehow survived). One could argue those bombs were far more indiscrimate than the gas chambers of Auschwitz etc. How could that not be a war crime? Also, the nuclear weapons now developed are far more powerful than those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Posted in: 5 women taken to hospital after car slams into store in Aichi See in context

The driver certainly needed a brake.

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Posted in: Natto: You either love it or hate it See in context

Wasn't a big fan years ago, but have eaten it every morning for the past 3+ years. Love it. The smell isn't that bad. Being fermented, it sort of starts to taste a bit like Vegemite.

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Posted in: Window cleaner falls to death from building; woman below injured See in context

'Safety rope' doesn't sound like the right term in this case.

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Posted in: As more women forgo the hijab, Iran's government pushes back See in context

It's a law written by men, of course. Imagine a law written by women telling a man what he can or can't wear! There would be a huge backlash. Oh, hang on......

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Posted in: Australia told to shoot kangaroos before they starve See in context

Do they really shoot 5 million kangaroos a year? That's almost 14,000 a day. That's a lot of roos.

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Posted in: Japan's Brave Blossoms to be added to top tier of rugby nations See in context

It's a good idea and will put pressure on Japan to maintain their level. Let's hope they pull off a few upsets in France in September!

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Posted in: China expels Canadian diplomat in worsening bilateral ties See in context

China uses trade as a weapon. Remember when Australia pushed for more to be done about finding the origins of Covid and China quickly slapped ridiculous tariffs on barley, wine and other products which basically reduced the imports to zero. Like Canada, Australia didn't back down though. China is an embarrassment.

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Posted in: China expels Canadian diplomat in worsening bilateral ties See in context

Good on Canada for not backing down against China and its very dodgy surveillance programs. It's hard to see how China can ever really be a true part of the international community with behavior like this.

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Posted in: Kishida tells South Koreans his 'heart hurts' over pain caused by occupation See in context

Yoon and Kishida understand that overall it is beneficial to both countries to move forward and become closer again. As Yoon said a while back something like it is unfortunate that 50 years of terrible times can overshadow 1,500 years of relatively peaceful times. Japan and Korea have so much to offer each other. It's time to work towards that.

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Posted in: Prices for over 20,000 items hiked in Japan so far this year See in context

Larr Flint

You've been saying that for years!

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for beating woman with wooden stick in Niigata See in context

She has certainly been enlightened regarding what type of person he is!

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Posted in: 4 men steal safe from home of company exec in Gifu Prefecture See in context

He doesn't know how much was in his 'small' safe? Must have been quite a lot then.

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Posted in: Man fatally hit by car after getting out of taxi on Tokyo street See in context


That wouldn't be an oncoming vehicle. That would be a vehicle coming from behind.

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Posted in: Man fatally hit by car after getting out of taxi on Tokyo street See in context

Um, how could he have been hit by an oncoming vehicle if he got out of the left side of the taxi?

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Posted in: U.S. COVID adviser Fauci among Japan's spring decorations recipients See in context

Dr. Fauci had to put up with so much bs from Trump and others who had no understanding of what was going on. He learned how uneducated so many in the US are and how easily they could be led astray by an equally uneducated president named Trump. It was cringeworthy watching others try to attack Fauci as though he had any political leanings. The man is a top scientist (the top scientist regarding pandemics etc.) and deserves far more recognition and praise than he got. He was a voice of calm and common sense even when surrounded and harassed by idiotic politicians like Rand Paul who were just trying to stir things up. Glad that at least Japan recognizes Dr. Fauci's work and efforts.

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Posted in: Sony sales exceed ¥10 tril for 1st time on robust game sales See in context

Good on Sony. About time they are seeing some substantial results.

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Posted in: Powerful new obesity drug poised to upend weight loss care See in context

Yep, the diarrhea side effect will certainly help you lose weight!

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Posted in: High court dismisses claim of unjust contract termination by 7-Eleven See in context

If the contract with Seven-Eleven Japan states that part of the deal is operating 24/7 then it seems pretty obvious that the franchise owner is in the wrong. He can start his own convenience store named Matsumoto that operates from 6am-1am if he wants.

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Posted in: South Korea's Yoon sings 'American Pie' at White House state dinner See in context


Agree. He's doing really well so far. A complete breath of fresh air and no doubt the younger ones in SK will really support him. He also won't take NK's bs and that is good, too.

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Posted in: Appeals court rejects Trump effort to block Pence testimony See in context

The ridiculous cost in money, time, and mental health that Trump has inflicted on the US in the past 6 or so years is incalculable. And it's still going on! Justice may take time in the US, but it comes eventually.

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Posted in: S Korean president's office defends his viral Japan comments See in context

He is so right and it is a great thing that SK finally has a leader who understands that they have to move on and work together. People to people relationships between SK and Japan are actually very good but, as always, it's a small, vocal group who want to move backwards. Just hope he can see out his term in office and get the two countries closer again.

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Posted in: Fox News ousts popular host Tucker Carlson See in context

Wow, maybe Fox is actually thinking about becoming a real 'news' network! More likely Fox knows that Carlson is going to cost them dearly in the other upcoming cases against Fox.

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Posted in: Florida Gov DeSantis praises Japan's defense build-up See in context

Biden can just sit back and watch Trump and DeSantis further reduce each other's lack of popularity. Neither will beat Biden even if he'll be 82.

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Posted in: Kishida attack suspect failed to qualify as candidate for upper house election See in context

What a loser. Can't handle losing so decides to try to blow things up. Lock him up with some explosives that he can play with and test to his heart's content.

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