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Posted in: Bashful pandas at Ueno Zoo mate after four-year hiatus See in context

Maybe he got a bit excited knowing he was being timed (and filmed?!)

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Posted in: 60 cases of child-related accidents at homes reported in 5 years See in context

60 in 5 years (= 1 accident a month) seems surprisingly low.

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Posted in: VX nerve agent found on Kim Jong-Nam's face: Malaysian police See in context

The Malaysian government should just turn off the water and electricity and stop all deliveries from reaching the NK embassy. Wouldn't take long for them to come out.

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. ties stronger after Trump and Abe golf: U.S. congressman See in context

Abe must have learned a thing or two from the hostess bars he used to frequent.

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Posted in: North Korea blasts Malaysia over Kim assassination See in context

NK - Still living in the 50s and thinking they can get away with murder.

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

Burning Bush

I hope you are joking!

It seems like Trump may be able to prove the old saying wrong and that, 'You can fool all the GOP supporters all the time'!!

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Posted in: Popping out See in context

Hope they aren't a hint as to what the actual archery targets will be in 2020!

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Posted in: Outside of Washington, Trump slips back into campaign mode See in context

Is Trump still campaigning because he hasn't realized he's the POTUS yet?

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Posted in: Outside of Washington, Trump slips back into campaign mode See in context

Yes bass, please provide a list of Trump's accomplishments so far....

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Posted in: Outside of Washington, Trump slips back into campaign mode See in context

Trump's current short-term position is just too big for him.

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Posted in: Iwate Prefecture uses samurai pictograms to help educate and inform foreign tourists See in context

"Watch others when washing" sounds like they want to encourage voyeurs!

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Posted in: China tells Japan 'negative' moves prevent improvement in ties See in context

Yeah and claiming land that is claimed by others and then unilaterally building military bases and runways on that land is somehow positive?

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Posted in: Remember Nixon? There's history behind Trump's press attacks See in context

and look what happened to Nixon! Trump will be impeached sooner or later and it may well be for something that hasn't even come out yet.

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Posted in: Cities ask federal judge to keep Trump travel ban on hold See in context

and rightly so.

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Posted in: Senator says GOP colleagues question Trump's mental health See in context

No question about it. Trump has mental health issues.

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Posted in: Dominican newspaper apologizes for Trump-Baldwin photo mix-up See in context


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Posted in: Anti-abortion activists, counter-protesters rally around U.S. See in context

If men were the ones who got pregnant, it would be hard to imagine a group of female politicians being allowed to decide what men should do with their reproductive organs.

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Posted in: Trump tweets 'SEE YOU IN COURT' after appeals court refuses to reinstate travel ban See in context

This twit and his twitter.

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Posted in: Netanyahu, Trump align on Iran ahead of Israeli leader's visit See in context

So stupid. Obama did well to engage with the Iranians and pulled off a good deal for Iran and the world. Now this idiot Trump and warmonger Netanyahu are going to undo all the skillful diplomacy that Obama, Kerry and their staff managed to do.

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Posted in: A Tokyo hotel for bookworms See in context

A place where you can fall asleep while (hopefully after!) enjoying something fun is a love hotel!

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Posted in: Court denies Justice Department's request to immediately restore travel ban See in context

Trump will soon get bored of being POTUS when he realizes he can't get away with things he used to get away with. Although his not-so-long-ago life as a professional con artist/ sexual harasser/ snake oil salesman will have an irresistible pull, it will also end up being his downfall.

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Posted in: Japan secures extra cost cuts on U.S. F-35 fighter jet package See in context

With China continuing to up the ante, Japan doesn't have much choice.

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Posted in: New documents show Trump retains direct tie to his businesses See in context

Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!

Sound familiar?

Trump is the disaster that the majority of people in the US knew he would be.

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Posted in: Trump throws Washington into state of anxious uncertainty See in context

Trump is helping increase the number of employees at various organizations against him like the ACLU!!

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Posted in: Trump on jobs report: 'It's going to continue, big league' See in context

Impeachment is inevitable so let's stop wasting time and get the process started.

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions See in context


It's called a conflict of interest and the Trumpet seems to have such conflicts with many countries because of his dodgy business dealings. He's trying his best to hide them but just wait and see. The truth will come out and DJT will spend his 4 years (if he makes it that far) as POTUS tied up in litigation and court cases!

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions See in context

Welcome to politics Donnie boy. Only a week or two in and you're already making stupid choices. You may have thought you would have absolute power but the system will keep you in check (and get rid of you if necessary) if you continue to do stupid things that are unconstitutional and illegal.

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Posted in: If you had the opportunity to ask U.S. President Donald Trump two questions, but nothing insulting or vulgar, what would you ask him? See in context

How does it feel to be the most unpopular president in history at the beginning of your first (and only) term?

How about sleeping on things before tweeting?

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Posted in: Starbucks to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over next 5 years See in context

Andrew Crisp

Lovely generalization there. Care to support it with some evidence?

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