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Posted in: Abe to meet Toyota CEO; Keidanren sets up Trump task force See in context

Trump still living in the late 80s/early 90s and has trouble updating his facts!!

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order causes chaos at airports, outrage at protests See in context

Poor old Trump thinks he's still a CEO and can run the country like one. Luckily the US has systems in place to prevent egotistical nutjobs like him from having absolute control.

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Posted in: Nadal 'not sad' despite tough Federer defeat See in context

An epic match.

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Posted in: Trump's ban dashes hope for many asylum-seekers See in context


According to bbc news:

".......Donald Trump's wide-ranging order is likely to affect many more people, as it prevents citizens of the seven named countries from travelling to the US at all - even if they have valid visas."


"The restriction applies to dual nationals - so, for example, a British citizen who is also a citizen of Iran would not be able to enter the US. It also applies to green card holders - legal permanent residents of the US - from the seven countries. "

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Posted in: Trump's ban dashes hope for many asylum-seekers See in context

Apparently even those from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen who have already lived in the US and have green cards are unable to enter the US (if they are currently outside the US). Pretty disgraceful stuff.

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Posted in: Trump to call Abe, 4 other world leaders Saturday See in context

Wonder what he's going to call them.....

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Posted in: Trump orders new refugee screening, to prevent 'radical Islamic terrorists' from entering U.S. See in context

No wonder the US will go into decline with Trump in charge. They won't be setting many good examples over the next few years.

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Posted in: Thai official arrested in Japan after taking 3 paintings from hotel See in context

It's called 'theft' and is illegal in every country in the world (unless there is something called 'legal theft').

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Posted in: Kremlin to host World Cup finals draw See in context

No doubt Putin has already decided who plays who!!

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Posted in: Israeli leader accepts invitation from Trump to visit U.S. See in context

Like Putin, it seems that Netanyahu has Trump round his little finger as well. Must be some juicy info in Trump's tax returns relating to Israel that he isn't going to show anyone. Trump is anything but transparent and it is shocking that his supporters turn a blind eye to this.

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Posted in: Top seed Murray, Nishikori lose in 4th round of Australian Open See in context


It was only a single break at the start of the 5th but it was enough for the Fed to pull off a nice win.

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Posted in: In break with Trump, EPA pick says climate change isn't hoax See in context

People will say anything to get a job!

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Posted in: APA hotel chain under fire over book denying Rape of Nanking See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if some Chinese people now book APA rooms and then destroy, burn, steal or throw away the books in each room.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 1-year-old daughter to death See in context

So her 'second eldest' daughter was 1 year old. If so she must have a recently born baby as well. She obviously couldn't wasn't handling motherhood and if the husband knew there were warning signs, he should have got some support from somewhere. Not an excuse for killing but people have to know when the warning signs are serious.

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Posted in: Trump team considers relocating White House media corps See in context

Putin-style press controls just around the corner. Wake up and smell the coffee America.

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Posted in: Outgoing CIA chief rips into Trump on Russia threat See in context

Trump lacks a full understanding in all areas except how to piss people off. Unfortunately that won't work for a POTUS. He is going to get so bogged down blindly trying to defend his stupid, ignorant and embarrassing behavior, it will be difficult for him to get much done at all.

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Posted in: Trump's busy Day 1: Scrap Obama orders, deport illegals See in context

Trump thinks running a country is like running a company and he just managed to fool enough into believing him. The guy is an absolute joke. If he continues to ignore warnings from Dems, the GOP and the CIA/FBI, he won't last long.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

Streep and De Niro are spot on. Good on them for helping to wake some more Americans up.

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Posted in: Obama says goodbye in emotional speech See in context

Like Bill Clinton, Obama is a great orator but he is the only one whose speeches I will seek out on YouTube. Trump just continues to rant, rave and embarrass the US. Can he really last 4 years as POTUS? Still waiting to see his tax returns........

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Posted in: New U.S. Congress prepares to undo Obamacare, weigh Trump personnel picks See in context

Bass just seems to have an aversion to African Americans and women. But then so do a lot of other Trump supporters.

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Posted in: Israeli police question Netanyahu over corruption allegation See in context

Netanyahu is a nasty piece of work. Tough, yes but is he for peace? No.

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Posted in: New U.S. Congress prepares to undo Obamacare, weigh Trump personnel picks See in context

Trump has run and still runs companies that screw people.

Now he's going to run the US in the same way. How do we know this? Because he knows no other way. That's what he has done all along and that's what he'll do.

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Posted in: Trump's praise of Putin could signal a new day for U.S. policy See in context

Trump is being nice to Putin because he doesn't want him to blow the whistle on all Trump's dodgy business dealings with Russia. Putin has Trump by the short and curlies.

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Posted in: Trump says he doesn't trust computers as he rings in 2017 See in context

Twitter isn't safe either Trumpy. Neither is that hairstyle!

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Posted in: Trump ditches media for golf game; offers New Year's wishes See in context

It's all just like a really bad Hollywood movie.

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Posted in: Japanese couple capture their 400-day honeymoon around the world with spectacular drone footage See in context

Wow, that really makes you want to travel all over the place.

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Posted in: Trump praises Putin for not expelling U.S. diplomats See in context

Amazing the posters here still don't realise how serious it is that the Russians hacked into US systems in order to discredit Clinton. Whether it benefited the GOP or the Dems is irrelevant, the fact that this happened is beyond serious because it means your votes can end up being absolutely meaningless. If Russia or another country did the same thing to help the Dems, the GOP and its supporters would be screaming bloody murder. Luckily there are some senior Republicans who know how big a thing this is and they have taken action. I've never been a fan of McCain or Graham but they are spot on this time, as is Obama. Democracy isn't perfect but it's the best thing we've got if you consider the other options. Russia doesn't have it and now they've directly threatened democracy and the way it works in the US. Trump's reaction is bizarre as usual and Putin's reaction is actually scary if you think about it.

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Posted in: Final bell See in context

Ahh, from mid-May to Aug 2015 the Nikkei was mostly above 20,000 so that would make this year's end a 17-month high, not a 20-year high.

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Posted in: Trump holds Q&A, discussing jobs, Russia, Israel See in context

Trump needs all the Q&A sessions he can get. He needs to ask many questions, like:

'I can't believe I won the election, what do I do now?'

'Where is Syria?'

'How do I look?'

'Can someone get me a glass of Trump water?'

'I need to tweet something. Could you excuse me for a minute?'

'Am I really making a fool of myself on a weekly basis?'

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