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Posted in: Japan hosts arms show looking for an edge in tech See in context

If a country does not feed its army, then it will feed another army.

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Posted in: Diabetes cases soar, 1-in-11 adults affected: doctors See in context

Eat less

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Posted in: Japan to tighten tax rules on wealthy people See in context

The only way to defeat offshore accounts is to create offshore accounts on your territory.

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Posted in: Japan's beer shipments to S Korea dive 99.9% in Sept See in context

Adults, but behave like children. Neighbors will always be neighbors. It is necessary to negotiate, solve problems.

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Posted in: That last toke for the road could be a downer with pot breathalyzers coming See in context

Without a strict indication of the permissible levels in the law, this all makes no sense.

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Posted in: Typhoon highlights need for multilingual disaster alerts in Japan See in context

This is an inappropriate problem for the 21st century.

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Posted in: Man stabbed in neck in Tokyo hospital parking lot See in context

When the police catch him. He will turn out to be a loser at which everybody mocks from childhood.

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Posted in: ANA, Oregon start-up to develop Avatars suitable for outdoor use See in context

Hackers will soon have a new toy.

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Posted in: Tokyo bar only lets you in if you come alone – No bringing your friends allowed See in context

If 2 friends enter this bar with a difference of 5 minutes. Will this be considered a group?)))

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy' live-action stage musical coming to Tokyo See in context

Final Fantasy VII

Best anime of its time

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Posted in: Starting small: Tips for creating a sustainable life in Japan See in context

Greta Thunberg has to go to school. Let her first learn how people live in countries with bad economies. Then let her tell them how to live.

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Posted in: Toto's chocolate toilets are disturbingly delicious See in context

Next stage. Chocolate excrement

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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

When the mother is left alone with the baby. She values ​​relationships even with such a bastard as this guy.

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Posted in: Int'l labor union wants Tokyo Olympic venue inspection, worker interviews See in context

If work kills you, change jobs. You have one life.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric admits execs' acceptance of gifts; president won't resign See in context

A gift is when you buy a thing for your money and give it openly. And for a bribe, a person must go to jail. The one who gave the bribe and the one who took the bribe.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise meets Ukrainian president in Kiev See in context

I would not be surprised if Tom Cruise a week ago did not know where Ukraine is located. It's just that American politicians use Hollywood as a way to achieve their goals.

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Posted in: Japan’s toxic drinking culture no one talks about See in context

People love sports and you will have no problems !!!

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Posted in: As N Korea expands arsenal, Japan's missile defense shield faces unforeseen costs See in context

Turkey is a member of NATO. Purchased air defense equipment from Russia. The question is why?

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

This guy was offended a lot in childhood. So he grew up a freak.

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Posted in: Japan says China bigger threat than nuclear-armed N Korea See in context

William77Sep. 27  10:46 pm JST

This it a true statement,North Korea is only a muppet and belongs to China.

The most racist and undemocratic country in the world,they are even worse than their former masters,the CCCP.

The USSR did not drop nuclear bombs on you.

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Posted in: Yes, there is an art to the perfectly peeled egg See in context

Just make an omelette)))

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Posted in: Abe denounces Saudi oil attacks, refrains from singling out Iran in speech at U.N. See in context

Why don't Americans show data from their air defense radars? If rockets and drones launched Iran. Then how were they not spotted when they flew through the Persian Gulf?

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan trade deal hits snag as Tokyo seeks assurances on car tariffs See in context

The main task of Trump is to raise the level of production in the United States. Trump's unemployment rate is record low. Therefore, he is only interested in what is beneficial for the Americans. Not for others. Those who think that now will be the same as 10-20 years ago are mistaken.

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Posted in: IOC chief to confirm Japan's food products safe for Olympic participants See in context

Just add more radiation safety information on the packaging. And install Geiger counters for consumers in stores and catering.

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Posted in: Typhoon may bring heavy rain, strong winds to western Japan See in context

It's just that the weather makes it clear to people who is the most important here on this Earth.

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Posted in: Trial of TEPCO executives over Fukushima disaster heads to conclusion See in context

In Russia, we know what a nuclear disaster is.

 People have sorrow and they want revenge. They can be understood. But understand the people who worked nuclear power. Forecasting the effects of the tsunami at 100% is not realistic.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

Americans have always put their benefits higher than the interests of the rest of the world.

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Posted in: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to spur online gaming See in context

If the speed will be 100 times faster. How much will one hour of internet cost

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Posted in: Test marathon gives Tokyo a taste of what to expect at 2020 Games See in context

If it is very hot then people from the African continent will win. It will be difficult for the northern people.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit Chiba asks for volunteers' help amid prolonged power cut See in context

I live in Russia. And we always admired the readiness of the Japanese in disaster. But now I read your news and do not understand what is happening ....

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