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For sure this bid will be between Istanbul and Tokyo. It is obvious that with current economical situation Madid is far from hosting the Olympics. Tokyo may have one of the best transportation systems in the world and no need to do anything for Olympics for transportation but is it enough to get the Olympics. As it is known for many years Japanese people doesn't care much about hosting the Olympics. I think this is part of the Japanese culture and like many other things they don't give much attention what is going on in outer world. Also It may be many years ago but Tokyo hosted Olympics two times in the past and Istanbul never. In my opinion these give advantages to Istanbul. Terrorism in Turkey has nothing to do with the foreigners. Conflicts between the Kurdish and Turkish has a long history and will not be solved easily. But this will not impact the Olypmics because this Olympics will have lots of benefits mostly in economical ways to both Turkish and Kurdish people living in Turkey . Turkish people are so eager to get this Olypmics. For long years Turkish are fighting to host World Cup and European Cup in football and also trying to get Olympics on the side. Government is making a lots of investments and people are crazy to host an important event so that they can show their hospitality. Turkish people think that the world has a bad image in their minds about Turkey. like unsecure, religious and not developed etc.... Turkish are dying to show that these are not true and this will make Turkish to fight more to get the 2020 olypics.

In conclusion, I don't agree with Abe, Maybe Tokyo is almost ready for Olympics but definitely Istanbul deserves the Olympics more than Tokyo!!!

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