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Does anyone in Ukraine even want to fight?

Hmm... just open a few serious news sites NOT ending in ".ru" and you'll find the right answer.

NATO is more interested in having Ukrainians dying

Ukrainians are dying, being killed by Russian weapons. Still, somehow it's NATO and countries that rushed to supply Ukraine with defensive weapons in the last minute who are to blame. Great logic here.

Russia sent NATO and the United States terms of a resolution to de-escalate hostilities. 

Before that, Russia escalated, and then send the demands. It's called an ultimatum, not a proposal.

there was no response from NATO or the United States

There was. You seem to have missed that. It's just that the Russian dictator didn't like it.

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Please check Putin ‘ speak regarding nuclear

someone who knows Russian said there aren’t any words meaning nuclear in his speak

He said "sily sderzhivaniya" ("deterrent forces"). They include, but not limited to, nuclear.

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Russia has destroyed the world's largest plane (Ukrainian)

It was a great airplane, but it was on repair at the Antonov's base in Gostomel. No effect on the situation except that its loss makes Ukrainians even more angry at Russians.

Russia is using "only" one-third of the troops amassed at the border (so far)

Two-thirds so far, according to Pentagon. But they can bring more from the rest of the county.

Ukraine will lose militarily.

I considered that almost a certainty 3 days ago. Not so sure any more. From what I see and hear from the battle ground (from the "bunch of neo-nazis and drug addicts", i.e. my family and friends in Ukraine), they are not as strong as soon as they enter hostile territory - and most of them were zombied to believe they will be welcomed with flowers by Ukrainians. Their plans are not working so well, the level of civil resistance is incredibly high, and that's what makes the dictator so angry at his generals. Check out the defense minister's facial expression when putin ordered him to load the nukes.

Russia can pulverise Kyiv (Like they did to Berlin).

I agree, they can, and I was ready to write that that would make no sense considered its intentions, but then reminded myself that we are dealing with a clinically insane individual.


This is not the first time putin order to raise the level of nuclear "deterrent forces". He did it after he grabbed Crimea in 2014. I don't mean it's not dangerous, I mean it's not something unheard of. The use of tactical nuclear weapons "to end a conflict" is a part of Russia's military doctrine. This change in the doctrine is a relatively recent edition and went largely unnoticed by the rest of the world - now we see what he did it for.

There are always these calls that the ordinary sanctions should not punish the Russians in any way, as they are "the victims". A German colleague of mine just wrote me that he saw a lot of these "victims" in the local bar, drinking beer and having fun. Let's not forget that most Russian polls, even by independent centers, show that his popularity is either high or very decent at all time, peaking at the time of military conflicts. They all elect their MPs who vote for whatever putin says. Russians admired him, were proud of him, and could not even imagine their country without him. So I don't buy this notion of Russians as innocent people ruled by a ruteless dictator. They could stop this years before, and they didn't. They have so swallow this bitter pill. Hopefully this will help to rise up. Or at least to grow up.

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Russians will probably avoid a full-scale invasion at this point, for multiple reasons. Putin staged a TV appearance with Lavrov yesterday, talking over a 7-meter table (the paranoid dwarf is afraid of close contact with people these days), where Lavrov is "explaining him that there is a path for negotiation still left". They sure will keep part of their military around Ukraine's border (they can't just go home without getting anything out of the situation). They may "recognize" the areas of Eastern Ukraine under their control as "independent countries", and then station their forces there officially "on the request" of these "countries" (thus following their own example of Georgia's Abkhasia and North Ossetia). All of that under the pretext of "protection of Russian-speaking people", of course. Again, that would be in violation of the existing agreements, but when was the last time Russia cared about international agreements?

Putin is not a strategist, he is an ex-spy (even that is an overstatement, though - most of his career in East Germany he was shuffling papers in his small Dresden office), so he would prefer covert operations, faster actions, more than a long and bloody campaign. You know those kids that hit someone, steal whatever they can and quickly runaway, and if caught deny everything? That's him, according to people to know or knew him closely. That's why warnings like "we watch you, and we know that what you're up to" actually do work.

One thing is clear: when it comes to the aging Russian ruler, there is no point in "talking him down", "looking into his eyes", "reboot the relationship", "meet in the middle", and all that idealism. The man lives in his own world. Medically speaking, isolation and palliative care are the best options here.

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M. Jamil:

There's no invasion of Ukraine & there never was one except in the heads of US & UK authorities.

There is, lasting for 8 years already.

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So you really think we want to take over Ukraine?

Hmmm... Worse. You want a peace of it as you can't swallow the whole country. If not, what else are your troops are doing there?

First of all, Ukrainians are brother nation of Russia

Good. So, brother, could you please quietly get back to your room and shut the door, thank you very much?

But then they started this "Euromaidan" show

Wrong. Euromaidan was initiated by a thousand of people in Kiev, and it was not an anti-Russian action. There were hundred of thousands in the streets - are labeled by "thugs", "terrorists", "radicals", "nationalists" and what not by the Russian media. As in any massive uprising there are different people in the crowd. But ALL of them shouted "We are independent!" and "Freedom to Ukraine!" Apparently, people wanting freedom are, by Russian standards, just "thugs".

OK. We ignored.

Pity. We expected that you will clap your hands... Or just mind your business, really. And then you lost your patience and decided to send some troops in, because hey, they were missing a real action since 2008, so why not. Your president is now saying they are not Russians, they are just local folks who bought a Russian uniform (and weapons) in a local shop at a discounted price. Unfortunately he sort of forgot to tell that story to these people in advance - before they were telling media where they came from.

The world has been through this once, in 1939. Let's not make it happen again.

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