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Posted in: High school girl killed, likely after being dragged 5 km by car See in context

Just an update on this. Police are saying that the 72 year old driver's car had no damage to the front bumper, bonnet (hood) or windscreen, however underneath was obviously damaged. They are thinking that the high school girl had already fallen down on the road before being dragged by his car. Maybe she was struck by another car at first.

Doesn't excuse his actions though. I can't imagine not noticing someone trapped under my car!

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Posted in: High school student excluded from graduation ceremony for cornrow hairstyle See in context

A couple of photos of the boy's hairstyle on Vice Media...


In Japanese...


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Posted in: Ruling lawmaker in hot seat over alleged drinking with teenage girl See in context

There are some more details here... and 42 (yes, 42!) rather blurry photos.


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Posted in: Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen' See in context

"The object was first discovered by Curtin University Honours student Tyrone O'Doherty in a region of the Western Australian outback known as the Murchison Widefield Array, using a telescope and a new technique he had developed.

Mr O'Doherty was part of a team led by astrophysicist Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker, from the Curtin University node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)."

Source – BBC News

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Posted in: Japan gives preliminary OK to Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines See in context

"Japan unlikely to use AstraZeneca vaccine for now"

(NHK two hours ago)


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Posted in: S Korean consortium to produce 100 mil doses a month of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine See in context

The Sputnik V doses manufactured in South Korea are not for domestic use. The vaccine is to be exported back to Russia. The doses also will be exported to Iran, Argentina, Algeria, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates, according to EDaily.

Not sure why this part was left out.

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Posted in: SoftBank unit begins Japan's 1st public road autonomous bus service See in context

I found a short English video here. Is that an Xbox controller they are using?!


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Posted in: Mini-trampoline sales jump as Japan looks to stay active See in context

I'm 188cm (6'2)...and live in an apartment. What could possibly go wrong?!

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Posted in: 42-year-old woman arrested a second time for stalking See in context

Hiromi's photo...


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Posted in: Rakuten enters English education business See in context

 the average TOEIC school of its employees is now more than 830 points

Maybe they could start by proofreading their own press releases?

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

I only come here to read the news. The old site was much better for me. Now it's too loud and busy, confusing and cheap looking. Looks like some kind of generic marketing site. My eyes are burning!

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Posted in: Royal welcome for Abes See in context

Mrs. Abe... one of her jacket buttons (third from the top) is either missing or undone... why?

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Posted in: Pick a car See in context


There are 159 cars in the photo. I counted partial cars too.

Lol I'm having a slow day.

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Posted in: Female student stabbed by unknown assailant in Ibaraki See in context

Some of the Japanese news sites are reporting that the guy was "foreign looking" and that he spoke broken Japanese.

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Posted in: Spent fuel cooling system back up at Fukushima No. 3 reactor See in context

Associated Press is reporting that the cooling system is running again.

They also said this...

Work to put up nets to keep out rats and other animals at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in northeastern Japan inadvertently caused the power outage, TEPCO spokesman Akitsuka Kobayashi said. Details were not clear, and the outage was still under investigation.

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Posted in: TEPCO partially restores power to cooling systems at Fukushima plant See in context

My apologies... just to be clear they are talking about the spent fuel pools.

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Posted in: TEPCO partially restores power to cooling systems at Fukushima plant See in context

From another recent source...

The cooling systems in reactors one, three and four are not currently operational. The Tokyo Electric Power Company says it is unsure about the cause of the power failure but it has vowed to come up with a solution in a few days.

"in a few days"? As usual, Tepco are not trying hard enough.

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Posted in: The right angle See in context

It sure is a racy pic! The guy in the red pants seems very "excited".

Kissport.... it's a sports club? What is this JT? Marathon?

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Posted in: Dreamliner problems pose threat to Japanese suppliers See in context

Well, the American FAA has just grounded all U.S. Dreamliner Flights. They seem to be focused on the battery issues. These batteries are supplied by GS Yuasa Corporation, but I couldn't tell you where they are made.

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Posted in: All tsunami warnings lifted after M7.3 quake hits northeast Japan See in context

It was pretty intense here in Ibaraki. Early warning from the phone gave me enough time to get dressed, but still managed to smash my toe into the table leg.

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Posted in: Sharp to introduce LCD monitor featuring industry's thinnest design in high-resolution display See in context

I couldn't see a price mentioned anywhere in this article (but then I'm still half asleep)... apparently the expected price is 450,000 yen (about $5,500 US)

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bursting into classroom with knife See in context

The knife had a 16cm blade.

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Posted in: Flesh eaters See in context

Anybody notice Anderson's fingernails? The nails on his right hand are blue, and on his left orange and yellow.

I'm looking forward to this movie but I hope it's better than the last. And I really don't want to see zombies wearing only underwear (at least not men!)

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Posted in: War memories See in context

I'm curious about the white guy standing at the back, third from right. He's even wearing Japanese geta. Is he part of this or just watching...

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Posted in: Realtors have hard time renting stigmatized properties See in context


Also in English and French.

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Posted in: M5.4 quake jolts Ibaraki, Tokyo See in context

My gas supply automatically shut off, so I had to go outside in my pyjamas to try and reset it.

Here in Ibaraki the earthquakes do seem to be hitting us more frequently and violently recently.

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Posted in: Fujitsu releases Android tablet See in context

Some details here...


1GHz Freescale i.Mx processor, 512MB of RAM, Gingerbread

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Posted in: The weekend away that'll turn you into a superhero See in context

This time, it being dark, I decided to strip off my robe to feel the water directly on my skin.

Hiroko, this article needs more photos!

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Posted in: Yakuza pundit: New laws unlikely to eradicate gangs See in context


I have a number of friends that are associated with and or work with the Yakuza, I know what they do and they know I do as well, but that doesn't stop me from being friends with them on a social basis only. The ones I know are pretty decent folks and are a hell of a lot of fun to party with!

I wonder if you also boast to your family that you hang out with scum that are involved in people smuggling, pushing drugs, kiddie porn, and generally leaching off society. Do you feel proud?

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Posted in: Apple core fans See in context

Why so much hate on here? Four guys doing what they want, enjoying themselves, and some of you are offended. I bet if JT put up a photo of a totally white piece of paper, somebody would still find something to complain about lol.

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