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Why do people want to wear jeans with holes ripped in them? I've never understood it.

Haha, I read your comment just as I was squinting at the photo to try to see what Avril is wearing under those jeans.

Why doesn't JT link to bigger versions of photos anyway...

Moderator: You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

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"mrskit", you can listen to a live radio feed on au/emergency/cyclone/yasi/

(remove space)

I know how you feel; I'm from Cairns and have family there now.

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Just heard that all the evacuation centres in Cairns are now full. ABC radio was saying that these centres are "places of a last resort"... they are not rated to withstand a cyclone of this strength. But not much choice for people in the possible storm surge/flooding areas.

Also the cyclone passed over Willis Island, (450 kilometres east of Cairns) this morning, and knocked out the weather bureau's radar system. The bureau says the maximum wind speed recorded before the equipment went down was 185 kilometres an hour.

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I don't know anything about turtles, but I found another news source that said the men had some Chinese big-headed turtles and Indian Star tortoises. According to Wikipedia, about the Indian star tortoise... "A typical hatchling in the United States costs about $500 from a reputable dealer".

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smithinjapan, you left out the most important reason...

6) This is Ibaraki.

Seriously, there have been a lot of stabbings here. Some of my Japanese friends have commented that it is only the Southern part of Ibaraki that is dangerous, because it's nearer to Tokyo. I don't know why?

And I have to agree with whereismayhem... back home I can generally know who to steer clear of. But over here there is no way of telling.

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Ibaraki Prefecture again??

And I really can't imagine being stabbed in the face... that's horrific.

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I think it's a lovely family photo.

But why doesn't Princess Mako have any legs?

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Good one, Skippy!

Maybe this is a perfect business chance to start selling roo whistles for cars. You don't want to hit a roo while driving... they can mess up your car pretty good.

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