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Posted in: Trump talks legal action; Biden on offense as campaign ends See in context

"Biden on offense"

He has no choice, the Democrats are panicking, even Michael Moore is predicting a Trump win.

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Posted in: Obama says Trump failed to take pandemic, presidency seriously See in context

Who cares what Obama has to say.

Trump-Pence 2020 LANDSLIDE!

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Posted in: James Bond star Sean Connery dies at 90 See in context

Loved him in Outlander. RIP, Mr. Connery.

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Posted in: Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days See in context


defensive much? And Trump has robbed the nation blind billing it for staying at his clubs and hotels.

I notice you didn't try to refute Biden got a lot of money to sell out his country. He did, even though the media is ignoring it as best they can.

For those people who know how to do a "search" on the "internet", they can find Biden's "plan" for how to deal with Covid. Unlike the current Loser in the white house who's plan is "pretend it doesn't exist".

For those people who know how to do a "search" on the "internet" they can find, oh my...

President Trump has unveiled Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts. These steps will help state and local officials when reopening their economies, getting people back to work, and continuing to protect American lives.


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Posted in: Stop the music! Chorus of artists tell Trump to tune it down See in context

Biden has conned millions into thinking after 47 years of doing nothing he's suddenly going to get things done for the American people.

But there are more Trump vote in person voters than Biden mail-in voters.

Trump-Pence 2020 LANDSLIDE :D

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Posted in: 'Healing robots' help ease COVID-19 isolation See in context

COVID-19 isolation

I have a better idea to deal with this problem.

End the misguided lockdowns.

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Posted in: Harris target of more misinformation than Pence, data shows See in context

Of all the possible choices to be the actual president of the United States, the Democrats give us the absolutely awful Kamala Harris who will say anything to get elected.

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Posted in: As virus surges, Trump rallies keep packing in thousands See in context

Ya'll don't worry about the thousands turning out for Trump's rallies while Biden and Harris have almost no one show up at their appearances. RealClearPolitics' average is still giving Biden a 7.4 lead. LOL

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Posted in: Trump campaigning non-stop as Biden holds firm in Delaware See in context

Joe Biden.

"Only when we vote can we begin to steer America's future in a new direction -- a direction of truth over lies, science over fiction, and hope over fear,"

Biden is good at one thing - talking a lot without actually saying anything.

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Posted in: Trump campaigning non-stop as Biden holds firm in Delaware See in context

Biden has no business running for president of the United States. He is totally corrupt and in the pocket of China. Plus he couldn't remember the name of the current president of the United States the other day, starting to call him "George..."

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Posted in: Former DHS official says he wrote 'Anonymous' Trump critique See in context

 Kayleigh McEnany called Taylor a “low-level, disgruntled former staffer” who "is a liar and a coward who chose anonymity over action and leaking over leading.”

All true.

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Posted in: Can Trump call in troops to quell Election Day unrest? See in context

If the Democrats come up with another 10 million fraudulent mail-in votes and steal the election, Trump is supposed to concede, according to the Democrats. That would be a betrayal of his duty to uphold the Constitution. He won't do that.

And yes, he can and should call in the troops if necessary to put down out of control unrest if his election win is found to be legit.

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context

Cue all the maskers and "lockdowns do more good than harm" dropkicks.

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context

The virus has killed more than 250,000 people in Europe

Must be all those European leaders bungled their COVID response, right?

A new wave of lockdowns and business closings

Yes, let's ruin the economy and throw people out of work, increase debt, increase suicides, etc., all for a virus.

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Posted in: 'Who the hell elected you?' U.S. Senate tech hearing becomes political showdown See in context

Dorsey lied when he told Cruz Twitter doesn't do what Cruz accused them of doing.

Burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and fighting wars for their control have kept the fossils rich and in power.

Yeah they were in power in the U.S. until 2017, then Trump became president. In case you haven't noticed, ( you haven't ) Trump is getting us out of Middle East wars and not starting any new ones.

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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context

Biden: "Donald Trump crashed the economy that Barack and I left him."

Oh yeah, the economy was so much worse after 3 years of Trump before the virus from China hit the world. Fewer and fewer people are believing that.

Don‘t worry, the country’s oldest president will run again in 2024.

Much more likely he's going to hand over the presidency to the next Republican president in 2025. But if Biden-Harris do manage to pull off the election, won't Trump be going to prison?

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Posted in: China struggles to fill Trump's 'America First' leadership void See in context

China struggles to fill Trump's 'America First' leadership void

By Tony Munroe

There's no void, Tony.

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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context

The unemployment rate has nothing to do with people who don't have a job.

You can argue all day long what the true unemployment rate is. We've been using the same parameters for the official rate for decades. If you want to use your parameters, then the real number of the rate during Obama was way higher too.

Trump circling the drain...

Yeah, and thousands come out to Trump's rallies whilst virtually no one but the media comes out to Biden's appearances.

Anyone have a problem with Biden?

Yeah, anyone who doesn't just watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC or See BS.

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Posted in: 'Mask Police' hero fights COVID-19, promotes masks, positive image of host clubs See in context

I bet a lot of handcuffs are used in Kabukicho.

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Posted in: Trudeau says pandemic 'really sucks;' Christmas up in the air See in context

the global COVID-19 pandemic “really sucks”

Can't argue with that.

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Posted in: Almost half a million Americans contract COVID-19 in past week as infections surge See in context

Yeah, and cases are spiking all over the world.

The vast majority will recover. Those under 70 have a 99.9% recovery rate.

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Posted in: Judge blocks Election Day gun ban near Michigan polling sites See in context

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, had exceeded her authority this month 

This is not surprising. She's a Democrat, like Michigan dictator Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose lockdown orders were declared unconstitutional by the state's supreme court, then she just issues new orders. Jeez...

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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context

BATTLE for the SOUL of the NATION

Yes, we want to keep our soul, not give it up to the socialist Democrats.

While Biden rarely travels to more than one state per day

That gives him a better chance of remembering which state he's in.

Trump's ongoing bungling of the pandemic has cratered the US economy for the majority of Americans.

No, but thanks to Trump the economy is coming back strong and fast. We were supposedly going to have 20% unemployment with all these businesses going under from the stupid lockdowns and it's around 8%. Stock market is booming with 401Ks up. You want to crater the economy? Elect Biden-Harris who will raise taxes and end fracking and the oil industry.

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Posted in: Pelosi says White House rejecting Democrats' COVID-19 testing plan See in context

Trump is the most dishonest politician in US history

That would be Biden. More evidence is coming to light as we speak in spite of the media's attempts to suppress it.

And Trump, though he is president, is not a politician in the real sense. The main reason why he was elected. Americans are sick of swamp politicians like Biden and Harris.

Trump 2020 landslide, Baby!

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Posted in: Trump or Biden, Japan likely to face harsh demands in trade talks See in context

Japan apparently has no cards to play in the talks

Japan done screwed up. What's up with that?

If Biden wins, he may consider the possibility of rejoining the TPP

No surprise there, as that agreement sucks for the U.S. which is why Trump got us out of it. Heck, even HRC was against it in the end.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden make their pitches to voters in pivotal Pennsylvania See in context

"I think we're going to win Michigan, I think we're going to win Wisconsin. I think we're going to win Minnesota. I think have a fighting chance in Ohio. I think we have a fighting chance in North Carolina...

Yeah, Biden also thinks he never said he was against fracking.

CNN is giving Biden a 10 point lead in Pennsylvania so I guess Trump is toast there, haha, lol

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Posted in: U.S. Senate confirms Barrett 52-48 as Supreme Court justice See in context

Not one Democrat had the decency to vote to confirm this woman with impeccable credentials to the Supreme Court.

RBG's last dying request should have been honored*

We go by the Constitution which requires the president and the Senate to fill vacancies, not wait for the next elections and have the Supreme Court short for months.

Time to expand the court.

Um, that's not what RGB would have wanted. Look it up.

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Posted in: Officer suspended for blaring 'Trump 2020' from NYPD vehicle See in context

What are your thoughts on this police officers actions?

Yeah, he violated the rules and he must have his wrist slapped.

It's understandable though that he and the rest of the cops in this country support Trump being as how the Democrats are defunding them.

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Posted in: Damage from Trump's trade wars won't heal quickly: analysts See in context

After four years in office, Donald Trump...

Amazing - the first seven words of this article is a lie. Trump has been president for 3 years and 9 months, not 4 years.

Damage from Trump's trade wars

Yeah, the benefits way outweigh the damage. The tariffs finally got China's attention. Trump is the first U.S. president to stand up to China. In May last year Joe Biden said China is "not competition for us." Jeez...

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

It's become glaringly obvious in the past week that especially Facebook, Twitter and Google are guilty of suppressing / hiding information even before confirming whether or not it is false. Unconscionable.

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