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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? Is it mainly a language thing? See in context

When I watch japanese commercials for new albums, I always think "Man, I heard that song a thousand times before!". All that AKB48 and AKB48-surrogate stuff sounds very similar. Some standard-songs, a thin voice & some stupid dancing - that is not a recipe for international success.

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Posted in: The evolution of 100-yen shops and how they've changed people's lives See in context

“In Europe,” he says, “people will use things for decades.” Hundred-yen shops might not do so well there.

Well, we have 1€-shops in Germany (~135¥-shops), for example a chain called "Tedi". But compared to Daiso, where you will find quite nice stuff from time to time, most of the stuff they sell is quite crappy and low quality. I do not expect something I buy there to last for years, but most stuff even looks like it breaks apart while opening the packaging.

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Posted in: Hawaiian-inspired loco moco and kalua pork burgers coming to McDonald’s Japan See in context

Mac Donalds? Bah! If I eat a burger in Japan, it's either at Lotteria or MOS, but I rarely do.

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Posted in: Do you think time travel will ever be possible? See in context


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Posted in: Christmas decorations and light displays are already up in some parts of Japan. Do you think it is too early? See in context

Way too early. I don't want to hear that crap before 1st of December!

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Posted in: Messi named player of the tournament; Neuer wins World Cup Golden Glove See in context

What a joke!

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