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Seth M comments

Posted in: Israel intensifies Gaza bombardment, battles to dislodge Hamas fighters from its territory See in context

I relate this to the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, a desperate roar against their masters

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Posted in: Trudeau beckons Taylor Swift to Canada See in context

Canada under Trudeau has no respect on the world stage whatsoever. Glad I left and don't have to breath smoke every day, I won't be returning as long as this clown is still in the office..

Oh and keep getting shunned by the American celebrities Trudeau boy

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's declaring Sept 3 as day of victory over 'militaristic' Japan See in context

Funny, Russia is doing exactly what Japan was doing in WW2, the only difference is they suck at it

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Posted in: Russia lawmakers OK 'militaristic Japan' in WWII memorial day's name See in context

yawn, Russia was something and turned nothing. move on already. Even North Korea commands more respect these days

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Posted in: Industrial researcher arrested for data leak to Chinese firm See in context

Do you have any ideas how much Chinese researchers contribute to Japanese economy? Meanwhile Japanese salary men are often useless and don't do anything at work

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Posted in: Japan supports Sweden's NATO membership See in context

There's no point of the existence of NATO as the Russian military have proved to be an bloody joke

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Posted in: U.S. seeking TNT in Japan for Ukraine artillery shells, sources say See in context

If a mild conflict has stretched the US industry to the limits, how on earth could it sustain a full blown war with China?

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Posted in: Japan net external assets hit record in 2022 as world's biggest creditor See in context


inflated by zero health care. The real size of US economy is about half of China

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Posted in: Nikkei closes at 33-year high on receding U.S. debt ceiling fears See in context

The US top dogs will cave, they always do. The ponzi scheme has to go on.

By the way Japan has a huge heap of US dollar reserves, I'd hate to see US become another Zimbabwe

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Posted in: Kishida tells South Koreans his 'heart hurts' over pain caused by occupation See in context

Kishida probably got played, he's way too quick to lift the sanctions on South Korea. when their next president takes over, it'll be the usual bs again.

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Posted in: Japan's seafood imports from Russia hit record ¥155 bil in 2022 See in context

How in the world does an island country rely on other countries for seefood?!

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore leaders affirm alignment on rules-based int'l order See in context

The "rules" that only benefit a small portion of the world. Therefore they are being challenged and rightly so

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Posted in: Kishida seeks closer ties with Africa in bid to woo 'Global South' See in context

China have been building roads and railway for Africa, what have "G7" done other than lectures, as well as the still ongoing French colonial exploitations?

I do give Japan credit for the developments of SE Asia but Africa is way out of its projection

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Posted in: NATO to open Japan office: report See in context

Sorry, but Japan don't want to be dragged into a war with Russia, which is the sole scheme of NATO. in the case of China, didn't French president just bend over to Xi?

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Posted in: Gov't study finds only 3,065 homeless people in Japan See in context

In these days of global economy in toilet, it's a miracle, especially compared to what's happening in the western world.

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Posted in: Japan to invite emerging nations to G7 finance leaders' meeting See in context

Every country on the list is in bed with China, plus Argentina which just announced ditching usd

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Posted in: Japan formally decides to downgrade COVID-19 to flu level on May 8 See in context


Apr. 27 04:47 pm JST

Finally catching up with the rest of the world

And millions less of covid deaths. LOL

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Posted in: S Korean president's office defends his viral Japan comments See in context

South Korea economy is taking a nose dive right now as China is catching up fast in the semiconductor sector, and they've already routed Samsung phones and Korean cars in Chinese market. It's time to pick a side between China and Japan, they have no choice. Of course they will side with Japan, just as 2000 years ago them taking siding with Empress Jingu of Was to counter the big bad Han dynasty

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Posted in: Florida Gov DeSantis praises Japan's defense build-up See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaApr. 24 04:34 pm JS

God help us if Trump Lite gets into office.

Help me remember, did Trump make wars?

And during which US president's term has the world turned into a gutter that it is now?

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Posted in: G7 agriculture ministers meet to ensure food security See in context

There's no way G7 can food security on their own, US, the largest producer, don't produce alot wheats. They will steal Ukraine grains, just watch

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Posted in: Sunken wreck of WWII Japanese ship on which nearly 1,000 Australians died found See in context

This was a typical behavior of us navy in ww2, iirc there was another similar occurrence for the British pows, in that case the Americans even surfaced and shot the poor men in water

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Posted in: G7 nations considering near-total ban on exports to Russia: reports See in context

What a pack of buffoons.. A non west country will choose Russian resources over the worthless usd anyday

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Posted in: SpaceX giant rocket explodes minutes after launch from Texas See in context

the rocket was spewing parts while ascending until it finally went bellyup.

I wonder, they keep sending this clearly unfinished rocket into fireworks, do they hope for a better luck for a flawed design?

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Posted in: Global South key for G7 to counter Russia and China, despite challenges See in context

The "global south" are gearing up unprecedented and coordinated efforts for dedollarsing. They are not watching from side, they are in the the game led by China.

China gives them infrastructures, what do the uncle Sam bring to the table, more lectures of democracy?

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Posted in: Ukraine says it is finding more Chinese components in Russian weapons See in context

There's more American made components in Russia military than any other countries, the hypocrisy of US of A is almost unbearable

Russia also sources western technologies from China, Putin have shopping spree on Alibaba every day

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Posted in: Macron's China remarks exasperate EU allies See in context

I don't think anyone expect anything from France anyway, they excel at raising both hands

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Posted in: New BOJ head says banks stable; rules out major policy shift See in context

Japan you need to think about the future of dollar, the worldwide dedollarizing is accelerating. China, Russia, India, Brazil, and, Saudi are already onboard. That's a huge cut from the dollars pie. Switzerland have been losing assets and Singapore is gaining rapidly. It's crazy that everything is taking place so fast

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Posted in: Macron says Europe must not be 'follower' of U.S., China on Taiwan See in context

China saved failing French economy, meanwhile US wants Russia down at the expense of whole Europe

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Posted in: China plans $500 million subsea internet cable to rival U.S.-backed project See in context

It's the US that is decoupling with China and coerce it's "allies" onboard. As a response China has been quite successful lately at dedollarnizing, not that it wants to, but rather have to

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Posted in: Japan welcomes increased NATO involvement in Indo-Pacific region See in context

Oh the Europeans want to sneak their way back to Asia, only this time India is not their slave anymore. No india, no foothold in Asia

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