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Posted in: Trump tries to calm political storm over Putin summit; says he misspoke See in context

"That's some joining up the dots there.

How did HRC invade Crimea and shoot down the MH-17 plane again?"

Her entire tenure as the SoS revolved around a chain reaction of stoking up chaos in the mid east, east Europe, and Asia and the forthcoming refugee crisis.

Corning the biggest nuclear power, the only thing you expect next is a punch on your own face. The Russia learned the lesson in the Cuban crisis, now its America’s turn.

Consider we lucky Putin just got Crimea instead of going nuclear.

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Posted in: Japan, EU sign massive trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs See in context

As always, Japan gets good deals. And it also serves as a good leverage in the coming talks with the USA. 

Good for EU as well, its equivalent to adding a member state that is larger than Germany.

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Posted in: France beats Croatia 4-2 to win 2nd World Cup title See in context

Bastille Day followed by the WC winning day , party time for France!

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Posted in: Croatia beats England 2-1 to reach World Cup final for 1st time See in context

Neither team deserved to be in this place tbh, but Croatia has a bit more flair and skills with players like Modric. so its no surprise. Should be an easy final for France as Croatia had 3 120-min matches in a row.

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Posted in: Abe cancels overseas trip to deal with flood aftermath See in context

If Abe was useless as people here claim to be, it would be of no benefit for him to travel either, at least staying at home save a few bucks of the taxpayers... logic

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

well, well, well... this is one hell of of batch

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Posted in: Japan picks Lockheed Martin radar for missile defense system: ministry official See in context

this does smell like a payola, all Aegis systems employ SPY radars afaik. Using another company's radar doesn't seem to make sense logistically speaking.

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

"Kawashima is an embarrassment"

For real, I only saw fear in his eyes in this match. And how many mistakes had he made in this WC? geez

The team's performance is astonishing given how bad he is

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Posted in: Boys, coach in stable health after 10 days lost in Thai cave See in context

Sometimes miracle does happen. Good job!

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

"Really? I would have thought at 2-0 up, Japan would have just dribbled the ball back and forth, you know, like against Poland."

Poland had no will go through, it was a match of formality. Belgium on the otherhand wouldn't have let you passing around uncontested, being a stronger team aside.

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Sitting back immediately after the lead was probably not a good idea, they've have exposed themselves to Felleni and Lukaku's pounding constantly. They did well to withstand the Belgium onslaught, until the last few minutes, they changed their mind and start pressing forward, wierd

Also, my god, their goal keeper freaking sucks. seriously, you are not going anywhere with a panicked deer like him standing on the goal line.

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

The tactics in the final moments were questionable, they were seconds away to extra time. But Belgium is just a better team overall. Good game!

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Posted in: France beats Argentina 4-3 to reach quarterfinals See in context

woohoo both of the 'goats' are out in quick succession.

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Posted in: Japan to buy advanced U.S. radar for missile defense system See in context

Alexandre T. IshiiToday  09:28 am JST

The R&D cost of those radar systems would be astronomical, and even if Japan could afford it, it wouldnt be available anytime soon. Japan needs the capability now. Also, the intercept vehicle (SM-3Blk2) is being jointly developed by the two countries.

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Posted in: Belgium beats England 1-0; faces Japan next in knockout stage See in context

James Rodriguez injured himself in the Senegal match, if he can't recover in time, England will have a very good chance.

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Posted in: China protests to Japanese media over report on Taiwan See in context

China can shove it, but " Andrew Lee" "Joseph Wu". what the heck are these names? American tourists?

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Its not cowardist and defeatist, its just a game based on a number of facts on the ground: the chance of Japan scoring a goal in last 10 mins was much lower than that of conceding OR losing the advantage in fair play (yeah bit ironic but its fifa's rule) Meanwhile, Japan knew Colombia would try their hardest win hence a draw was the safest bet.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Its a crazy gamble by rotating out 6 player in the starting lineup, but in the end it paid off. A 'win' is a win. Now, onto the knockoff stage!

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Posted in: Manager of adult entertainment shop arrested for kidnapping 16-year-old girl See in context

"Where is the Parental Control in this situation ??"

Why is victim blaming an accepted norm on this site?

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Posted in: Germany crash out of World Cup after losing to S Korea 2-0 See in context

Germany were sleeping, had no desire to win. did they not realize they would be out even if its a draw?

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Posted in: Japan to propose resuming commercial whaling at IWC meeting in Sept See in context

"Don't be fooled. Pushing for whaling is strictly political."

And so is anti whaling. Had the Aussies known when to shut up, Japan probably had stopped for long time :-)

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Posted in: Trump backs down; orders end to family separations at U.S. border See in context

He backed off because hes scared of losing votes. Lets not get carried away and see whether or not the American citizens will vote these Nazis out in November.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

fa477279Today  01:56 pm JST

The world wouldn't have had to deal with the China problem if FDR hadn't stabbed Japan in the back in 1940s. Now, the potato is in your hand, America. You asked for it.

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Posted in: Tokyo venture firms to build new hub for start-ups called 'Gotanda Valley' See in context

Tokyo again. How about spread some business elsewhere, isn't that the purpose of having the most advanced mass transit system in the world?

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Posted in: 4 dead, more than 300 injured after M6.1 quake hits northern Osaka region See in context

Stay safe everyone! Don't forget to stock food and medicines, in case of the aftershocks.

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Posted in: As outrage grows over children, Trump says he will not let U.S. become 'migrant camp' See in context

I get people sometimes get fooled by politicians. but knowingly support someone running concentration camps on kids, in the 21st century! ? the hell?

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

His remarks in this article sound really troubling, or even delirium.

Only drunk or insane people say things like this.

He also seems to like Kim and Putin very much... chill down the spine

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Posted in: Trump bombs with joke about N Korean leader Kim See in context

May it wasn't a joke. Maybe that's exactly what he wants. Maybe its time.

Nothing is forever, that includes democracy.

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Posted in: India set to miss key target for Japan-backed bullet train project See in context

I also think the bullet train is a waste for India at this time, Japan is eager to bring India neck to neck with China, but things like this just can't be hastened. The country is still vastly underdeveloped in infrastructure, they need large networks of normal trains and roads, clean water, waste management, educatio capacity, there are so many things to invest.

If you look at China, they were already quite developed when they started the bullet train craze. so everything came into place naturally. India? not so much

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Posted in: Trump, Kim launch charm offensive at summit; no word yet on discussions See in context

Regardless of outcome, Trump feels at home with Putin, Kim and alike.

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