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Posted in: Trump, Kim launch charm offensive at summit; no word yet on discussions See in context

Regardless of outcome, Trump feels at home with Putin, Kim and alike.

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Posted in: Canadian man goes to court alleging paternity harassment See in context

since he worked for UFJ Morgan which I had experience dealing with both of them before they merged, I can tell you that the people running global banks are worst kind of scumbags in the business world, regardless of where, what culture they are from.

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Posted in: Abe tries to keep Japan on Trump's radar ahead of Singapore summit See in context

Abe has managed his relation with Trump pretty well, and so far at least, managed to deflect most of Trump's demands without angering him.

The charismatic young leaders from France and Canada took Trump's baits and their countries became targets. They should learn from the old fellas Abe and May

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Posted in: U.S. isolated at G7 meeting as tariffs prompt retaliation See in context

Theres already G20, which is the actual place to address the current economics issues in the world

G7 is just bunch of old boys patting each other's back to feel safe/good.

Maybe this year it won't even have that lol

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Posted in: Aso lobbies Mnuchin for Japan's permanent exemption from U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs See in context

G7 more and more look like a irrevelant organization these days, if not a total laughing stock.

Japan should stop asking for exemptions, Trump only respect tough guys, such as Kim and Putin!

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Posted in: Japan supports Trump's decision to cancel U.S.-North Korea summit See in context

If Syria had nukes, there would be no isis, no refugees, no terrorisom, none of these mess USA has created, there would've actually been peace. I'm sure Kim understands this pretty well!

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Posted in: U.N. sets up human rights probe into Gaza killings, to Israel's fury See in context

We'd like to hear the reasoning behind USA and Australia's rejection of this investigation. Were the massacre not factual?

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Posted in: Trump seeks to placate N Korean leader over uncertain summit See in context

The Kim boy is one of the few leaders that speak the language that the United States goverments understands: When you have nuclear weapons, you are a partner. When you don't, you are an existential threat to the human kind. Just look at Iraq, Iran, Lybia, Syria...

Never, ever, denuclearize

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Posted in: Japan plans retaliatory tariffs against U.S., NHK reports See in context

Japan doesn't export many steels to the US compared to the other countries. Japan is also not hurt by Trump's pulling out of Iran deal and his other bully moves. Trump is a bully no doubt, but Japan so far has done a good job at staying outside of his attention.

I'd advise no retaliation, instead, just freeze any trade talks that Trump wants to send him a message.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. hopes to have N Korea as 'close partner' not enemy See in context

when you don't have weapon of mass of destruction, you are an enemy subject to 'regime change'

when you do, you are a partner

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Posted in: Europeans work to save Iran deal, and business, after Trump pulls out See in context

Trump I know you hate Obama and everything he did during his terms, but please don't start WW3 just because

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Posted in: China, Japan seek to mend ties as Trump trade war looms See in context

You'll never lose if you bet on both sides :)

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Posted in: Police officer shot dead in koban; 19-year-old colleague arrested See in context

he's not even 20 and already an officer? and armed?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine gets 4 years for fatal drunk driving crash in Okinawa See in context

22, life just started. what a shame

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Posted in: China to hit U.S. soybeans, cars, planes with retaliatory tariffs See in context

Trump is right in the long run, America's manufacturing sector is dead thanks to the decades of unchecked capitalism and globalism, it will probably take a decade or longer to revive it, with drastic measures.

China wants everything, from everyone. With America shutting down the door, they will probably target Japan and Europe now.

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Posted in: Trump should insist on Libya-style denuclearization for N.Korea: Bolton See in context

dcog9065Today  10:00 am JST

Very encouraged by Bolton’s comments on NK. He has completely the right attitude. If NK wastes time with these talks or doesn’t agree to lose all their nukes, they are done.

Enough is enough

more like putting up means putting up. good luck get NK give up their icbms and nukes through talks without paying some substantial benefits to Kim ( I doubt there is such thing at all, what the US could bring to table that he already doesn't have? )

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested after road dispute with another driver See in context

You should have IMMEDIATELY backed up, moved completely over to the OTHER lane, and drove off....

then you hit the man exiting the vehicle, and instead of him being in prison and you laughing at him, now you were in prison and he’s dead. Bravo.

Please leave your clever driving practice in your country.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists invent floating 'firefly' light See in context

Very interesting!

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Posted in: Nissan to start testing semi-autonomous rides See in context

Most drivers are senior people these days. The sooner driverless vehicles are put to commercial use the better. I dont see this will impact jobs market (in Japan anyway).

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Posted in: Best-selling Donald Trump expose hits bookstores in Japan See in context

you'd think in asia you can get away from the mud pit of liberal and conservatives ideologic struggle, but no. lets drag local people into this.

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Posted in: Trump says arming teachers could prevent school massacres See in context

what if a teacher has a really bad day and snaps? america you funny hahahaha

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Posted in: Trump says Abe agrees to invest more in U.S. See in context

I wonder if Japan will get a slice of his big infrastracture 'plan'. The future of the proposed North East maglev is still uncertain due to the unique American politics.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

In Japan, In USA, In UK, In some Europe countries, the people have said through votes, they don't want immigrations.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't worried S Korea may rush into talks with N Korea See in context

The nukes are secure, of course they are collaborating now. However, the goal for Japan and USA shall not change, that is to de-nuclearize the peninsula.

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Posted in: GSDF member killed, another missing as helicopter crashes into home in Saga See in context

Stop flying those freaking things over residential area!

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Posted in: Trump could freeze $2 bil of Pakistan aid over militant havens See in context

Better late than never! Pakistan is the 2nd biggest terroism supporting country following Saudi Arabia. Its mind blowing America's 'travel ban' targets innocent countries such as Iran and Syria but not these two

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Posted in: Trump credits his firmness for potential Korea talks; signals Olympic concession on drills See in context

dispicable opportunistic move. He should grow a pair and bring it to the SK president and tell him to take a side.

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Posted in: Japan faces greatest danger since World War II due to N Korea: Abe See in context

NK, Middle East, Ukraine, South China Sea, all of these are linked up together into an unfolding global crisis because ultimately the players are USA, Russia, and China behind all these. Everyone else is involved in by force, not because they want to.

The biggest threat is an increasingly desperate Russia, as their economy is tanking under the sanctions. Expect aggravating situation in 2018 unless the west ease up the sanctions.

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Posted in: Gov't panel warns of possibility of 'impending' M9 quake off Hokkaido See in context

4 super earthquakes hit Japan in last 100 years, roughly one per 25-30 years. so, not entirely out of realm of possibility.

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Posted in: Police appeal for help over murder of 'gyoza king,' shot dead in Kyoto in 2013 See in context

Dango bongToday  08:24 am JST

yeah? they failed to break the case after exhausting the forensic and investigative means at hands. do the police in your country ask for help immediately when a body is found?

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