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Posted in: Trump handed plan to halt U.S. military aid to Kyiv unless it talks peace with Moscow See in context

That's right, when you can't defend the plan change topics

Did you read the article or even the title of the article? This is a plan presented to Trump. Nowhere does it say that it is his plan and that he is implementing it.

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Posted in: 'Everything is at stake' for reproductive rights in 2024, Harris says as Biden-Trump debate nears See in context

Pathetic excuse-making for Trump ahead of time. No evidence for that. Along with the stupid "jacked-up Joe" nonsense, as if cocaine or Red Bull will somehow immediately turn a person into a genius.

We will all be watching and awaiting your cheapfake comments when Biden is wandering all over the stage looking at ghosts lol

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Posted in: Attraction starring Disney's first Black princess replaces ride based on film many viewed as racist See in context

I can hear the screams of the anti-woke already.

The ones that scream about the anti-woke are the same ones that don't pay a dime for they cause they supposedly support.

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Posted in: Hollywood's A-listers lining up behind Joe Biden: Will their support matter in November? See in context

Ridiculous. Because you can’t do something doesn’t mean it isn’t easy for anybody else.

How many in that collage is a current A-lister selling out movie theaters and arenas?

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Posted in: Hunter Biden convicted of all 3 felonies in federal gun trial See in context

Republicans support gun ownership, except when it applies to the son of a sitting Democratic president.

So you know this from that guy you work with in Japan and the Internet?

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Posted in: High-profile opposition figure Renho to run for Tokyo governor See in context

She will do a much better job than Koike.

I remember Koike taking a break due to fatigue probably due to overwork/stress. Why on earth would she continue her job?

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Posted in: Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who skewered fast food industry, dies at 53 See in context

Probably something healthy unless it was for a documentary. Does he look like someone that leads an unhealthy life?

He struggled with alcoholism, that is pretty unhealthy and cancerous.

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Posted in: Comedian Dave Chappelle calls Israel-Hamas war a 'genocide,' urges Americans to fight antisemitism See in context

Yeah, he's pointing out a forgotten truth: neither the Palestinians nor the Jews living in the US have had anything to do with that war. Neither group should be threatened, harmed, or blamed. Neither side did anything wrong. If any of them pick up a rifle and go there to fight then there would be an issue.

You can't block roads to hospitals, workplaces or airports either for people that have their own livelihoods to attend to.

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Posted in: As yakuza weaken, police focus shifts to unorganized crime hired via social media See in context

You would see them paying people for boxes of cards or opening them on the street and tossing aside anything that wasn’t valuable. It was pretty pathetic lmao

Sounds like those that bought dozens of AKB48 CDs just to get that golden ticket to meet them. Pathetic but pretty good marketing for the fiends lol

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Posted in: Sean 'Diddy' Combs apologizes after video shows him assaulting partner See in context

and what is funny is that a graduation speech from a conservative Catholic NFL kicker makes bigger news than this. State of America and the media right now.

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Posted in: Paris Olympics organizers deny beds for athletes are 'anti-sex' See in context

Don't always need beds for sex.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Letting a few foreigners in to squeeze some low paid labor out of them does not make a country not Xenophobic

Well by that definition I guess your country is Xenophobic as well as immigrants stand in front of DIY stores daily to get picked up for $5-10 an hour.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Wait, Biden said Japan was Xenophobic.

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Posted in: Snake on Yamanote line train cause commotion in Tokyo See in context

Sounds like something they will send a rookie cop to do.

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Posted in: Stormy Daniels offers unflattering testimony about sex with Trump See in context

Man I can't wait for the SNL on this. SNL's Trump's spanking chronicles

The only thing that keeps the show afloat I guess being this past decade has been the worst cast and most unfunny in the show's history.

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Posted in: Man robbed while waiting in car as wife shops in Aichi See in context

Can anyone guess where those foreigners come from?

Well, the Brazilian supermarkets I go to in Mie and Aichi also sells Vietnamese, Filipino and South American products.

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Posted in: Golden Week wraps up as travelers return home See in context

I spoke to a couple of foreign tourist groups from Australia and the Netherlands, and not one knew about the Golden Week holiday before arriving in Japan.

Even inbound flights into Japan during the Golden Week period were double to triple the price than usual rates. Any person that looks at a flight rates calendar would see this and question why these dates were so expensive. That is unless money is no object to them.

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Posted in: Mexican authorities say thieves killed 2 Australians and an American to steal their truck See in context

Almost all state department alerts and it's Web site warren U.S. citizens and others NOT to travel to Mexico by land especially the northern parts, so why are people ignoring this is beyond me??

Growing up in SoCal, I have heard stories that made me never want to go. One family friend found a decapitated head on the beach. A group of college buddies drove down to drink in Tijuana and ended up having drugs planted on them by police and put behind bars. Police let them go the next morning but cleaned out their wallets in the process.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

It’s like going into an all white church in rural Mississippi and saying, “You’re all a bunch of racists!”

It might be true, but they don’t want to hear it.

So what would that make an all Black church, HBCU and Black Entertainment Television(BET)?

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

Anyone who believes in the rhetoric of free-market capitalism is severely naive.

You criticized Trump for being against it months ago but now that Biden is your tune changes. Why?

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Posted in: Seoul, Tokyo vow 'appropriate action' on weak yen and won See in context

Won must be stronger than yen too because Korean friends have told me Japan has gotten so cheap and Japanese friends told me Korea is so expensive nowadays.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits 175th home run in Major League Baseball, tying Matsui for most by a Japanese-born player See in context

he’s the only player in MLB history to achieve a World Series win(he has two!)

2 asterisk World Series wins. The 2018 Red Sox cheated and the 2020 Dodgers only played only 60 games that season. Betts has choked every postseason since.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter charged with stealing $16 mil from baseball star in sports betting case See in context

I just hope this new interpreter has zero power or influence - and has been vetted thoroughly by the Dodgers.

Ohtani has a wife now to take care of non-baseball issue and hopefully a few accountants too.

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Posted in: OJ Simpson, football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76 See in context

If you can explain why this guy captivated the US for a decade, you are truly knowledgable person indeed.

The whole World knew OJ Simpson where the average person probably couldn't name a single (American) football player.

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Posted in: Michigan school shooter's parents sentenced to 10 years in prison for not stopping a 'runaway train' See in context

Perhaps the homicidal gang members' fathers should also go to jail for not being there for children as they grew up to become the losers they are.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are officially divorced See in context

Honestly had no idea she was married.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing customer’s pouch with ¥790,000 in it at supermarket See in context

She's not necessary stealing, she might want to go to koban to return it. 

Exactly what the police told me when my wallet and phone were stolen. I even had a GPS on the phone and police told not to worry, they were probably on their way as we spoke. Never happened.

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Posted in: Trump calls Oscars ceremony 'disjointed, boring and very unfair' See in context

I appreciate you proving my point several times.

You already lost calling the original poster "bollocks" for stating that Kimmel threatened a lawsuit. Whatever name calling, deflection or runaround you want to give to help you cope is on you.

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Posted in: Trump calls Oscars ceremony 'disjointed, boring and very unfair' See in context

This is about Kimmel threatening to sue someone who accused of him of having close links with man who ran a sex trafficking network and used child prostitutes.

and that lawsuit will be thrown out fast as Kimmel has slandered the said individual multiple times as well as countless others. Rodgers has the same right as Kimmel does on a talk show.

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Posted in: Man arrested for pouring urine on pachinko machine in Sendai See in context

So what kind of sentences do golden showers on pachinko machines get?

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