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Posted in: Japan records trade deficit as imports surge on energy costs See in context

Big thanks to dumbass LDP leadership that wasted decades on laissez-faire energy policy rather than choosing to lead on renewable energy.

It's now 2022 and Japan is trailing virtually every developed country on renewable energy market-share. Japan is even the US on EV penetration and all of western Europe on building electrification (replacing gas with IH and water heating heat pumps).

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Sorry, NATO is not afraid of Russia with their pathetic little Spain-sized GDP and insecure, *****-sized president.

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Posted in: S Korea’s new leader offers support if N Korea denuclearizes See in context


The word 'liberal' means pro-free-market. You are referring to Moon as 'liberal' when in fact he is a left-wing, social democrat and Yoon is a right-wing liberal.

Please don't misuse this word like a FOX New cable TV anchor would. This is pretty misleading.

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Posted in: Russian ambassador to Poland hit with red paint See in context

Great throw!

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Posted in: S Korean court orders sale of M'bishi Heavy patent for wartime labor See in context

As I understand, Japan signed a treaty with Seoul in 1965 and paid reparations. Seoul's Supreme Court ruling would seem to be a clear violation of that treaty; reinterpreting the agreement to satisfy anti-Japanese resentment of the Korean public.

One cannot sign an agreement to accept reparations as full compensation for a the occupation and then renege to demand more...

This also makes little sense in the larger context of economic development and international relations. The Korean public has more to gain from a better relationship with Japan than what they gain from state-sponsored theft of Japanese companies. Also, before 2040, the SK GDP per capita will overtake Japan's. Meaning Korean people will be more wealthy than Japanese. It's a bit awkward that a country should still be demanding more reparations, a century later, from a poorer country.

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Posted in: Delta to begin paying flight attendants during boarding See in context

Unbelievable that they weren't being paid for boarding time before now. This is the kind of anti-labor BS that is only possible in a country like the US where workers are used to being exploited.

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Posted in: Russia warns of World War III ahead of Western summit on arms to Ukraine See in context

Kremlin: “We’re busy killing a lot of people right now. If you try to stop us, it risks WWIII”

LOL. You have a death wish? Okay, be my guest.

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Posted in: Will the new 18- and 19-year-old 'adults' become targets for exploitation? See in context

Yeah! So much wisdom comes between 18 and 20 lol

Scams and exploitation are a problem in any age group. Being 20 doesn't make it your fault for being exploited. If policymakers want to address this, the older age of adulthood doesn't solve the problem. Better consumer protection laws are!

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Posted in: Climate activists block London bridges, UK oil terminals See in context

MickeliciousToday  08:26 am JST

Good for them.

I started writing the same comment. You beat me to it.

They are heroes. The world's dependence on oils states during this new cold war makes it obvious that the climate activists were right all along. We need to sprint toward renewable, independent energy! The technology is here. There are no excuses.

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Posted in: 'Why not us?' Latinos stuck at Mexico border as Ukrainians enter U.S. See in context

While I support Latin people getting legal status in the US, I resent the comparison

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Posted in: 'Finally we can protect women': Japan's HPV vaccine battle See in context

The death toll for men has been high also - throat cancer, colon cancer, etc... It's a damn shame they aren't promoting this more widely. Vaccines should be subsizied by insurance, regardless of age / sex.

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Posted in: Without Russia, science going solo on many projects See in context

We should be brain-draining Russia by treating their people well and welcoming their scientists and skilled workers to migrate to and stay in The West and work with us, not targeting and punishing people who simply carry a Russian passport.

Welcoming the best and brightest is the best weapon we have against totalitarian regimes.

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Posted in: Labor foe Schultz returns as Starbucks union effort grows See in context

Unions should be the standard is almost every workplace! It is absolutely ridiculous that in a so-called developed country, we still live in a system where employers have such a terrifying degree of power over the lives of the most vulnerable people.

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Posted in: Paralympic Committee asks Beijing why anti-war speech censored See in context


Just enjoy sports as is.

Do we really need to pull Crime and Punishment from the shelves like vodka?



So when people talk about politics, they get criticized. When they don't, they get criticized. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Preventing war and promoting peace is pretty much he whole point of the Olympics. If Beijing doesn't share those values, they shouldn't host the Olympics.

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Posted in: Paralympic Committee asks Beijing why anti-war speech censored See in context

Because Beijing loves war. Why else?

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Posted in: Chinese firms push 5G credentials despite U.S. ban See in context

China bans THOUSANDS of foreign companies so they can grow their own domestically - while our leaders do almost nothing. We are only in this situation because the world is not going far enough to level the playing field. Chine must allow all foreign companies to compete fairly or their companies should be completely excluded form the international market!

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Posted in: Japan financial watchdog reviews compulsory quarterly disclosure rule See in context

A massive step backwards that does nothing to address the problem of short-termism. If you are a business making longer term investments, solution: COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR INVESTORS.

In a time when corporate greedy is getting ever more out of control, we need more transparency, not less!

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Posted in: Russians hold anti-war rallies in 48 cities despite ominous threats by Putin See in context

These protestors are heroes. I can't imagine the kind of bravery it would take to risk your life just to demonstrate against the invasion.

Wise of The West to continuously reach out to Russian people.

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Posted in: Mexico City legislature may ban bullfighting See in context

Absolutely ridiculous to claim we need to torture animals for jobs. Audience is just going to spend their money on other entertainment or services if they don't pay to watch bullfighting meaning those sectors will hire...

Anytime someone says we have to do X bad thing because it employs people; you are being lied to.

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Posted in: Rents reach 'insane' levels across U.S. with no end in sight See in context

Increase the housing supply!

City policies in the US favor NIMBYs and create artificial scarcity.

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Posted in: Gov't bans construction firm from accepting foreign trainees after assault case See in context

Violence is not okay. But paying 'foreign trainees' below poverty wages and treating them as slave labor is no problem

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Posted in: Crime, homelessness frame race for mayor of Los Angeles See in context

The good thing about Japan is that they solved this problem decades ago. Cost of living too high? Build more homes! And the results speak for themselves.

NIMBYs ("Don't build new homes in my neighborhood") are destroying American cities by zoning out new apartments to increase their property values.

It's causing the cost of living to explode and leading to homelessness, socioeconomic inequality, and homelessness.

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Posted in: Schools in U.S. seek volunteers in staffing crunch See in context

This is not a shock when American teachers are chronically underpaid. No doubt this will be used as an excuse to further privatize and destroy public education as an institution.

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Posted in: Toyota heading to moon with cruiser, robotic arms, dreams See in context

Japanese mega corps have a long history of BS-ing the public with publicity stunts and empty promises like this which that they have no intention of fulfilling. This is no different. Just like 'e-palette' or the concept cars they show off every year.

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Posted in: Biden: Ready for 'long overdue' pick of Black female justice See in context

This is essentially how modern Democrats work, make empty gestures like nominating a black woman or making a holiday for Juneteenth because it creates an illusion of progress.. Forgiving student loans, acting on drug reform, labor rights, real healthcare reform, etc. all threaten capital owners. So he they promise but never deliver...

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy assaulted after asking man to stop smoking on train See in context

In a culture where adults look away rather than confront bullies criminals and rule-breakers, this boy is a model citizen and needs a medal and a college scholarship.

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Posted in: Russia says it will take nothing less than NATO expansion ban See in context

"Stop NATO expansion." Or what... ??

They say will accept nothing less but have drawn no red lines, spelled out no consequences for refusing their demands... All they have said is they will not invade Ukraine, have no plans to, and 'Don't expand NATO'.

Do they not know how to negotiate?

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Posted in: Djokovic's detention becomes political issue in Australia See in context

"I'm an anti-vax nut job and I'm so important and above your rules. Let me in your country where I'm a guest or you're being political !"

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Posted in: Japan hangs 3 death-row inmates; 1st executions in 2 years See in context

State-sanctioned murder of people who are locked up and of no threat to anyone... and also potentially innocent people coerced into guilty confessions.

...Because we are not, apparently, better than the bad guys.

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Posted in: Tokyo city committee OKs plan for foreigners to vote in referendums See in context

Yes, God forbid that this lead to tax-paying foreigners, living, working, and building families in Japan the right to vote in national elections.

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