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Posted in: Alcaraz wins U.S. Open for 1st Slam title, top ranking See in context

no interest in tennis.. but he is hot

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Posted in: Republican congressman: Sitcom with Danny DeVito as voice of Satan is 'evil' See in context

If Republicans are upset, they must have done something right.

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Posted in: Gulf Arab nations ask Netflix to remove 'offensive' videos See in context

If Netflix gives in, they are cowards.

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Posted in: Bus company disciplined after driver orders maskless passenger off bus See in context

I hate wearing masks but if the bus / train is privately owned, either respect the rules or get the hell off.

You don't go into someone else's house and ignore their rules. Pretty basic stuff.

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Posted in: 3 Balkan countries to work on averting food, energy shortage See in context

Ballsy to ask for consideration from the EU right after spending months trashing the EU, blaming the West for Russia's invasion, and rooting for Russia to win in annexing Ukraine.

Imagine the disaster it would be to allow Serbia into the EU only have them obstruct legislation and blackmail the EU with the unanimity rule the next time Russia invades another country like Moldova or Georgia.

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Posted in: EU ministers to study call for ban on Russian tourists See in context

Unbelievably stupid idea for several reasons:

It's a performative show of disapproval that accomplishes nothing.

It stops money from exiting Russia and flowing into EU businesses and wages.

It stops the "brain drain" from Russia, which is the most powerful weapon the EU has against Putin.

It hurts normal, powerless people; not aristocrats.

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Posted in: Cuba asks for U.S. technical assistance in oil fire clean-up See in context

Send help immediately. This is an opportunity to build better relations.

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Posted in: Murdoch's son sues small Australian news outlet for defamation See in context

Ironic considering the Murdock family’s businesses are an empire built on defamation…

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Posted in: Singapore to decriminalize gay sex, but will limit change See in context

Singapore boldly steps into the 1950s!

Any country that cannot grant LGBTQ+ people full equal rights in 2022 should be absolutely ashamed. That includes Japan where, as covered by Japan Today, a court recently stole a trans person's legal guardianship of their own children!

LGBTQ people should not have to wait another decade for bigots to "evolve" on these issues...

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister tells S Korean president to 'shut his mouth' after offer of aid See in context

Sad that she suffers from Tourette's syndrome

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Posted in: U.S., Taiwan to launch formal trade talks in autumn See in context

Good. And send them some weapons so they can defend themselves.

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Posted in: U.S. commander says China missile fire over Taiwan must be contested See in context

Shoot it down.

This should be the new standard. There is no way to distinguish a missile fired over your home being a 'drill' from being an attack.

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Posted in: Green sofa See in context

Why not tell us where this is located? Tokyo is a big place. Is it a secret?

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Posted in: South Korea pardons Samsung boss 'to help the economy' See in context

So these criminals are the only people capable of leading these companies?

A better idea: seize their assets and break up Samsung so it’s portfolio of businesses can operate independently and properly compete in the market.

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Posted in: China reaffirms threat of military force to annex Taiwan See in context

China wouldn't dare try to forcibly annex Taiwan if they had nukes... The US could easily remedy that... just pointing out an obvious solution that would stabilize the whole region and make everyone less afraid of war.

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Posted in: Japan's population falls by record 726,342 to 125.93 mil in 2021 See in context

I have been a loyal tax payer in Japan for 9 years and work in an industry with a critical talent shortage - tech sector - yet I have only 65 points on the PR eligibility scale and therefore do not qualify for PR.

If the government wants to fix this problem and attract foreign talent; they should fix this.

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Posted in: China threatens 'strong measures' if Pelosi visits Taiwan See in context

Put American nuclear weapons in Taiwan, end 'strategic ambiguity', have a formal and open defense pact, and make it clear that Taiwanese voters will be the only ones to decide their future.

This will solve the problem.

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Posted in: What issues do you think should be top priority for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida? See in context

Decarbonization of energy grid to reduce dependence on fossil fuels states like Russia- addressing climate change, inflation, and the economy in a single stroke.

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Posted in: Japan's heatwave continues; Kishida calls for ramp-up of nuclear power use See in context

Ban gas hookups to new buildings!!! This is low hanging fruit for Japan especially being home to the biggest heat pump manufactures in the world.

This is the single biggest, fastest thing Japan can do to slash green-house gas emissions by 30% which in 15 years; reduce energy dependence on autocrats, and help the domestic economy.

Also, IH cooking is 50% more energy efficient, 90% faster at heating, 30% faster at cooling. Heat pumps for water and air heating/cooling and IH cooking emit less CO2 even when powered by dirty coal power. - Frontier Energy Study.

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Posted in: Russia working on Taliban ties, Putin says in Tajikistan See in context

Russia hooking up with a global superpower like the Taliban (who can’t even feed their own population) could really shift geopolitics and should terrify us all lol

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Posted in: Police crack down on Istanbul Pride march; detain over 200 See in context

And this country wants to join the EU.... lol

Lord Dartmouth

They can do what they want in private; why do they feel the need to shout about it in public. It's a deliberate provocation.

Because so many people think like you. And think these people are "less than". They want to proudly proclaim their existence to backward people who still think LGBTQ people don't deserve equal rights. It's for your education. And to set a president that they have no reason to hide who they are any more than you should hide who you are.

Sorry if this disappoints you, but there are many different kinds of people in the world. They have equal right to exist. They are just as valid as you are.

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

Glen Woods is a hero. Win or lose, making a point of both shared mother-father responsibilities and against harassing parents (during a fertility crisis no less) is something that benefits us all.

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Posted in: Yellen: Recession not inevitable, gas tax holiday weighed See in context

Sorry, gas tax holidays do not affect supply or demand thus have negligible impact on price and only oil company profits increase... this is just simple economics.

Yellen is either ignorant or looking out for oil stock holding buddies...

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Posted in: Leaders of Germany, France and Italy visit Ukraine, dangling hope of EU membership See in context

The AvengerToday

Sending arms to Ukraine is the best investment the West can make to further weaken a dystopian Russia and set it back 100 years to where it seems to want to exist. It can’t function in a modern, civil world with its current leadership.

Actually, it's the best The West can do to support Russian people. Every Russian political upset followed the loss of a war. A liberal-democracy Russia is possible. Supporting Ukraine is how we can help Russian people fight for it.

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Posted in: Australia submits more ambitious 2030 emissions target to U.N. See in context

What specifically will they do to reduce emissions?

They should announce specifics. For example:

Ban gas in new construction. Switching to all-electric buildings (induction cooking, heat pump boilers and environmental control by specific date.

Date for banning the sale of non-EV / plugin hybrid cars. Also, more rail in highly trafficked corridors.

Date for phaseout of coal plants. And farther out date for banning gas and oil power generation.

Date for switching to green metal processing.

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Posted in: Japanese man arrested over Putin straw doll nailed to shrine tree See in context


He should get a medal.

This is word for word what I was about to write lol

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic protest See in context

Olympics is highway robbery of taxpayers and the middle class.

It's a hundreds of billions of JPY giveaway to the IOC so they can sell advertisements.

And it's a massive redistribution of wealth upward to property owners who can extract more from the middle class with higher rent prices...

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

Give Taiwan nukes. And they will not dare invade.

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Posted in: Age to buy cigarettes in England should rise every year, review says See in context

This idea is illiberal and should be opposed.

Just as we should legalize marijuana and similar victimless crimes, we should not move backwards on tobacco.

This is not acceptable in a free society!

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