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Wow...these comments!!

You have been divided, now you are being conquered.

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"An experts panel of the ministry is expected to discuss soon whether they should be approved."

More like...

"An experts panel is waiting for their checks from Pfizer and Moderna to clear before they are approved."

Or perhaps...

"An experts panel, citing incomplete/inconclusive clinical trial data, is unlikely to approve."

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Four confirmed cases in Japan.

"This article was written for the purpose of creating (even more) unnecessary fear, anxiety, confusion, hate, and division.

With only four cases in Japan, it is not even worth writing about. The goal, as you will see clearly in the comments below, is to divide the people and keep them fighting each other, while distracting them from what is REALLY going on."

I guess the editor just forgot to add the disclaimer to this "news article."

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"Please remove personal protective clothing before security screening."

Great photo for the headline!

Whew! Good thing I got my negative PCR 71 hours ago, otherwise I would be taking a huge risk going through security! Good thing I'm septuple vaxxed, I can take off ALL my clothing before security!...except of mask!

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Just curious...

How many people in the comments have read and analyzed any of the EUA Submissions to The FDA in regards to the Covid Vaccines?

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Wow...these comments!

You have been divided, now you are being conquered.

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@Ego Sum Lux Mundi

Can you please post a link to the Nature/Lancet study? Thank you.

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